Is Clickbank University A Scam? Latest Review of Version 2.0 – 2019

If you’ve been in the online arena for a while, then you must have heard about Clickbank. If not, it is an affiliate network with a lot of different programs that you can choose to promote. Well, now it has come up with it’s own course that is supposedly going to teach you how to make good money with the platform.

Is Clickbank University a scam that is going to just take your money without giving you the value you’re looking for? Are you even going to learn everything you need to master making money on Clickbank? Will it work? Is it worth the time and effort? What kind of training can you expect?

Expect that all these questions will be answered within this honest and latest review of Clickbank University. There are a lot of affiliate promoting it but in my opinion, there are some things that I found out that you need to know about. So read this review in its entirety so you can make an informed decision.

Clickbank University At A Glance


Creators: Justin Atlan/Adam Horwitz

Purpose: Make money being a Clickbank vendor/affiliate

Price: $47/month + upsells

Do I Recommend It?: Yes, the course is good!

What Is Clickbank University?

Clickbank University is a blueprint to Clickbank success. The aim is to get you to make your first sale on the Clickbank platform because they believe that if you are able to make one sale, then you’re able to make 100, even 1000 sales. I totally agree with that because that’s what happened with me when I first got started.

They tell you that you will be able to make your first Clickbank commission as soon as today and it will be making you money on demand month after month. You will be able to benefit from the automated income and see the money come in like clockwork.

Whether you want to make some side income, replace your full-time income or make a 6 – 7 figure income online, they claim to be able to help you. The testimonials advocate for Clickbank University as well. They’ll constantly be updating their program to bring you the latest.

To be honest, the sales video was a little hyped up to me, especially when they said that you’ll be able to make money on autopilot and making earning 6 figures a year look like an easy feat from being a vendor or an affiliate. Let me tell you right now that it’s not true!

There’s always more work involved and more time that you need to dedicate to become successful in this industry and it will take you longer than you think to reach a 6 figure income. It is possible but just know that you will need to work for it, like every other legit business.

They make it sound easy to start making your first commission tonight, even as a newbie and truth be told, it’s not impossible. But it’s not the norm. It’s not what usually happens because as a newbie, there will be a learning curve. You won’t be able to make money as fast as the sales video claims.

I’m happy to see that they are using real testimonials at least, which is not common with other programs. They would usually use fake pictures and actors acting out scripts and so on. It’s nice to see that people have actually had success with this training and making it big.

It’s also good to hear that they’ll be updating their training often to keep on top of the hottest trends. That’s something that I guess I’ll need to look into over time and update my review accordingly.

But anyways, before we jumped into the training and what you get on the inside, I just wanted to make you aware of some things on the sales page that you should be taking with a grain of salt.

How Clickbank University Works and The Training

I have to say that I was very impressed with the member’s area. It’s neatly laid out and easy to navigate so even as a newbie, you won’t have trouble finding your way around.

There are two main pathways that you can choose within Clickbank University; becoming a vendor on Clickbank or becoming an affiliate for the programs on Clickbank. It has training on both. Let’s take a look at them individually.

Vendor Training

I have to say that the training is very comprehensive. You have a total of 12 weeks’ training. You learn how to choose a profitable niche, how to create your product and your upsells and how to position them to make the maximum sales on them. You’ll learn how to create a high-converting sales page and putting it up on Clickbank.

You’ll learn how to make your offer appealing to affiliates on the platform and you’ll also learn how to scale and promote your own program, which is neat.

This training seems to be the whole package when it comes to creating your own product. There are a few things that can be improved but it’s not that bad. A little more step-by-step training would be good too but overall, it’s good.

It’s probably one of the best programs that you can follow to create your own product and to leverage the help of Clickbank to get affiliates and make sales. It’s perfect for a newbie.

Affiliate Training

The affiliate marketing training section did not please me as much as the product creation section. There are still 8 weeks of training and they teach you how to choose a niche and products to promote, which is a good start, but the more I got into the training, the more I felt like it was more informational than a step by step training.

You are given information on creating a landing page and setting up an autoresponder to collect opt-ins to grow your email list, which again, is great for a start, but the most important thing to do when you’re an affiliate is to get targeted traffic, visitors that will convert into buyers and the training lacks that.

How it will look like is you directing people to your opt-in page that will ask for their emails. They’ll get added to your email list then put through to the sales offer. If they buy it there, you make a commission. If not, you won’t make anything but you can still re-target them in other ads or within your email marketing campaigns.

There is a separate section labeled “Traffic”, which mostly affiliates will want to use and I was so disappointed to find that all the training that you have is through Facebook Ads and Instagram shoutouts. Sure, these can be very good ways to drive traffic and it works if you do it well, but these are PAID methods.

I’m disappointed because there could have been so many more traffic methods that could have been incorporated, like SEO (getting traffic through Google, Bing and Yahoo), free Facebook or social media marketing and forum marketing.

There’s a little crash course on video marketing on Youtube which I think has great tips for a beginner within the platform but that’s it for free traffic.

The point here is that I have never recommended that newbies start with paid methods of traffic because you’ll burn a lot of money really quickly if you misunderstand; you’ll need a lot of money upfront to have a few campaigns going for the SAME offer, decide which one works better and then put more money on optimizing the one that works best.

To be fair, you’ll need at least $1000 per month to invest into paid advertising if you want to make a decent income through paid ads and with Facebook Ads, that amount of money can be gone in a snap.

I would not say that the affiliate marketing training here is as newbie-friendly as they say and it’s not as good as the vendor training.

Other Perks That Complement The Training

From all the other perks that you get being a member of Clickbank University, there are three that really jumped up at me and they’re both to do with the amount of support that you can expect to get within the platform.

The first one is the Weekly Live Q&A, where you get to ask questions and have them answered in real time. It’s much better than having to email a support department. However, it was reported by many members that the session is greatly unorganized.

They don’t tackle a main topic at a time to make easier for you to find those webinars later on. So it’s hard to find your way through the webinar recordings to find the answer that you’re looking for. However, nothing stops you from asking the same questions again in later webinars.

The other great fact is that you will have exclusive access to Clickbank University’s Private Facebook group more more support when there isn’t a Live webinar/Q&A going on. This makes it great to mingle with other members and ask questions there. It’s pretty active!

Another great feature is the forum within Clickbank University that is said to have really improved over the course of the three years after Clickbank University has launched. You can expect to get a lot of support there too and to ask your questions. Maybe even to help others wherever you can.

The Upsells And Other Costs To Consider

Unfortunately, the $47 per month is not the only price that you might have to pay to start your business with the Clickbank University training. There are upsells that you may want to consider… or not!

1) Builder 2.0 – $594

The first upsell is a tool that will help you create landing pages, opt-in pages, sales pages and so on. It’s easy to use because you make use of a drag-and-drop template that could really help you create those pages really easily and fast.

But as you can already see, the bad thing about this is the price-point. It’s INCREDIBLY expensive. You can get other page-builders for as little as $30.

What you should know is that the training is based on Builder 2.0 so that you may not have a choice but to invest in this upsell to follow the training, and that disappoints me. This builder is never mentioned on the sales page as being a requirement to become successful with the training.

2) Clickbank University Toolkit – Varied Price

With any business, you’ll need a number of tools and not just one. The Builder 2.0 is one of Clickbank University’s own tools, but not the Clickbank University Toolkit.

The toolkit is a compilation of recommended tools. Clickbank University will direct you to those tools (through affiliate links of course) and they all need to be paid for.

You’ll need things like a domain name, web hosting, an email autoresponder service and some social media tools. What you’re paying $47/month for initially is to get access to the training ONLY. The price of the tools are NOT included.

3) Paid Traffic – Varied Price

I have already mentioned that the traffic methods are paid ones a little earlier and that there aren’t any free traffic methods, but this falls into the category of prices/investment that you’ll need to consider before jumping into the program.

Let me re-iterate that you’ll need to invest into paid ads to have people signing to your email list and being able to send to them. Without traffic, you won’t make anything. If you still want the training but don’t want to engage in paid traffic, you may need to buy other courses that will teach you free methods of generating traffic.

What I Liked

1) A Clickbank course from Clickbank, to teach you how to sell on Clickbank

2) Great vendor training

3) Great support system

4) 30-Day Money-back guarantee

What I Didn’t Like

1) Hyped-up sales page

2) Affiliate marketing training is VERY basic

3) Limited traffic training, with only 2 paid methods covered. No free traffic training.

4) Expensive Upsell (Builder 2.0) NOT mentioned on the sales page

5) Unorganized weekly webinars

Is ClickBank University A Scam?

I really do NOT think that Clickbank University is a scam. On the contrary, I think that you are in pretty good hands if you want to create your own product and become a vendor on Clickbank. Who would know better than them what is working and what’s not working on their platform?

There are some things that I didn’t like though, like the hyped up sales page telling you how easy it will be with the Clickbank University training to make money online. That’s all I hear from other programs as well and many fail to deliver. It’s not professional for Clickbank to use such a sales tactic.

As you can see, there’s way more work involved in making any kind of money online and it can involved investing a lot of money as well. It’s not the kind of money as in a brick and mortar business, but not everybody has thousands of dollars lying around to pay for all the tools and the membership.

The affiliate marketing training is less than satisfying. So if you want to be an affiliate marketer, I would say NOT to go for Clickbank University because there are better training courses elsewhere. Getting traffic is the most important thing to master as an affiliate

The vendor training is great and I definitely recommend that you sign up to Clickbank University if you’re considering going that way. There are also upsells and the other costs to consider but if you do have the money for it, then it’s great. You’re going to be heading on the track and making money by following the training.


A Cheaper Alternative To Learning Affiliate Marketing

When I first got started, I didn’t have that much money lying around for paid traffic and you might not either. After all, you’re trying to make money because you don’t have that much in the first place, right?

I got you!

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My mission is to help first. I write about programs that might or might not be helpful and based on the needs of my visitors, I could recommend or not recommend something, very much like the above review of Clickbank University. It’s not expensive to get started with affiliate marketing. It’s FREE!

That’s why I created a FREE guide that will help you as a beginner, to understand the mechanics behind affiliate marketing and to execute the 4 steps that are necessary to become successful. I’ve also included a FREE 6-Day Course that will kickstart your journey to online success.


You’ve got nothing to lose because it’s completely free. Even the tools that I recommend are FREE TO TRY and you don’t need to invest into anything if you don’t want to. I’m just showing you the way, for free, then the rest is up to you.

Thanks for reading this review. Is Clickbank University a scam? Let me hear your experiences.

Your Friend,



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