Is Autopilot Profits A Scam or Will You Make $3.4K in 24 Hours?

The name of this program sure sounds it’s going to make your life easy; earning money on autopilot while you’re enjoying time with family, and even sleeping, one of the reasons why many people are looking to make money online. However, is Autopilot Profits a scam or will you really make the sums of money you are promised within the sales video?

Within this review, I will be going briefly over the claims that the video and the website make and whether or not you can really become successful online with the training and the program. You’ll come to know whether the program will be worth it for you or not and why.

I’ll show you some of the things that have shocked me with the program as well. So keep tuned to the end of this article.

At A Glance

Name: Autopilot Profits


Owner: Ewen Chia

Purpose: Make money online as a ClickBank affiliate

Price: $37 + upsells

Recommended?: You’ll soon find out

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What Ewen Promises to Help You Achieve

First of all, I would like to say that Ewen is a real person, contrary to most of the make-money-online programs that you will find online. Most owners, aka, scammers, will prefer to remain anonymous so they can keep creating new scams under different names, as their old ones stop making them money. Many a times, they will have multiple scams running to make them more.

Ewen is an affiliate marketer and ClickBank vendor who has made money online for the last 17 years, so I really thought that because of the fact that he is not hiding and has been doing online business for so long, that he would be providing helpful resources and really helping people make money online.

His system is designed to create online ATM machines for you, where it will only take you a few minutes to create one ATM machine. Therefore, his system will allow you to create 5, 10 and even 20 of these machines that will be spitting out cash for you, at any given time of day or night.

Pretty amazing, right?

And what’s more, you won’t need any experience or skills, no need to pay for a website, for hosting, no product and no customer service to handle. Additionally, traffic will come handsfree to your website. You need people to buy to make money after all, so this is especially important.

This is a “set-it-and-forget-it” kind of deal and at the click of a button, you will be able to get unlimited traffic to the done-for-you squeeze page that you can use to make commissions, one after the other.

The spokesperson telts you that you will be in the business of helping people and that Ewen is also helping you out by making it so easy for you – set it up in 5 minutes and have the selling done on automation for you. If you so desire, you could even ask their team to create the business for you and have the profits come straight to you!

What a no-brainer! There’s not much work to do, and yet, I could make over $3K within 24 hours? Let’s buy it!

Not so Fast!!! – The Broken Promises and The Red Flags

Unfortunately, although all the claims and the promises sound good and the system so easy to set up, money is NOT made so easily online, unless you have thousands and thousands of dollars that you can pay somebody to do all the dirty work.

You see, although Ewen is a real person and has been making money online for the past 17 years, it does not mean that he is the BEST to learn from or that his methods are ethical. And I will be explaining why.

1) Scammy Tactics

You would have already noticed a LOT of similar features that this video / webpage has to a scam. As per my “How to Recognize a Scam” list of things to watch out for, 3 out of the 6 points that I mention are present.

And they are; a convincing video is included to sweet-talk you, Over-the-top proof of income claims, and no information on the platform. I will be discussing these, as well as some other points below.

2) “Set-It-And-Forget-It” Deal

You see, this is an old tactic in the books, used to lure unsuspecting people into the trap of this system, one that many scammers use. No, money CANNOT be made on autopilot, like the name of the program suggests. If there was a way, then everybody would have been doing it and nobody would have been struggling to make money online.

What scammers will never tell you, is that it takes consistent work, time and effort to make money online, not to mention the amount of patience that you will need to have in order to earn your first check from an online sale. And if they told you that, then nobody would sign up and willingly give them their money.

See, nobody wants to actually WORK for their money. They want everything to be delivered on a silver platter and believe that as long as they keep trying to find the “SECRET” to making money online, that they will eventually find it. And what’s gonna happen, is that these people will KEEP FALLING for scams ovre and over again, and lose money.

But I KNOW what that secret is and it is HARD WORK! A real business takes work and time to get off the ground, be it online or offline.

3) No Information On The Product

Notice how you sat through a whole video of about 20 – 25 minutes and you have NOT been told about the process? I’m talking about the back office of the system, the actual process of making money online, what you will actually be doing to earn the money.

Most of the video is geared towards showing you proof that it is working for Ewen, more than actually telling you about the system. See, these kinds of videos just want to CONVINCE you that the system is going to work, rather than SHOW you how it actually works, another sign of a scam.

There’s no sneak peak and nothing about the products that you are going to sell. True, you don’t need your own product to make any money online nowadays because you can promote other people and companies’ products, but you still need to know if the products you will be promoting will be legit.

You’re also not told about HOW the money will come in! Yes, online ATM machines sound great, but WHERE will this money come from? Will you be selling anything illegal? As a responsible business person, you need to KNOW what you will be doing in great detail before actually investing. What the spokesperson is doing here is playing on words and emotions to get to your hard-earned money.

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4) Done-For-You Squeeze Page

I must admit, that having something that’s done-for-you, is absolutely amazing, because it means less work for you. And in so many instances, depending on the circumstances, it’s okay to use done-for-you material.

However, there are downsides to having done-for-you squeeze pages because you have absolutely no control over them. You cannot alter how they look, change the product being sold and you cannot add or take from the content to make it more appealing, etc…

This type of business, is not YOUR business. It is EWEN’s business. He got that right! Lol. Any system that is automatic or done-for-you, is geared towards making sure you remain dependent on the system, to either have you keep paying a monthly fee, or upgrade to the next level, so the owner can make more money.

With Autopilot Profits, you are at the COMPLETE mercy of Ewen. Imagine building a full-time income from the system (it’s impossible but let’s suppose you did), you then quit your regular job to do this full-time and then find out that the system is no longer being supported by Ewen. What then?

All your squeeze pages, website and money would go down the drain! All because you handed that control over to Ewen when you gave him your money.

5) Handsfree Traffic To The Squeeze Page

There’s a few ways to get traffic to a squeeze page and the two most prominent ones, are free traffic through Google, Yahoo and Bing and the other, is through paid ads.

Now, the spokesperson conveniently left out the fact that the page will be duplicates for all the members who sign up, which means, that you will not be able to rely on free traffic from the search engines. See, the search engines rank UNIQUE content and seeing as this page is a duplicate, it won’t be found ANYWHERE within a search result.

Therefore, the only other way, is to invest in paid traffic, which he also conveniently “forgot” to mention. You might say, that “You have to SPEND money to MAKE money”, which is absolutely true. I agree with you!


The point I’m trying to make here is that he was not completely transparent with you about this in the video. And another point is that, if you have some experience with paids ads, you would know that it takes some experimenting to see which campaigns are working and which ones are not working. If you’re okay with that then great!

But also know that there are newbies being lured into this program and they know NOTHING about paid ads, which means, that they’ll have to spend MORE time and MUCH MORE money to get it off right!

6) The Upsells

Remember how the spokesperson told you that Ewen was not going to charge you more than $37 if you were within the first 100 people to sign up and not more than $97 should you not have made it within the first 100?

That’s a luring tactic used also by many scammers to make you believe that at the time of watching the video, it would be your last chance to sign up.

Actually, you are even told that they have only 9 spots available at the price of $37. Do not believe them! The domain name was created a long time ago in 2007 and was updated in February 2018. Either which way, don’t you think that by now, it would have received it’s dose of 100 people to sign up?

If they still have the $37 pricing up, it can only mean two things. Point One, that they have REALLY not reached the 100 people threshold, which shows that the system is crappy and not worth your time. Point Two (which is the most viable one), that $37 is actually the standard price and was only made to LOOK discounted to make a fool of you.

Now that we have the upfront pricing out of the way, let’s take a look at the upsells. YES THERE ARE UPSELLS! Here he is, breaking the promise that he will be making this available at a low price and be helping people out of his own heart. TOTAL BS!

Initially, you are made to believe that all you will ever have to pay is the $37 but that’s actually only to get your foot in through the door. Once you’re in, you’ll find that not ALL modules will be unlocked and you have to pay MORE to get access to them. There are 14 upsells in total! 14!

7) The REAL Purpose of Autopilot Profits

Not only is Ewen making money through the sale of this system, but also recommending other products within his upsells that when you sign up to, he is making commissions. He used to promote MOBE, a high-ticket product that could cost you close to $20,000, which has actually been shut down by the FTC and concluded to be a pyramid scheme.

He also promotes Pure Leverage, which resembles a pyramid scheme as well. Why would he do it? All because of money! He wants MORE of it! That’s his only interest and he does not really care about you!

Is Autopilot Profits A Scam?

To be honest with you, I definitely think that it is a scam. It does not matter whether Ewen is a real person or not, the fact that HE is in control of EVERYTHING, is THE reason why you should stay away from this program. This program will not give you the income that you want and it will not give you the life that you want.

I have honestly seen too many of these types of products and the tactics being used so many times that it has become automatic for me to know what will or will not work. A push-button or automatic system simply does NOT exist online, period!

Just be honest with yourself; how many times have you bought into a program that promised you thousands overnight and ended up not being the case, even months down the line? These are tactices used just to make the scammer more money, and not YOU!

There are just too many lies and hidden traps within this program and I do not recommend it! If these things had worked for people trying to make money online in the past, then EVERYBODY would have been doing it today, including me!

How I Personally Make Money Online – MUST READ

There is no SIMPLE way of making money online. The reality is that it takes effort, patience and time to grow. You will NEVER hear me say that you can make money online instantly, tomorrow or within a week. There just isn’t such a timeline.

But what I will say, is that there are three very important pillars to being successful online, if you are willing to work for it and they are proper training, proper tools and proper support when you need help. As long as you have these things, then you will be well on your way to success.

And I am also not going to hide the way that I personally make money because I genuinely want to help you. That’s why I created a FREE GUIDE for you, as well as a FREE 6-Day Course that you can follow along, to see how you can start building your business for free.

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I only wish for your success so if you have any questions about either Autopilot Profits or my #1 Recommendation, then please feel free to drop them below. Any comments about the failure or success on Autopilot Profits or otherwise, are all welcome. I always reply… 🙂

Otherwise, I wish you great health, happiness and much success in any undertaking!


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