Is AZ Formula A Scam or Will You Make An Easy $2000 Today?

What would you do with earning $2000 today? It would be so wonderful if that were possible right? And the AZ Formula promises you just that.

But is AZ Formula a scam that will do nothing but reach into your pocket to then leave you stranded? Or will Steven really keep his promise of showing you how to really make big cash online, just like himself and the 142 other people he has brought on board, since launching this new system?

In this AZ Formula Review, I will honest like I always am, in revealing to you what the system is about, and whether or not this is going to be a viable way for you to make a full-time income online.

At A Glance

Name: AZ Formula


Owner: Steven Cook

Purpose: Unknown

Price: $37

Do I Recommend It?: No… this is a scam in my opinion…

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What Is AZ Formula?

Steven claims that the AZ Formula is a done-for-you affiliate profit system, that is being used by ordinary people, to make thousands of dollars online. It is an automated “one-click” profit system, that has the potential of making you $10,000 a week, just like the people in the testimonials.

In this sales video, we can get an idea of what Steven wants to teach you; e-commerce and affiliate marketing. And he explains that you don’t need any special skills, training or abilities to make this system work for you. It has nothing to do with trading Bitcoins, creating Facebook Ads or getting involved in Cryptocurrencies.

This system is said to be the shortcut to success, where else, you would have needed to spend upto 16 hours per day, to see the same results. This system is unlike anything you’ve seen before. By joining Steven, you’ll supposedly have the secret methods of the elite gurus in your hands.

Steven tells us his story about how he was framed by his manager and was fired on the spot. He tells us about his difficult journey to finding a way to making money online, until he received a call from his cousin Paul, who introduced him to this revolutionary way to make money online and straighten out his life.

So, since this has changed his life and the life of 142 other people as claimed, should you also get on board and try it out, or should you be on your guard and keep your wallet in your pocket?

Let’s find out the truth about this system.

The Red Flags That Make AZ Formula A Scam

Yes, I do strongly believe that AZ Formula is a scam. And the reason is that there are so many red flags that I have seen with other scams, combined with things and concepts that just don’t add up. I go over each one of my findings below.

1) Fake Owner

I don’t JUST have a feeling, but I am 100% sure that Steven Cook is not even this person’s real name. Want to know why? That’s because he does not bother proving to you that he is a real person at all. He even shows you a stock photo, telling you that it’s him!

With the many scams that are circulating online, it is very important to stick out to prove to your audience, that you are a real person, with a real product. Only then will there be trust between you and your audience. That would actually prompt more people to buy your product, thus making you more money.

The reason that Steven (we’ll just keep that as his name for the sake of this review) does not want you to know who he really is, is because this system is a scam or a low-quality product. It makes it easy for him to create new product later on and stick a new name to it, without being associated to AZ Formula, when people find out it’s a scam.

The perfect example is with Message Money Machine and Instant Payday Tricks.

2) Promises of riches with NO work, on autopilot

That’s another problem / sign that I have seen a lot with make-money-online programs, that want to teach you their system. It’s to make you rich with almost no work, and on autopilot.

I have been making money online for 3 years now, and I have created this website almost 11 months ago. So, I am fairly knowledgeable on what is required to make money online and Steven does not mention even ONE of them.

You see, the real secret to making money online, is to work at it, to be patient and to give it time to grow. It’s hard to be trusted by strangers on the internet and what you have to realize, is that you making money means that the money is coming out of somebody else’s pocket.

Is it that easy to have people give you their money online? No, it’s not! You have to become trusted and that only comes with time.

3) “This is nothing like you’ve ever seen or heard before.”

Really? Making money on Amazon is nothing new. People have been making money on the platform, either as vendors or as affiliates, for as long as Amazon has existed. And these are really the only two ways to make money with the platform.

And let me tell you that either method is not easy. It requires work! That’s because both of these are real businesses that need to be run. There is nothing that you can do or put on autopilot and it is NOT unlike what we have seen or heard before.

4) Cryptocurrencies involved?

In this section, Steven shows you the number of sales that he was able to make through the campaigns, and the income he was able to make too. He shows you one that he was able to do in Amazon sales and then another one that appears different, that is in relation to cryptocurrencies, or even ads.

Why would he show you his income related to cryptocurrencies or the ads he ran, if this is a system that’s supposed to help you with Amazon? He just told us earlier in his video, that this had nothing to do with cryptocurrencies or ads.

This just goes to show you how desperate he is to convince you to buy his useless, fake system, just to make money from you. And it also shows you the money he made conning people into buying his AZ Formula scam.

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5) “You may never see this video again if you exit.”

That’s just another tactic to make you stay on the page and to watch the whole video. That’s because he knows that the more you watch, the more chances of you being convinced to buy the system.

I have seen it before with the 100 scams that I have already reviewed on this website. They all say the same thing, and yet, when you go over to the same website the next day, the video’s still up.

It does not make sense to really disable the video and the sign ups, because Steven is not stupid. If people are prepared to give him their money at any time of day or night, even on their second visit, do you think he would say no? Of course not! He is in for the money!

6) Taking advantage of reputable websites/companies to prove legitimacy

At the bottom of the video, you’ll find many well-known websites / news companies and by taking their names or showing their logo on this website, Steven hopes to prove the legitimacy of his system to you.

However, when I went to some of these websites and looked for the AZ Formula… Surprise, Surprise! (not really)… Nothing came up.

Again, this is just a tactic to lure you into believing that what he is telling you, is the complete truth. Yeah, right!?

7) Income proof

Steven shows you income proof of how his account looked after the first year, at close to $1.3 Million, and says that he has been making money online like this, for the past 4 years.

Oh nice, Millionaire in a year… Wait! HOLD YOUR HORSES!!!

The income proof shows June 4th, 2018, the same one with the $1.3Million he said he made after a year and June 2018 marks his first year in this business. But we’re still in 2018. Four years from the first time he started making money online, should then have been year 2021!

How can he have been in business for a year on June 4th, 2018 and said that he has been in business for a total of 4 years, when we’re still in 2018?

This shows that he is lying to you!

8) The cars

I really liked the cars and out of curiosity, wanted to know the make of the car. So I looked for it online and guess what I stumbled across?

This picture is actually a screenshot taken from a Youtube video, from the channel called Salomundo, run by a well-known entrepreneur named Alejandro Salomon. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the screenshot below.

And not only that, but the other cars Steven also shows you, are part of another video too, created by Alejandro, on the very same channel.

What are the chances of a truck being painted EXACTLY the same?

In short, Steven Cook does NOT own these cars.

9) Fake Testimonials

The people that appear in the video claiming that they have made so much money online with this system, are all fake! They are actors that have been hired from a freelance website called Fiverr, to read out a script to you provided by the scammer.

As you can imagine, everything that they have uttered is completely rehearsed and planned. These people are getting paid a small $5, while they are helping the scammer scoop and steal from innocent and unsuspecting people. You’ll recognize a few of them from other scams;

  1. 60 Minute Profit Plan
  2. 30 Day Success Club
  3. Click Click Cash
  4. AZ Sniper
  5. EZ Bay Payday

And here are their profiles:

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How Can you Make Money With Amazon?

Now, let me explain the two ways that money can be made on Amazon; method number one is being a vendor and method number two is being an affiliate.

A Vendor/Seller

Being a vendor, means that you will be posting products for sale on the actual Amazon marketplace. This usually requires that you do research on your products, choosing the best ones to sell, spy on competitors for efficient pricing of your products, and it also means keeping and sorting inventory.

Additionally, you also have to take care of packing, shipping and customer service, which as you can see, is a ton of work! Not as easy as Steven claims, right?

When you do become a new seller on Amazon, you also have to think about competition. It’s really easy to add a product on Amazon, but because there could be a lot of other existing vendors selling the same product as you, it would mean buyers will be more willing to buy from them, than from you.

That’s because as a new seller, you don’t have ANY ratings at all, and therefore, buyers don’t trust you. They would trust other sellers that are more established in the marketplace and buy from them. The only way to get your items sold, would be to reduce your pricing even lower than your competitor, hoping that the price will entice your visitors enough to buy.

And often times, this means selling at an even lower price than what you bought them for! So, you would initially have to look at making a loss in order to become trusted, before you can raise up your prices again when you become trusted.

That’s why I say that making $2000 today by joining Steven is impossible. All this work cannot be done on autopilot.

An Affiliate

Becoming an Amazon affiliate means that you are not interested in selling anything on the platform. What you will do, is simply promote the products of other vendors to potential buyers and when you do make a sale, you get a commission.

You could promote products in various ways; advertising them on Facebook and other social media, doing Youtube videos about the products, or even creating a website around the product. However you want to promote the product is up to you, but your main goal would be to convince people to buy the product so you can make your commission.

The commission rates on Amazon vary between 2 – 10%, which is not very much. So you have to be smart in choosing products to promote. For example, if you choose a cat tree that is being sold for $100, the most you would get in commissions is $8 (as the current commission rate for pet supplies is at 8%).

Why The Sales Figures Are Not Accurate – As a Vendor

Now that you understand how to make money with Amazon, let me tell you why the sales figures that Steven shows you are not representative of the actual income that you’re bringing home.

As a vendor, if you sell a product (for example the cat tree) for $100, that does not mean that the $100 is going to be your take-home income. You have to factor out the initial cost of the product, your advertising fees, your amazon fees and taxes you have to pay on it.


Selling Product for $100.

Wholesale cost of the product is $70

You offer free shipping so Shipping it yourself will cost $10

Amazon fee is 15% (actual fee for pet supplies on Amazon)

Taxes to pay is 20%

My Take-Home Income for this product is:

$100 – $70 (wholesale cost) = $30

$30 – $10 (shipping cost) = $20

$100 x 15% = $15 (Amazon fee)

$20 – $15 (amazon fee) = $5

$5 x 20% = $1 (Taxes to pay)

$5 – $1 = $4 (Take-home income)

If we take this as an indication that the overall Take-Home Income is about 4%, then the sales figures that Steven shows you multiplied by 4%, will tell you the actual amount he made from those sales.

For example, one of his sales figures shows you about $28,800 for a week. His take-home income was $28,800 x 4% = $1,152. That’s definitely NOT $1000 a day, as promised by Steven.

Still, making $1,152 every week in profit is going to make anybody want to sell on Amazon. That kind of income is definitely possible. But let’s take a look at how many cat trees you’ll have to sell at $100 in order to make that kind of money; $1,152/$4 = 288 cat trees need to be sold in a single week to make $1,152 within that week.

Is that going to happen within a week, as a newbie? Not likely, even if you engage in dropshipping. There are too many factors that have to go RIGHT (which they probably won’t) in order for you to start making that kind of money within your first week.

If you’re still bent on trying to make money online selling on Amazon, then I recommend that you TAKE A LOOK AT THIS GUIDE to selling on Amazon, that will outline how and where to get your products and much more!

Why The Sales Figures Are Not Accurate – As An Affiliate

Now, I did mention that as an Amazon affiliate, that you would make between 2 – 10% commission off the sale of the products that you promote.

That would mean that if there were 288 visitors who bought the cat tree through your affiliate link within a week, you would make $1,152 at best! But let’s say you promote something else and the commission rate is at 2%. Making sales of upto $28,800 will only yield $576 within that week, which is not as attractive now, right?

And on top of those earnings, you have to subtract taxes at 20%, and not to mention your advertising costs, your website costs and other investments.

My point is that it’s NOT easy to make money online. It becomes easier over time as you become trusted and are able to reach more people and become more effective at what you do, but initially, it takes time! It’s not as easy as Steven makes it out to be.

However, that being said, it is much easier to make money as an Amazon Affiliate than it is to make money as a vendor. And that’s because you :

1) dont have to keep any inventory

2) don’t have to buy wholesale

3) don’t have to invest in products that won’t get sold

4) don’t have to pay any storage fees

5) don’t have to ship orders to customers

6) don’t have to take care of customer service

7) don’t have to do pricing research

8) don’t have to spy on your competitors

If you would like to make money as an Amazon Affiliate then I recommend that you TAKE A LOOK AT THIS GUIDE HERE to the best way of becoming one and promoting Amazon products.

NOTE: I use the exact same business model to make money and let me tell you that this works better for newbies than anything else!

Final Verdict – Is AZ Formula A Scam?

You bet it is! You probably already had the feeling that I was going to deem it a scam all along, because I know I can’t hide my disgust for these kinds of people and these kinds of programs.

Not only are you lied to over and over again in the videos, but you are also manipulated into thinking that making money on the internet is easy, without work, and on autopilot, which is COMPLETELY false. It takes time, effort and patience just like any other business.

Steven is a fake and I don’t doubt that his system will also take you for a ride. Scammers like him will tell you just about anything to get you to buy their system, to then shut down and run away from you as far as possible. They don’t have any shred of humanity.

That’s why I recommend that you stay away from Steve and his joke of a system. It’s only going to spell DOOM!

On the other hand, if you are interested in knowing a simple and effective way to make money online (easy to understand and implement but needs work and time), and that is scalable over time, I invite you to the exact same training platform that showed me the ropes of making money online.


It is completely FREE to join and to try and by you trying the system for free, I don’t make any money.

So don’t worry, I’m not like Steve; I’m not going to steal money from you. The free trial is meant for you to see what kind of training and support you can get from me and the community, and if/when YOU want to, you can upgrade to the paid membership (which unlocks more in-depth training that will take you to new heights).

As you can see, I have not hidden anything from you! I know what it means to be lied to and scammed. I know what it is to lose money and to desperately want to make more than just ends meet. So trust me; check out my system and I’ll get in touch with you on the other side.


Your Friend,


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