Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam or Will You Make $1200 / day?

Here’s another program that promises to make you money on the same day that you sign up, Affiliate Millionaire Club. I’m not denying this is possible but with so many scams on the internet, it’s easy to get skeptical right?

So, is Affiliate Millionaire Club a scam, like so many other programs on the internet? Will the promises be kept? Are you going to make $1200 daily, like Mo claims? Or will you just be investing into another get-rich-quick scheme, that is only looking at parting you with your hard earned money?

Find out exactly what this program is about and whether it will or won’t work.

At A Glance

Name: Affiliate Millionaire Club


Owner: Mo

Purpose: Make money on Autopilot with Affiliate marketing

Price: $47 One-time fee

Recommended?: Let’s find out… 🙂

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The Presentation

I always like to take a look at what the offer is, because without understanding what Mo is offering us, we can’t analyze what the program is about and how the program works. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing it, I suggest that you READ MY ARTICLE EXPLAINING AFFILIATE MARKETING, to get a better understanding.

The sales video starts by giving you a few testimonials, about how they are making on average of $550 per day, how the training is so easy to follow and how Mo delivers on all his promises. Then, we are greeted by Mo himself, who explains he will prove that he will you money with the system.

He goes over a sob story of one of friends, who has been conned out of $23K for a program that promised to make him money online. Mo explains that he was very upset and thus, out of the goodness of his heart, he gave his friend the money to put his account back in good standing. Mo explained that from then on, his friend became an affiliate and when he makes money, Mo makes money too.

Mo didn’t want to only help his friend, but to also help others who can use this kind of system. Thus, he is letting you on a little secret of how he will make you money online.

He explains that all you have to pay for is a one-time fee of $47, take 5 minutes to complete the account set-up and you’ll be good to go. He even shows you a ready-made website that is already generating commissions for you, upto $106 for 10  minutes of watching the video.

Isn’t that exciting? Why in the world, would anybody refuse to sign up for $47 when you’re getting $106 in return?

Things Aren’t As They Seem… That’s why!

This sounds a little too good to be true, right? Well, my take on things is that if it sounds too good to be true, then it IS! When it comes to these kinds of claims, we have to put things into perspective, work our brains and ask ourselves, “does this make sense?”

I, for one, have uncovered a few things that don’t add up already and some others that could be potential problems, without even jumping into the program. Experience does play a big role in both analysis of a program as well as saving you money.

1) Making money without any work

Do you really believe that working for 5 minutes a day, is going to yield $550? What if you opened a shop and only worked for 5 minutes a day. Would you make $550 a day?

The chances are pretty slim, right? This is actually the sign of a scam! This guy talks about his friend being scammed on the internet for $23K, does he think that because he is offering the program here for only $47 that he’s not scamming people?

This is a luring tactic used by many scammers and people that offer low-quality programs because most people want the easy way out, and NEVER want to work for their money. These are the kinds of people that will always be falling for scams, unless they realize the truth about making money online.

The truth is that it takes learning, hard work, time and patience for you to make an income as significant as $550 a day. There is always more work involved than the spokesperson lets on.

2) Convincing Video

I admit, that there are possibilities that the story within the video could be true but there is no way to verify it. So unless there is a way to make sure the story is true, I would not buy it. I have fallen for one too many scams online that way and I have learned my lesson.

Businessmen do business on hard facts, not on feelings. So if the video is there to CONVINCE you about the program with words and talk of money that is NOT verifiable, instead of talking about solid proof and actually SHOWING you how the program works, then I would not buy it.

3) Affiliate website is already set up

Another fact that does not add up, is that Mo has already created a website for you. If I were a newbie, I would probably have taken the bait. But knowing what I know now, it makes me laugh! Not because people are falling for it (no, I would never laugh at that! It actually makes me upset) but because of how absurd it sounds.

Mo claims that he paid $2,500 to set up your website. But why would he already have created it for you, spent his money on this, without knowing 100% whether you will sign up with him or not? Yeah, he might say that when you make money, he will make money too. But if you don’t sign up, what then? He would logically be out of pocket $2,500.

This is a total lie! He does NOT have a website created for you and it does NOT take $2,500 to create a website for people who KNOW how it works. I believe that what he has for you, is actually just a landing page, which only costs him between $10 – $15.

When you pay $47, the difference is how much he is pocketing. So he is NOT losing money here, he is MAKING money. Clever and cunning Mo is, right?

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4) Scammy Tactic – Countdown

One tactic that I have seen over and over again, is a countdown. Either this countdown is for the amount of time that is left for a particular promotion to end, or it is for a particular number of spots available for the program.

In this case, looking at the left of the video, we see a countdown for the number spots available, that slowly gets counted down from 8 to 2, within a span of 10 minutes, then…. it stops there. Why does it NOT go any lower than 2? Did people stop signing up? I left it there for another 30 minutes and it was still at 2 spots available.

You must have already realized at this point that the countdown is fake! It is a tactic used to push you into taking action and making you believe that after they take the required number of people, that nobody else is gonna get in.

Something that does not make sense again, is why Mo would put a limit to the number of people that can sign up. I mean, he says he wants to help you make money because he will make money. If that’s really the case, why would he put a cap on the amount of money that he can make?

He would NOT do anything of the sort. Anybody who signs up will get accepted in because that will make Mo more money. The more people who sign up, the happier Mo gets.

5) The problem with done-for-you sites

I don’t know if you’ve read any of my other reviews, because if you have, then you would know that I’m not a fan of done-for-you websites. There are quite a few scams online that prey on people who don’t want to do the work themselves and who are too lazy to learn. They would rather pay somebody to do all the work for them.

But like I mentioned before, this comes with a few problems.

For one, you don’t have any degree of control over your own business. Letting somebody else handle it completely makes it impossible for you to intervene should something be going on. You won’t be able to fix the problems that could arise.

Another problem is that should Mo decide to close up shop, then he would not care about what he is leaving behind. He is only interested in his own pocket. If it is in his best interest to keep doing business with you, he’ll stick around. But once that changes, you’ll have no choice but to watch him leave.

Naturally, the money you make, if you make anything at all, will all disappear with him.

So Much Valuable Training!… Not!

I actually got confused when I found out what was inside the program; Mo promised that there was a website that was already making me money and made it sound like all I had to do was sign up, give him $47 and I could claim $106 in commissions and MORE commissions to come by the end of the day.

But what I find, is disappointing. There’s actually some affiliate marketing training within the platform, which means that I’m gonna have to do the work.


Okay, let’s just move on and accept that everything is NOT done for you and you still want to learn how to replicate the business anyway. Well, the training very lightly touches upon the different ways to market your website, such as traffic with SEO, social media and email list building, none of which are in-depth enough to make you successful.

Additionally, remember how I also explained to you earlier that it takes time to make money online? Well, getting traffic through SEO, social media and email lists takes TIME!

So you WON’T make $550 today, nor tomorrow, nor the day after that. Much of the information within the training can be found for free online, on how-to websites and even on Youtube. You don’t have to sign up with and pay $47 for this program, because it’s not worth it.

An Even Bigger Deceit – Fake Testimonials

Yup, the video testimonials claiming they made money within their first week with this program, are all FAKE. They can be hired from a freelance website called FIVERR for a measly $5.

If the system worked as well as Mo promised and he helped 1000s of people make money with the system, why not ask THEM to create a video testimonial? Why did he need to go outside the system, PAY these people to READ a script? That’s because the system does NOT actually work.

Here’s proof that these people are from Fiverr. If you would like to see how common this is with scams, you can check out my reviews of Easy Insta Profits, 30 Day Success Club, Tube Crusher and The Ecom Formula.

Is Affiliate Millionaire Club a Scam?

In my opinion, yes, I believe that Affiliate Millionaire Club is a scam that should be avoided! There are just too many scammy tactics used that are misleading. The sales video does not reflect the product at all.

You are told a commission-generating website has already been created and all you have to do is claim it with $47, sit back and watch the commissions roll in, when that’s not the case. You actually have to start from scratch, create your website with them, go through the worthless training, with high chances that you will NOT make a dime.

There is a ton of hype within the sales video and the testimonials are fake! There is no way to confirm where Mo got all his money but I have a hunch that it is from scamming people online, exactly like this program.

You can do what you like, but I highly recommend that you stay away from this because there just isn’t anything to be gained by giving them $47. Much information can be found for free online. You don’t have to pay for this information nor go through this program to learn about email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc…

Here’s How to Tackle Affiliate Marketing the RIGHT way

It’s the way that I have been tackling affiliate marketing myself, through a website of my own, through learning what it takes to be successful with it, through applying what I learn. Most importantly, through working on it and having the patience to see my own business grow and flourish.

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In the meantime, should you have any questions or concerns about how Affiliate Millionaire Club or my #1 Recommendation works, then please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. I am very curious to hear from somebody who has used Affiliate Millionaire Club… 🙂

Your friend,


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