Is Avon A Scam? – Review From A Previous Member

Is Avon a scam

Welcome to My Avon review.

You have a lot of questions, don’t you? Is Avon a scam? Does it work as well as the reps claim? Will you make money easily with this program? Is the program worth it? What are the benefits? And will you be successful?

I’m sure that you’re dying to get the answers to these questions and by the end of this review, you’ll know exactly what I found out when I joined Avon a few years ago. I’m no longer a member and I will tell you why I left the company as well.

This is going to be an unbiased and honest review. I’m not going to pitch Avon up to you and neither am I going to pitch another program. This review is meant to help you understand the program and how it can benefit you (or not).

Here we go!

Avon At A Glance


Owner: David McConnell

Purpose: MLM (make money selling and recruiting)

Price: $10

Do I Recommend it?: No… Read the review to find out why!

What Is Avon?

Avon was founded around 130 years ago, in 1886, by David McConnell, in times when women were struggling and fighting for equal rights. The company gave women a voice and the strength to fight and speak out against domestic violence and to protect those who were facing it.

The company also gave women a chance at independence through offering an opportunity for those who wanted to earn to be able to put food on the table for their families. In recent years, Avon also became an advocate for breast cancer.

There’s no denying that Avon has been around for a long time and that the company has probably done more good than harm. But of course, things have to work in favour of the company for things to run smoothly, right? So are you set up to fail or to win?

When I first heard of Avon and the opportunity, the reps made it sound really nice and really easy. You were hearing of people making $5K per month with the company and people becoming six figure earners. It really was magical and though the reps said it was going to require hard work, it didn’t click just how much at that time.

Avon is a multi-level marketing company, which means that you get paid for the sales of your recruits and their recruits and so on, on top of your own. It doesn’t sound so bad, especially when you love Avon products, right? The products help you look good and feel good about yourself and that improves your self-esteem.

But there are a few things that you have to keep in mind, especially with such a company that has been around for so long. Yes, it proves that Avon is not a scam or it would have been shut down already but let me tell you about something else that you may not have known about.

What Kind of Work Do You Do With Avon?

This is a multi-level marketing company and the aim of this type of program is to have as many people recruited under you as possible, so that you can earn more without doing much work in the future. The more money you want to make, the more recruiting you have to do.

And how do they teach you to do that? It’s mostly STILL through outdated methods unfortunately, although there has been some changes after I left Avon, to shift recruiting and selling products online.

The traditional method is still to talk to friends and family, to pester them to purchase so that you can make your quota to move to the next level and it is still to talk to strangers in the streets about the products and the opportunity. And it is still about buying brochures and making business cards and leaving them at your dental office.

Oh and let’s not forget those dear house parties, inviting your girlfriends over to try all those makeup samples that you had to pay for, then having to feed everyone, ending with them barely buying anything from you.

That kind of advertising does not work anymore because you’re advertising to everybody under the sun. It worked long ago because women were still getting used to the idea of their own independence and also because computers were still unavailable.

But now that most women are working and earning anyways, it’s becoming harder and harder to recruit. Additionally, it’s becoming harder and harder to SELL.

You see, when you’re recruiting somebody, they become yet another competitor. Sure, you would earn a percentage of their sales but it’s not gonna be as much as you making the sale. I know that recruiting 10 people and having them make sales is going to be a close match but as an Avon rep, I got tired of hearing these PHRASES:

“I already order with some other lady. Sorry.”

“That other lady gives me free shipping. What deal can you give me?”

“There’s a lady in my building that does Avon. If I need anything, I’ll just order from her. She is closer.”

Hold up! I’m not making an excuse. This is the TRUTH!

Avon has become so saturated with reps selling and recruiting right, left and centre! That’s the bad side of any MLM. That’s the reason I left. Too much competition! Avon is a classic; the people that joined the opportunity when it had just launched would make more money than those who join later.

Everybody’s aim is the same; more recruiting to sell the very same products. So I can say with confidence that MLMs won’t really take care of your future, unless you get onboard as early as possible, where it is easier to market and sell, given the low competition.

In other words, I don’t believe that now is an ideal time to join Avon.

Avon Compensation Plan

I found it really strange that I couldn’t find a copy of the compensation plan on the Avon website. Do you understand now when I tell you that not EVERYTHING has shifted online yet? It’s great that there is some innovation and they are trying to keep up with the trends, but if they don’t hurry up, Avon will go down under.

I had to dig to find a copy of the compensation plan and this is what it looks like.

As with any MLM, the compensation plan looks confusing, right? So let me explain it to you.

No matter how many recruits you have and no matter how long they remain a rep with Avon, you’re always going to make 3% off of their orders, but they have to maintain $50 in personal sales. A new recruit that places an order of $150+ within their first or second campaign will earn you a $20 bonus.

When you first join, you’ll be at the Promoter level and it’s obvious that you have to work towards the Executive Leader level. In order to do that, you have different numbers to maintain and criteria to meet to try and get to that level.

For example, if you’re at the Bronze Leader level and you’re looking to get to the Silver Leader level, then you’ll need to satisfy the following criteria:

1) make at least $200 in personal sales

2) have at least 10 G1 (Generation 1 – your personal recruits) orders

3) make at least $12,500 in group sales

4) have at least 1 person in your downline in the LEADER position

Once you get to the Silver Leader position, that’s what your compensation plan will look like:

1) you’ll make 20 – 40% off all of your personal sales

2) you’ll make 3% off your group sales (minus your own)

3) you’ll make $20 for each new personal recruit that places an order of at least $150 in their first or second campaign

4) you’ll receive a $2000 lump sum bonus for making it to Silver Leader

5) you’ll receive $1000 as a mentor bonus

6) you’ll make additional commissions on each of your generations (as much as 7.5% of their orders)

7) you’ll also make additional commissions on each of the leaders that are part of your downline.

As you can see, this does add up to a pretty sum. It is possible to earn as much as $4k per month once you become a Silver Leader but after what I’ve discussed above, less and less people are likely to reach that level anymore.

Costs To Consider – It Can Get Expensive!

You must have been so excited to learn that it only costs $10 to join, which is not much to be honest with you. But the real costs come with marketing and delivering your products.

The traditional way is still for your customers to contact you so that you put in the orders. So in that case, you have to invest in samples, which will NOT come cheap with the number of products that Avon has currently.

You’ll also need to buy marketing materials such as brochures, get business cards made and maybe even buy more samples to give your customers as a thank you for buying from you and to have them try something new, to lure them into buying more next time.

A brochure could cost you $2 each and if just keep giving away those brochures for each and every campaing, each coming out every 2 weeks, then believe me, that’s going to be a lot of investment!

You’ve got a few orders and you’re happy! You put in the order and oh what about shipping? Many reps are making more so they can cover that cost. You’re gonna have to swallow it up too in order to compete. Last time I checked, it costs around $7 for a box, now it could be more.

Now, you need to deliver those orders. If it’s your friends and family, they might not mind picking up because they see you often enough. If you’re selling to colleagues, well, you see them everyday at work so no big deal. But for other customers, you need to make sure that you’re delivering at a time when they are available.

You most probably will have to drive there or bus it there and if you have several clients to deliver to who live on opposite ends of the city, then good luck!

However, I do have to add that Avon is now allowing for orders to be placed online and is using regular post to get things delivered straight to customers’ homes. I’m not sure how far along or how effective this is at the moment. Again, Avon is barely keeping up. Let’s hope that innovation comes a little faster.

Is Avon A Scam? A Pyramid?

The answer is no, Avon is not a scam and it is not a pyramid scheme. It’s not Easy 1 Up, for example.

The reason that Avon and similar MLMs are compared to pyramid schemes is due to the fact that the recruiting aspect resembles a pyramid. But there is a difference. A pyramid is one where the only way to make money is to recruit and does not have any products.

An MLM has legit products and you can earn from selling and recruiting. Avon falls into this category, which does NOT make it a scam.

Yes, you can become successful with Avon but I believe that it’s only if you already have a big network of people. Then too, I do believe that you’ll have some difficulty because EVERYBODY has heard about Avon. Everybody’s mother, daughter and dog is doing Avon.

That’s the reason that I left Avon; it’s because there’s just too much competition and deals that representatives are giving out to their customers. And that’s all good for them. I’m happy it’s working for them, but what that’s doing is just making it harder for other reps just starting out to measure up.

It means that there’s a lot of out of pocket expenses and costs that you’ll need to swallow up. It’s becoming more saturated which means more competition for recruits and for customers.

Although Avon is not a scam, I do not recommend it because there are much better alternatives out there that I think would work out for you in the long-term, rather than getting involved in MLMs.

I Ditched Avon For THIS And I Make A Passive Income From It!

I’m gonna come right out and say it: I am an affiliate marketer!

And affiliate marketer is much like an Avon representative, but I find that the work entailed is so much easier! It uses the internet as the primary marketing medium and you can do it 100% from home, not like Avon where you have to go to group meetings and have to worry about deliveries and so on.

You’re able to reach more people that way and you’re able to REALLY work from home. No need to worry about orders or about recruiting. No need to put through any order and no need to worry about packing and shipping, or shipping fees!

With affiliate marketing, what I do is write about things that I love talking about, present a problem and provide a solution in the form of a product. It can be ANYTHING! Somebody may have knee problems and likes jogging. I would present insoles that they can use for jogging that will transfer less shock to their knees.

As simple as that, the problem is solved. The customer is finding a solution and I’m making commissions each time that insole gets sold.

People get through to me on the internet. I don’t go finding them or chasing them down. I don’t pay for advertising. They come to ME! Would you like to give affiliate marketing a try? Because if you do, then I’ve got good news!


This is how I make recurring passive income. You can choose whatever products you want, so the market NEVER gets saturated and you can promote different programs and different products at the same time! You’re not restricted like in an MLM.

So get my FREE GUIDE right now where I give you all the juicy details on how to get started. This is definitely the way of the future. Let’s get you started on the money!

Thanks for reading this Avon review. Please tell me what you think in the comment section below. Is Avon a scam in your opinion?

Your Friend,



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