Is Club 365 A Scam or Will You Make Upto $1297 in Commissions?

Other affiliate marketers are starting to promote a new program, called Club 365. They say it works and they say it’s different compared to other programs. But should you really try it out?

Is Club 365 a scam or will you really be successful by investing into it? Is it a program that will help you rake in those big commissions, or will it be a disappointment, and offer you a low-quality system?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, then it’s good that you have landed on my Club 365 Review. I will be going over the promises that Justin makes and I will also show you inside the program. I will discuss what’s included and whether his methods will work or not.

At A Glance

Name: Club 365


Owner: Justin Powell?

Purpose: Shows you different ways to make money online

Price: $27.99

Is it Recommended?: Please, stay away from it. Find out WHY below…

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Justin’s Promises – The Sales Video

This is a ClickBank make-money-online product, and if you know anything about them, lately they have been of really low-quality or outright scams. Therefore, I prepared myself to really look deep into this program and to find out whether this is going to work or not.

As with all sales videos, they want to sell you the product. But does the inside match the promises?

Let’s first find out what Justin CLAIMS to offer you, before we look inside the program to see what he is REALLY offering.

1) Club 365 is a family – That’s one of the first things that he mentioned and I personally got excited about it. From my perspective, having a family means to have a community where you are able to converse with the owners or other members of the platform, to build your business together, and to learn and support each other.

2) He has the KEY to financial freedom – Justin explains that he will show you what it takes to make money online and that it is not binary options and it is not going to be out-dated ebooks. It is not going to be a push-button software that promises riches overnight. It’s not going to be something that will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

3) No need for skills, experience or knowledge – This is actually what all the low-quality products and scams say, and then leave you hanging and don’t show you anything at all! We’ll only find out whether this is true once we get inside the program.

4) They promise to teach you from every line of online business – Most systems will stick to one way of showing you to make money online but Justin promises that you will be able to learn and grow different lines of business, including eCommerce (dropshipping on Shopify and Amazon), Cryptocurrencies, Affiliate Marketing and List Building.

I don’t believe any of what Justin says yet, because in the past, I’ve come across much of what he says within this video, and I have gotten scammed. But I can’t help being curious about what he offers and we’ll be exploring it below.

I Have to Agree With Justin on a Few Points

Although some of the points he makes are questionable, there are a few others that he makes that are completely true, from my perspective.

1) “If you don’t have the resourcefulness to gather up $100 to invest in your future – you’re probably not cut out for success, period.”

This is taken exactly out of the video and I have to agree with him. It does not “always” take money to make money (as in a job situation) and if you want that, go to Google and find a JOB! But if you don’t have money to invest into your future with online business, then you’re never going to make it off the ground.

Not only do you need the training, but you also need tools. If money is not passing hands, then there is no economy, there is nobody to teach you the ropes and there is no aspect of making money at all!

2) “You’re either good at making money or you’re good at making excuses – but never both at the same time.”

I gotta hand Justin some credit here; he is talking about things that make sense!

“Oh it’s gonna take that much money? I don’t have that much to invest in this business.” If you’re saying that to yourself and still find money to buy expensive shoes and clothing, then you’re making excuses. Success is not given to you on a silver platter. It takes sacrifice!

You have to invest in yourself and the tools needed to help you succeed. If you’re not ready to give up your lifestyle temporarily for a better future, then you’re not gonna make it.

3) “Unlike money, once time is spent, we don’t get it back… So time is perhaps the biggest obstacle of all.”

“Oh it’s gonna take 6 months to see results / to make money?” You’re not willing to work at it for a certain period of time to see results. You want results NOW.

Does this make sense to you? How many of us go to school for 15 – 20 years of our lives and only see the results of our hard-work when we get the jobs of our dreams, like a doctor, a lawyer, an architect?

And you cannot work for 6 months to a year to see results with your online business? Again with the excuses! You’re so used to having things RIGHT NOW that you are ready to dismiss a comfortable rest-of-your-life by working hard for a year, rather than dismissing a whole life of hard-work for the remainder of your life!

Let’s Jump Inside The Program

Let me tell you that I had a feeling that the inside was going to be as disappointing as the other products on ClickBank, and I was right.

What all the sales videos do, is invoke feelings of curiousness and dissatisfaction, unless you try out the program and that’s exactly what Justin is doing to you. I agree that he said a few things that are completely true, but that does not validate that the product will work

When you sign up, you get to the member’s area and the below is what it looks like.

As you can see, it is very limited! It’s not worth spending the $27.99 over what you’re getting within Club 365. Yes, he introduces you to Cryptocurrencies and eCommerce, but even the training on Shopify is better than this.

I also see nothing about affiliate marketing and list building. Those might either be for future updates or within the upsell (that’s going to cost you $197), but that makes the sales video misleading. Justin said he was going to introduce you to all of that and he fails to keep his promise.

Additionally, you only have 6 ebooks to go on, that vary from between 40 and 60 pages, which is not enough to teach you what you need to know about making money online, in ANY of these lines of online business.

I also tried to look around to see if there was a way to contact other members to feel like a “family”, but as you can see, there’s nothing of that sort.

All-in-all, although you will learn a few things if you are a total newbie, it’s not going to make you a dollar online! I will keep looking to see if there is any improvement or updates to the member’s area, but at this point, I don’t recommend Club 365. You can find better information even for free online, such as Youtube videos. Investing into this is not going to get you anywhere.


1) Some information for newbies

2) 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee


1) Overpriced

2) Upsell is at $197

3) Is not enough information for a side hustle or for full-time online income

4) Sales video is misleading – does not offer what is promised

5) You’re paying for information that you can find for free online

Is Club 365 A Scam? – My Final Thoughts

It’s up to you to define it. Some people may call it a scam while others will not.

It is a scam in the sense that the sales video is misleading and hyped. Justin tells you that he will teach you about those different ways to make money online and fails to deliver. He promises that you’ll feel like a family, and fails to deliver on that as well.

He promises that he has the keys to financial freedom, which he clearly only has for himself and not for his members. Justin is full of lies, as you can see from this review!

Other’s might not call it a scam, but a low-quality product, because although it’s not worth the $27.99, it still offers some information. Even if you bought it and didn’t like it, you could still ask for a refund within 60 days of purchase of the program. Scams would not give your money back.

Whether you want to call it a scam or low-quality, Club 365 is not going to create a side-hustle for you, nor is it going to help you replace your day-job. I don’t recommend it. I highly advise that you stay away from it, based on what I have seen of the program.

Here’s A System That Simply Works

Unlike Justin, I actually have been using training online for affiliate marketing that simply works! I’m not going to make promises like Justin and let you down afterwards; I know what it feels like to fall for scams and to lose time and money to them. I don’t want that to happen to you too.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick system, but if you put it in place properly, you are going to make residual income for the rest of your life. It takes some work and effort, but how do you feel, giving up 1 year of your life working hard to achieve your goals, for a life-time of freedom afterwards?

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