Is CashBlurbs A Scam or Will It Send Viral Traffic To Your Blog?

Whether you’re a blogger or not, you know that the most important aspect of a money-making blog is to have as many visitors as possible. The more visitors you get, the more exposure your blog gets, and the possibility of making more money increases.

I have just come across another of Bryan Winters’ products, called CashBlurbs, that promises to make any post go viral. This is great for exposure and traffic but is CashBlurbs a scam that is lying to you or does it work? Will you make more money by using CashBlurbs? Is it worth it to consider?

Well, I have put together this short post, explaining how CashBlurbs works and whether it may or may not be worth it for you.

At A Glance

Name: CashBlurbs


Owner: Bryan Winters

Purpose: Increase your website traffic

Price: Free, Trial Package at $7, Unlimited package at $20/month

Recommended?: Let’s find out…

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What is CashBlurbs?

As we already know, CashBlurbs is a system that was created by Bryan Winters and to be honest with you, I’m not a big fan of Bryan’s other products, but I think that CashBlurbs is an ingenious idea.

Greg Hughes talks to us on behalf of Bryan, explaining how CashBlurbs works and the way that it is presented to us, is that it is a guaranteed way for you to get shares and visitors to your website, squeeze page, offer page or any other page with a URL. Not only guaranteed, but also almost instantly.

Not only will they allow you to post your banner / ad on their website, but by doing that, it will also prompt other members and visitors to share your post, thus ending in more visitors for you.

How Does It Work?

When you sign in, you are prompted to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts, without which you cannot move any further with the system. The reason for this, is because you are required to share one of somebody else’s post to your Facebook or Twitter page before you post your own.

Therefore, I think that saying “daily visitors” to the website are the ones that will share your post is a little misleading; it is actually the members of the program itself that will be the key to sharing your ads / banners. When you share somebody’s post, your followers will be given the chance to see what their offer is about.

Similarly, before anybody else posts their ad on Cashblurbs’ homepage, they will need to share your ad to their social media pages. This is great exposure if somebody who is sharing your post, has a big following on either Facebook or Twitter.

Depending on the package that you choose, you will be able to share 10 posts a day (Free), 72 posts a day ($7 Trial) and 1 post every 20 minutes (Umlimited Membership). Keep in mind that as many posts as you want to add, you will need to share another person’s post each time.

As you may have come to understand, it comes with its own shares of problems.

Problems With Sharing Other People’s Ads

Looking around at the home page will give you an idea of how the “cashblurbs” aka Ads, will look like. They’re just one line catchy descriptions, followed by the link. These are the types of ads that you will need to share and this is the format that you are also expected to follow when posting your ads.

I have analyzed a lot of the posts and as much as I was excited about this concept, looking through the posts that I have to share to be able to share my own, I don’t see a lot of them that I would like to share on my own social media. I mean, I also want something that is worthwhile for my followers.

The problem with having to share the posts of other people makes it highly probable that you will be sharing a lot of programs and products that don’t work or that could be scams. A lot of them are only squeeze pages with minimal information, that will ask for visitor’s email addresses.

As such, I think that there’s a possibility for you to lose a lot of followers on your social media platform. Many people could potentially report your posts as spam, hide your posts and provide negative feedback, which is going to hurt your social media profile very badly.

It is very important that you look into each and every post that you want to share to your social media, before actually sharing them, to make sure that you keep providing the level of value that you want to your followers.

Problems With Other People Sharing Your Ads

At this point, I’m pretty sure that a lot of people on the CashBlurbs platform know about the spamming problem. Therefore, another concern that comes to mind, is that people might be connecting fake profiles to have somewhere to post to, because of the mandatory feature of the platform to share before posting your own.

As you can imagine, if your posts are being shared to fake profiles, there isn’t a chance that your post is going to be seen by anybody. Sure, you could do it too. It takes care of the spamming and the negative feedback, but this also means that if everybody is doing this, that this system will be rendered pointless, as ALL the posts are not actually reaching people.

As I mentioned before, no traffic, no leads, no money to be made. Everybody on the platform loses.

Is CashBlurbs A Scam?

In my honest opinion, I do not think that CashBlurbs is a scam. I think that is a system that can actually work, if everybody respects each other and do what they’re supposed to do. The concept is great and if as bloggers, affiliate marketers, online marketers or Youtubers, we are able to help each other this way, then we would all have been winners.

However, taking a deeper look into the system, you can see how things don’t seem as good as how they were explained in the original sales video. ​If everybody had legit profiles and were honest with sharing other people’s post to these profiles, it would help out the CashBlurb community more.

I think the problem lies with the paid membership; if people are allowed to post every 20 minutes, then as much as it is great to have others post your ad, you also will need to share other people’s add on your social media, resulting in a list of spammy-looking ads on your profile, that probably nobody is going to be interested in, and even result in negative afflictions to your profiles.

The most ideal situation would be if everybody had the ability to only post 10 ads a day to the max. That way, it would seem less like spam, at least. All in all, although I think that that CashBlurbs is legit, I would not recommend it. It just has too many negatives for it to really convince me, even with the paid version.

But have you had any experienced with CashBlurbs or do you have any questions about it? If you do, then I would request that you please leave them in the comments section below. Your experiences will help others make a decision and if you have questions, I am more than happy to help out.



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