Is Blistering A Scam Or Can You Really Make $200 Within A Few Hours?

You’re probably on this review of Blistering right now because you’re wondering “Is Blistering a scam?” or “Can I really start making a couple of hundreds within a few hours?”, “Are they really legit?”.

I want to congratulate you before investing into a product that “seems” great. It’s always better to research the programs you come across before investing into them, because you probably know that there are more scams than legit products online.

Within my Blistering Review, I will be going over the program and what it will help you achieve, as well as whether the method of making money online will work or not. If you’re seriously thinking about investing into this program, it’s important for you to read this review until the very end.

You’ll have a pretty good idea of whether Blistering is right for you, right here, right now!

Blistering At A Glance


Owners: Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $12.95

Do I Recommend It?: Not really…

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What Is Blistering?

Blistering is supposed to be a software that will be able to help you make money as soon as today, in the hundreds of dollars within a few hours, all achieved with as little as 20 minutes of work everyday. It’s a copy-and-paste system that will make you money effortlessly and on autopilot.

Additionally, you can even make this work as a newbie, with no experience or tech skills. Blistering is the FASTEST and EASIEST way of making money online, apparently. No need for Youtube or the blogging and SEO “crap”.


Well, I don’t buy it because I have seen so many such claims before. There is absolutely NO shortcut for a newbie to take to start making hundreds of dollars everyday. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. I’ve been making money online for the past three years and I would have found it by now if it existed.

If people could really bank over $200 for every 20 minutes of work, then why are there still so many people complaining about their jobs and their bosses? Why are people still stuck in the rat-race?

These claims are pretty bold and are only there to entice you to buy the system. Copying a system is more easily said that done; either it requires a lot of TIME to work or you need a lot of INVESTMENT. If you have neither, then don’t expect the system to spit out $200 everyday for you.

Getting to that kind of income takes time and it takes work. There is no such thing as working 20 minutes everyday and making money on autopilot.

How Does Blistering Work?

Isn’t it just so frustrating when these kinds of make-money-online programs don’t give you ANY details about what you’ll be taught inside? How the hell are you supposed to make an informed decision, despite their “iron-clad” money-back guarantee?

Who says they’ll actually reply you and give you your money back? Who says the system is the RIGHT one for you? There isn’t even a trial! This really infuriates me!

But anyway, that’s why we’re both here; I’m writing this review so you can know what’s behind the program before investing into it and you’re in to knowing what this program is about, what you’ll be taught and how you’ll make money.

The training is all about affiliate marketing and it’s all in video format. There’s a bonus plugin that you can also use with your website (yes, you need a website to make this work!) that will have 10 done-for-you funnels, where you can just plug in your affiliate link from JVZoo and share them to start making money.

It’s funny how these funnels lead you to promoting Jason and Mosh’s other products; it’s smart if you ask me, because all they’re looking at, is making more money from you promoting their products.

How it works, is that you’ll need to send people to these affiliate offers and when somebody clicks through the link and buys the product, they’ll pay you a commission.

How Blistering REALLY Works

In order to make money, you need to get these affiliate offers in front of people (traffic) and Jason and Mosh had promised that you’d be given training on how to do so for free. Afterwards, they would show you how to scale up your business for more sales.

The free training is around Facebook marketing let me tell you that trying to promote your offers through Facebook is REALLY hard;

ONE, you don’t have any authority and won’t be trusted. How WILL you be able to get people to sign up and pay for your offers?

TWO, this is NOT going to make you money effortless and on autopilot. You need to promote your offers CONSTANTLY, probably 5 – 10 times a day, within different groups, on your timeline and maybe even invite people through private message. With this method, you have to be VERY careful, because you could get banned!

Scaling up your business would be around PAID Solo Ads. Wait, hadn’t they promised that there would be no need for ads?

Solo ads can be described as “renting” somebody else’s email list to grow your own and to send them to your affiliate offers. You want to grow your email list to have people to promote to, so even if they don’t purchase anything now, there is a chance of them making a purchase later. This is called Email Marketing.

The Realities Behind Blistering


That’s something that you’re NEVER told about. You’ll be bombarded with upsells once you sign up that could collectively add up to over $450!!!

Upsells themselves are nothing bad and are supposed to be EXTRAS that supplement the main training and in my opinion, should not cost an arm and a leg. Here, it’s the other way around; where the main training costs a basic $13, when a single upsell costs as much as $97!

This, in itself, tells me that the main training you’re getting with the initial $13, will not be enough for you to start making life-changing income online. There will ALWAYS be more to pay for.

Additionally, you need to pay for Solo Ads, which will most probably cost you $300+ as a starting cost. And before considering Solo Ads, you will need a system called an “autoresponder” that will cost you over $20 every single month.

An autoresponder takes care of storing your subscribers, adding them to respective lists depending on WHICH offer they sign up through, sending pre-written emails at regular intervals and so on, even when you’re away from your desk. This may be referred to as an “autopilot” way of making money online.

What Jason and Mosh fail to tell you, is that all the work is being done BEFORE you get ANY subscribers and before sending ANY email sequence. They make you think that it’s all rainbows and roses, when in fact, it requires quite a bit of work and invest (as with anything worthwhile in life) in order to make any serious money.

Is Blistering A Scam Then? – Final Thoughts

I find that there’s a ton of hype within the sales page and that the system does not live up to the expectations set. Make money within a few hours as a newbie? That too HUNDREDS of dollars for only 20 minutes of work every day? That’s just BS!

There isn’t a system in existence today that will provide you with such a shortcut. There’s a ton of work required with Facebook Marketing and sure won’t make you money effortless and on autopilot. And the extra costs?!?!

As such, I do not recommend Blistering.

I mean, why would you trust anybody who is not upfront with you? There could be a million things that they could be hiding from you and it would all come as a surprise each time. By the time you’ll have enough of them, it would be too late to get your money back.

When you’re buying a car, you want to know of its features (such as adjustable steering wheel, heated seats, the navigation system, fuel efficiency), without which you WOULDN’T buy the car, right? Similarly, why would you buy a program based only on promises and not HARD FACTS?

You have to KNOW 100% what you’re getting into before you buy ANYTHING, either in the form of a free trial even if it’s for 24 hours or with explicit information given on the sales page. I do not feel comfortable recommending a program as misleading as Blistering, even if there is potential to make some money.

Here’s A Better Alternative To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Yeah, I know! You don’t want to tire yourself out with creating Youtube Videos and you don’t want to blog. But did you know that this is the MOST sure way of making passive income online?

It does require some work, but let me tell you that if you really apply yourself for a year or two, you could well be able to replace your income and MORE! I know people that have started making an income of $6K+ within 2 years of starting a blog.

I’m not making $6K myself, but I’m making enough passive income every single month to know that this method works! You don’t have to invest as much money into it and once you learn the basics, you’ll only need to rinse and repeat your way to financial freedom.

And unlike Blistering, you can start with a FREE trial of the program before deciding whether it’s right for you or not. Even if you find it’s right for you, you’ll only need to invest as little as $0.98 per day, to get updated training, the tools needed, as well as support.


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