Is Commission Cartel A Scam? – Find Out Whether It’s Worth The Buzz

Michael Chenney is one of the most successful affiliate marketers and learning from him should also bring about your online success, right? By him being so successful, does it mean that his training is any good though?

Is Commission Cartel a scam that will leave you with a lighter waller, or will it be one that will really put you on the path success? Is this program the ONLY one that you’ll ever need to fire your boss, or will you end up needing to do overtime to cover the cost of this program because it’s not as good as claimed?

In this Commission Cartel Review, I will be going all the questions that you may have about the system and will let you know based on what my findings and my experience, whether this is going to be a good investment for you.

At A Glace

Name: Commissions Cartel


Owner: Michael Cheney

Purpose: Make Money doing affliate marketing

Price: $9.95 + upsells

Do I Recommend It?: Nope

What Is Commission Cartel?

Michael explains that Commissions Cartel is going to help newbies make their first $500 online within the next 30 days. He claims that you can do it with no list, no website, no ads and even no traffic. Apparently, nobody else will teach you what the system does. It’s simply brand new.

He goes on to tell you a little bit of how he became an affiliate marketer back in 2007; he was invited to an affiliate syndicate meeting and got there in a taxi. The taxi driver didn’t know the address well but they headed in the general direction to the venue. When they got closer, they were overtaken by two lambos and Michael urged the driver to follow them.

This led them to an underground party with a group of “affiliate marketer mafias”, who made a lot of money, by the looks of their rides; lambos, porches, ferraris and so on. That’s where he was able to learn the shortcut to making money online, by learning from this group of elite affiliate marketers.

Thus, Michael says he will be revealing the methods of making money to you at a very low price, that he is paying to his affiliates anyways, because he wants to make a super-affiliate out of you, so you may consider promoting his products down the road. 

He makes you offer after offer, to get you to buy this training and promises that you will not regret it. Is what he is saying true? Will you really end up making $500 within your first month or will you end up $10 poorer? Let’s find out…

Why It Won’t Work Like Michael Promises

When it comes to online business, especially affiliate marketing, Michael looks like he knows a ton! He is a super affiliate after all and has supposedly trained quite a few people. He has even released other products in the past, training people on the methods he uses to make money on the internet

He must clearly be doing something right. But does it mean that he will do the right thing for YOU? 

Unfortunately not! In his sales pitch to you for this system, he claims that you are able to make money online without a list, without a website, with no ads and with no traffic. These are mostly lies! I agree that having a list and investing into ads are not mandatory for you to make a good income online, but the website and the traffic are must-haves!

Without a website, you are not trusted on the internet and thus, not many people will buy through your link. Less and less people buy on impulse now because reviews on anything at all, are at their fingertips. If they’re not getting the information required from you, then they’ll go to a trusted source to get it.

And guess what will happen? Because the other source is trusted and provides information in a better way, though you got the visitor in touch with the product/program, your competitor is gonna get the sale.

Traffic is also one very important aspect of making money online, where traffic means the number of visitors to your website or your offer. The higher the number of visitors, the higher your income potential. And no traffic means, no money made! Michael, being in online business since 2007, should know better than to lie to you about this!

What’s The Training Like?

Over the internet, I have seen a lot of people actually promoting Commission Cartel, totally dismissing the fact that Michael lies to you about important points on his sales page. I don’t like lies because if they’re able to lie to you upfront, then they’re able to lie to you even within the training itself.

I would rather support people that are upfront about their products whether when presenting it to you or when they’re training you inside the program.

Anyways, when you purchase the program, you’ll have a bunch of other one-time offers (upsells) that you will be tempted to buy, as always. It’s imperial to Michael that people buy these upsells because that’s how Michael himself makes money. 100% of the initial costs of his program go to his affiliates, making him no money at all.

When you get to the training area, you have a few videos that are introductory to affiliate marketing, unfortunately, nothing that is even remotely like the +”step-by-step” instructions that you were promised. In my opinion, this is okay for newbies wanting to get their feet wet in affiliate marketing, but it’s not worth the $10 if you’re more advanced.

There’s a ton of information within this training that you can actually access for free online; namely on Youtube and even within my #1 Recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate. 

As if this was not enough of an insult, he goes on to SELL you training on List Building. Wait… I thought we could do this WITHOUT a list? Why go against his sales page? If things couldn’t get any more FAKE, you’re wrong! Michael goes on to teach you how to create a sales funnel, which by the way, NEEDS A WEBSITE!

Sure, he’ll show you how to do all that but it really goes against what he said; that you DID NOT need these in order to make the methods within the training work.

What I Like About The Sales Page

I know, I have said that I didn’t like a few things on his sales page, but I do like some other things that he says, that hold true when it comes to affiliate marketing. 

Michael says that the misconceptions about affiliate marketing are that it is easy to make money and that you can go and learn about it on your own. You will notice that these are two points out of three that he makes about affiliate marketing, the third one being that list-building is a waste of time and I will talk about this in the next section.

At least there is some truth to what he says about affiliate marketing; it really is not as easy as other gurus want you to believe. You need enough time to go through the training and to apply what you learn. It takes time to master and thus, you should not be under the assumption that making money wtih affiliate marketing is easy.

Which is also why you have to forget about making $500 within your first 30 days with Commission Cartel, because that’s just not gonna work. You see how he contradicts himself? If it was so easy to make even part time income with affiliate marketing, don’t you think that more people would be doing it?

The truth is that it requires work and time!

The other point that Michael makes is that you cannot go about learning affiliate marketing on your own. Well, you can, but it’s better to follow a proven system that works. The problem with a newbie trying to learn it on their own, is that they can’t differentiate between what’s good and what’s bad info/advice on the internet. When they figure it out, well, it’s too late and you’ve wasted hours, days or even weeks. 

That’s why it’s important to follow a system that works and to learn from only one source, as it can get confusing between different sources contradicting each other.

List-Building; Is It A Waste of Time?

This is one one point that Michael makes that I don’t agree with; list-building is not a waste of time. It may be challenging to start building a list when you don’t know where to start and what to do (and what not to do), but having a list is a big asset, on top of your website.

The advantages of list-building are as follows:

1) Keep in touch with your visitors

2) Grow their trust in you with every email you send

3) As your list grows, there’s potential to make more money

So is this a waste of time to you? No it’s not, not when you’re going about it the right way. If you keep pitching products to people on your list and provide no value, then you’re not going to end up with a very good response at all. But providing value always works! 

Who Is Commission Cartel For?

In my opinion, both newbies and intermediate/advanced affiliate marketers can take advantage of what’s within Commission Cartel. The training is mostly geared towards newbies that want introductory information on affiliate marketing. The tools are great for intermediate/advanced affiliate marketers who want to make even more money.

What you need to keep in mind though, is that the training within Commission Cartel is not enough (in my opinion) to take you from newbie to affiliate marketing pro, because the training is incomplete. There are loopholes in the training and that’s why I would not count on a newbie being able to make $500 within their first month, solely with what’s within Commission Cartel.

Is Commission Cartel A Scam? – Final Thoughts

I think that Commission Cartel is not a scam, because although Michael is not 100% honest with you in regards to not needing a website and not needing traffic to make your online affiliate marketing business work, he is honest in some other ways telling you that this business is not going to make you rich overnight.

I also think that the price of $9.95 is decent for the introductory information that he gives, especially to newbies who just want to learn more about what affiliate marketing is and what it entails, but I still would not recommend it, based on the fact that that this information can be found online for FREE.

Why pay when you can get things for free, right?

There are also some misleading statements made, specially about being able to make $500 within your first month (which is possible but out of the norm) and about list-building being a waste of time, which it clearly isn’t. You don’t have to start with a list, but it is beneficial in the long-term to have a list.

Even if this is not a scam, I do not recommend Commission Cartel.

What WOULD I Recommend Then?

It’s the training platform that has the HIGHEST rate of success. It’s the one that I have used to start and grow my online business. It’s the one that thousands of newbies are using to go from newbie to affiliate marketing pro and that top affiliate marketers are recommending if you’re really serious about creating a sustainable online income.

The best thing about this platform is that it is all-in-one; meaning that you’ll have all the trianing you need, all the tools that you need and all the support that you need to really become sucessful online. It’s a unique platform that you can try for free without ever upgrading to the paid membership, if you don’t want to.


When you become a free member, you’ll have me as a coach and mentor and you’ll be able to ask me any questions at any time of day or night. I’m within the Top 50 members of the platform, so you can rest assured that I will always reply and help you. I’m very active within the community.

I really hope that you will get the info that you need and that you’ll join the #1 Recommendated Training Platform, recommended by most affiliate marketers online. It’s really the difference between success and failure!

I only wish for your success! So if you have any questions at all about Commission Cartel or my #1 Recommendation, please feel free to leave them below. Feel free to criticize and to discuss. 🙂

Your Friend,


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