Is Blox A Scam Or Is It Going To Really Make You Money Within 24Hrs?

Welcome to this Blox Review.

Is Blox a scam that is going to under-deliver on its promises just like many of the other make-money-online programs? Are you wondering whether you’re actually going to make money with the methods taught or not? Is it going to be legal and ethical? Will you be able to quit your job and do this full-time?

These are great and relevant questions, because there are just too many scams and low-quality products on the internet and we don’t need to fall for another one, right? So this review is going to answer all the questions that you might have about this program.

I have reviewed one of Mark’s products before, called Contenu, and I did think that the program was not up to par for me to recommend it. I’m hoping that Blox is going to be different.

NOTE: I do not promote Blox and will not be bribing you with bonuses. I just want you to make an informed decision about the program.

Let’s dive right into this review!

Blox At A Glance

Website: Blox.Buzz/live/

Owner: Mark Bishop

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing (or not?)

Price: $17+

Do I Recommend it?: No…

What Is Blox?

Blox is going to supposedly reveal 4 “secret” tweaks to help anybody, even if you’re a newbie, make money online. With this program, Mark says that you start earning with 24 hours of implementing what he is going to teach you. The implementation takes 1-2 hours and after that, the system will work on automation.

This sounds like a lot of the other hyped up promotions. They tell you that this is a “secret” only the gurus know and next thing you know, it’s not a secret at all. And being an online marketer, let me tell you that there is no business in existence today, that is going to work completely on automation.

What confused me most, was that he was going to show us how to make money from affiliate offers… without promoting affiliate offers. Wait… that makes no sense. But let’s give the program a chance.

Going further down the sales page, you are told that you will make money in a few hours with very little work, and passively at that too. But let’s be honest here; if it was so easy to make money online as a newbie, why aren’t more people doing it? The country should have been at a shortage of EMPLOYEES by now.

Mark also mentions a way that he uses to rank on Google Page #1 where he gets tons of visitors. Okay, I know about that; he is talking about SEO. But the truth with SEO is that it takes A LONG TIME (minimum 3 – 6 months) to start getting ranked well, that is, on the first page of Google.

If he wants to show you THAT method, then he is completely lying to you and you’re not going to make money within 24 hours. Just saying!

How Blox Works

The way that you will be making money with Blox, is affiliate marketing. And this is a method of making money online that will require the purchase of an item THROUGH a special link that you make available to your buyers. Each sale will bring you commissions.

What I like about the sales page, is that Mark tells you how the process will look like; there are 4 steps to this.

1) Get / Create lead magnets

2) Create a pre-sell for your lead magnet (like writing content)

3) Have people click through to the SECRET page that is going to turn 20 – 30% of the traffic into buyers

4) Get instant traffic from paid traffic methods

It kind of makes sense, but in other ways, it does not. So, what Mark wants to teach you here, is to lure your traffic into wanting something that you’re going to be giving away for FREE but with the purchase of another item.

I really don’t see how that will work, unless the two items go hand-in-hand. For example, if your lead magnet is free wonder-woman inspired hair ties, then your actual paid offer could be “with the purchase of a wonder woman hairbrush”. I really hope that this is where he is going with this.

Another thing that does not make sense, is that he is telling you to write content and to get ranked in the search engines where you can get FREE traffic, and yet, he wants you to PAY for traffic. There is no harm in trying to get traffic via different means, but I’m sure that is not the reason why he is introducing both here.

What You Get Inside

I’m kind of impressed with what is inside but not impressed at the same time. There are SOME video tutorials that are geared towards showing you how and where to buy a domain and which company you can use to host your website and Mark also teaches you how to optimize your website, which is great.

Bear in mind that it will cost you extra to get a domain and hosting your website, which will cost you several hundred dollars for the whole year. To Mark’s credit, he does disclose that on the sales page in the FAQ section, which I like! Transparency is important and unfortunately, most other programs don’t exercise it.

After the website setup video tutorials, the rest of the training is in PDF form. That’s a BIG let down in my opinion because though some people are okay with written instructions, most people learn visually which is why I think it’s important to incorporate videos.

That being said, it CAN be newbie friendly, but visual learners are going to have a hard time understanding his PDF instructions.

The Upsells

Most of these programs give 100% commissions to their affiliates on the front-end offer and the upsells is where the creators of these programs actually make money. BUT it’s not just about making money here. It’s about giving you MORE training and tools to work with to get you to success.

Upsell 1 – Blox Pro – $27

This is additional training and can also be considered an extension of what’s already in the main training. What I like about this is that you can choose between going through the video training or the PDFs available. If the same thing were applied to the main training, the training would have been perfect.

Upsell 2 – Blox Max – $37

These are Done-For-You material that Mark tells you to copy and paste into your blog. These can be used for the informational side of your blog, as well as to sell your affiliate offers that come with your magnet.

It may sound wonderful to have the stuff to copy and paste onto your website, but as a newbie, you may not know that COPYING other content is absolutely NOT acceptable to Google and the other search engines. If you do it, the search engines will consider it duplicate content and you won’t get ranked at all.

On the other hand, this upsell also provides you with 600 images to use as well as some magnets that you can use in make-money-online niche, so you don’t have to go looking them or create them.

Upsells 3 – Reseller Rights – $117

Getting this upsell will give you license/reseller rights to Blox and another one of Mark’s products, that will make you 100% commission on the promotion of these programs and their upsells. I do not recommend this upsell unless you’re thinking of promoting Blox full-time.

Is Blox A Scam?

Despite some marketing hype and some SEO no-nos, I don’t think that Blox is a scam. There is actually a lot that you can learn within the training.

However, it does not mean that it is a program that I recommend. Sure, for a newbie, there is a lot of value to be had but the truth is that you’re not going to be able to differentiate between white hat and black hat techniques in the SEO and ranking world.

Additionally, although I think that the sales page is more transparent than many of the other programs on the internet, I still don’t think that it is transparent enough. Mark does tell you about the extra costs that will be associated with your website and that you have to be realistic, but the income claims are still hyped up.

And you’re still told that you will be able to just work for 1-2 hours, that will then translate to you making money within 24 hours and that the process is going to be automated when that is not true. With SEO and ranking, you have to be writing content on a consistent basis to become trusted.

This trust also does not come within days. We’re talking about months of work here to only START to become trusted and to start seeing traffic to your website using SEO.

The bottom line is that I do not recommend BLOX because it is a program that it sets the wrong expectations of how the online business works and because of the fact that they have some black hat SEO techniques that are going to do more harm than good.

Discover My Secret To Making Money Online

I am an affiliate marketer and thus, I do make money promoting affiliate offers. It does work but you have to know HOW to get people interested in your offers and how to present the offer to them.

You see, all I do is type up articles that take me 2 – 3 hours each and I write one every single day. I just make sure to include my keywords that Google and the search engines will use to find and rank my article and I make sure to include my affiliate link within the article so I can make commissions each time something is bought.

You can write about ANYTHING at all, as long as it is either your passion or something that you’re knowledgeable about.

What you need is training that will ensure you’re doing everything the RIGHT way so that you never get penalized by the search engines. This will ensure a budding relationship with more people visiting your website and in turn, with more commissions into your pocket.

What you need is the platform that I used, that helped me start my online business and that helped me make my first dollar online. Today, I’m making a 3-figure passive online income and it’s thanks to this platform. You can even get started for FREE.


It’s got all the training, the tools and the support that you need so you never have to go outside of the program to find the answers and you don’t have to invest in different tools other than what is within the platform. This helps to reduce the price of running your online business.

Please take a look! It’s free so you have nothing to lose!

In the meantime, if you have any questions about Blox, please do let me know in the comment section below. Any other questions about making money online, in general, are also welcome. I only wish for your success.

Your Friend,


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