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Are you looking for an honest AonMoney.zyx review? Have you seen an invite to join this website in order to be able to make a ton of money online? Are you wondering if it’s a scam? Will you really make money here?

Well, this review is going to answer all of those questions and MORE. The truth is that there are too many scams on the internet and doing your research is the best way to avoid them.

So congrats on doing just that before signing up for this – what looks like – a great opportunity to make money online. However, I don’t want you to get scammed like I was so many times before.

Read this review until the end so that you become well-informed on and so that you can make a decision that will keep you safe. At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: View ads to earn

Price: Free to join but they WILL ask you for money later

Do I Recommend It?: NO! is a scam that you should avoid. I’ve seen similar websites already, that ask you for money to cash out and even then, they never pay out.

What Is AonMoney.Xyz?

Aon Money is a website that promises to pay you to view ads. It’s a get-paid-to or GPT website, one of those that will pay you for small tasks that you complete.

They claim to be able to pay you $0.10 per ad you view and that if you work diligently for 3 – 5 hours per day, you could make between $50 and $300! That’s sounds like some easy money into your pockets, right?

I mean, $300 per day equals $9000 every single month and it looks like the top earnings are earning even more than that. It really looks like you’ll be able to quite your job if you join Aex Money, right?

But let me tell you something; remember I mentioned earlier that I have seen similar websites before? Well, I’ve also reviewed them on this website. Here they are below;

1) Oma Money

2) Aex Money

And Aon Money just looks like the SAME website, just with a different name. Is it just another rehashed scam, as Aex Money was of Oma Money? That’s something we’ll need to look at into more details.

But being almost identical to those programs really gives me a bad taste. It does not give me very good vibes about Aon money at all. I mean, what good can come out of a website that is being compared to scams, right?

How Works

When I tried signing up for an Aon Money account, that’s when a red flag popped up. It said that I already had an account with the website, when I had NEVER signed up with this website before. Take a look below.

And this is something that I just cannot ignore because this is the same thing that happened when I tried signing up for a new Aex Money account for the review that I was going to write.

I like trying the programs that I review myself to see whether they are scams or not, but at this point. I’m not even going to bother with Aon Money. I only have 1 email address that I use to sign up for websites that I review.

Because I don’t think that Aon Money is legitimate at all, I will not risk giving this website my personal information and you’ll soon know why.

But anyways, I don’t doubt that Aon Money is going to be any different than the other two. You’ll probably be asked to view ads and complete captchas after each viewing.

And the truth is that those ads aren’t real ads at all. When I was reviewing Oma Money, I clicked on some of those “ads” that led me to expired product listings on other websites.

Who would realistically PAY for an ad that brought them to a place where the product couldn’t be bought? It doesn’t make any sense, right? So I figured that those are affiliate links, where if a purchase is made, the creator of Aon Money will make commissions.

So all the creator is thinking about here is making money for themselves.

Additionally, you don’t even have to view the ads to make money. You only complete captcha after captcha and the money goes up in your dashboard. Why would anybody pay for an ad, where NOBODY cares about viewing the ads?

This is really fishy, don’t you think so?

Red Flags – They Will NOT Pay You!

1) Unknown creator

Now, I know that this does not automatically mean that Aon Money is a scam, but this is something that I’ve seen with scams. The creator will remain anonymous.

This gives them the advantage to create new scams without being recognized, sued, fined or caught. That’s exactly what we’re seeing here, Aon Money being identical to Oma Money and Aex Money.

That’s why it’s important to know who the creator of the website is. You need to know who you’re dealing with, if they are genuine and reputable.

2) No privacy policy

Here’s the reason that I didn’t want to give them my personal information and that’s because they have no privacy policy. If they have no privacy policy, it means that they’re not disclosing HOW they will be using your personal information.

So basically, if you happen to sign up using your Paypal email address and password, they’ll try and hack that. Oh and your banking information too.

If they can’t do that, they’ll try and extract even more information from you by sending you spammy or scammy emails. What they can also do is SELL your information to whoever will give them money for it.

It could be to other scammers and hackers.

So that’s another big risk and red flag.

3) No separate application for advertisers

When a website says that they put viewers and advertisers together, there needs to be a separate application where advertisers can sign up and create their ads. That’s how an ad website will be able to take that ad and put it in front of viewers.

But I couldn’t see any separate application. Moreover, if an account for the viewer and the advertiser was the one and the same, then I couldn’t find anywhere within the dashboard where I could create and put up and ad.

That’s another red flag, because if there is nowhere for advertisers to create and host their ads, then there won’t be any ads. Period.

4) Pay is high for this kind of work

This is not the first type of website that I’ve seen that promises a higher-than-normal pay rate. It might seem like not very much money at first, being paid only $0.10 per ad view, but the truth is that other websites pay 100 times less!

Take for example Clicks Genie, a similar website that I’ve reviewed before. They only pay $0.001 at best for an ad about 30 seconds long. That’s not very much at all, right?

And to be honest, that’s the norm with ad viewing. There’s no way you’d be able to view 100 ads and get paid $10 for them. That’s higher than normal for this industry.

My point is that one of their aims is maybe to gather your personal data and they use the high pay to lure you in and to get you to sign up.

That’s the same thing with Easy Typing Job and Captcha Club, two scams I reviewed some time ago.

5) They ask YOU to pay!

Yes, you heard that right! Instead of paying YOU, they ask you to pay them before you can withdraw. Not only is that the sign of a scam, but you have to be careful because they could be recording your payment details.

This could be your credit card number, banking details or even your Paypal email address.

GPT websites do NOT ask you to pay, EVER! They pay you for your work and if there are others fees, those are deducted from your pay, when they pay you.

However, Aon Money will ask you to pay for referrals as well as to withdraw your money. If there are fees to be paid, why not just deduct those fees from your earnings? Why ask for a separate payment?

Again, this is a red flag and anything that asks you to pay, especially if it is GPT websites, you have to beware of.

6) Requirements to withdraw are not transparent

When you go to their FAQs, they actually don’t give you any details about the requirements you need to meet in order to cash out. All they say is that the withdrawal will be processed within 24 hours.

However, when I tried to cash out after trying out the website for the review, a requirement popped up. It was to earn at least $150 on my dashboard.

But even after you reach $150 in your dashboard and try to cash out, they won’t let you, telling you that there is now another requirement. And that’s to invite 40 referrals or more. That’s one time they also ask you for money, to buy referrals.

If you try to withdraw after getting $150 into your dashboard and your referrals, another requirement pops up. And this one is to wait 60 days for verification or pay $10 to get it done faster.

Now you see how they play with your mind?

By that time, you would probably have worked so much, maybe made over $300 in your account. You’ll think, what’s the big deal with paying $10 and getting $300 back? But the truth is that you’ll never get anything back.

Believe me, I speak from experience.

7) Fake support thread

I actually tried leaving a comment on the Support thread, where it shows comments from other people and the admin. I asked about when they would add another payment option. But the truth is that it’s all fake.

I came to know that when I used another device to go onto the same website and there was nothing there!

So we can only conclude that nobody has actually made any money or gotten in touch with the creator of this website. What does that make you think about Aon Money now?

Is Aon Money A Scam?

I don’t think there’s any doubt here that Aon Money is a scam. I already knew when I saw the website because the layout is exactly the same as Oma Money and Aex Money.

Moreover, all three have the same red flags, one of them being the unknown creator. That’s proof right there that all three were created by the same person and that if he didn’t pay anybody from one website, he would never pay anyone.

Then, there’s also the fact that you’re not really viewing any ads here. They’re not even ads in the first place. You just have to complete captcha after captcha, while seeing the amount go up within your dashboard.

And we cannot forget about the missing privacy policy. Any legitimate website should have one, telling you how your information is going to be used.

There’s also the fact that they keep adding requirements for you to check out and the ultimate requirement is for you to pay for referrals and for verification. You should be getting paid to work with them!

Any fees should be deductable from your earnings, but that’s not how it works with Aon Money.

And what’s the deal with the fake support thread? That’s proof right there that nobody is ever going to answer your pleas for help, especially when your payment is due.

Nope my friend, Aon money is a scam and if you pay them, you can say good bye to that money. You’ll never see it again.

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Lots of Love,


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