Is Commission Code A Scam or Will You Become Financially Free?

It sure sounds like Ben has cracked the code to making money online and no doubt that he is successful and good at what he does. But how well is his brainchild, Commission Code, positioned to dominate the make money online niche?

Is Commission Code a scam, just like most of the products out there or will you be able to make $380 daily by following Ben’s method? Are you going to become successful or will you just be losing your money by investing in this?

Within this review of Commission Code, I will go over all the details of this program to let you know how it works, whether it works or not and whether you will be making money with this system.

At A Glance

Name: Commission Code

Owner:Ben Martin

Purpose: Make money doing Affiliate Marketing

Price: $14.95

Do I Recommend?: Keep Reading to find out.. 🙂

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The Sales Video

First of all, let’s go over what Ben says his system will do and once we understand that, we will be able to analyze the information and come to a conclusion.

The video was pretty impressive, in my opinion. It was very different from all the other videos out there. It looks like Ben actually put A LOT of effort into this, showing up on camera himself, showing you the lifestyle that he is now able to have due to his success in making money online.

No doubt, he is probably one of the most successful people who has found success with affiliate marketing and it looks like it would be great to learn from him and to be able to replicate what he does and his success.

So, on with the video, we are told that this business takes 15 minutes to set up and you could be well on your way to earning $11K in less than a month. The way that the system works, is that you only need to sign in, copy and paste ONE line of code and hit a button, and the money will start rolling in.

It sure sounds easy. Anybody would be ALL up to making money online like this and quit their day job. After all, what would you give to be able to earn so much money and be able to literally live on the beach, near the boats and in the mansions by the water, for the rest of your life?

With anything and everything that comes this good, there’s a catch right? But let me discuss what’s great about the platform before I tell you about the things that I don’t like.

What I Like

There are obviously some advantages to having this kind of system.

One of them is that you don’t have a steep learning curve. Everything is done for you, so you only need to watch the training videos and follow exactly what Ben tells you to do. That’s why you don’t need any skills, experience or knowledge about how affiliate marketing works.

You get done-for-you email swipes to be used within your campaigns, done-for-you Facebook and Blog posts and done-for-you bonus pages and videos. You can literally copy and paste ALL of these as you have permission to use them upon signing up.

You do get some good information that is useful as a newbie, especially with the free traffic training using social media. Not only can the methods taught be used with Commission Code, but they can also be used when you’re trying to promote other products on social media.

The training videos are short and easy, without over-complicating things, which is essential. Just enough information is given so that you can easily learn and apply.

The Catch – uh – Catches

1) Implications of Using Done-For-You Material – As a newbie, having things done for you and handed to you on a silver platter, where you only need to sit back and let the money roll in, is THE dream! However, let me tell you that there are severe flaws with this system.

For one, having everything done for you makes you dependent on the system, the materials and the tools. It makes you vulnerable because you have no control over your own business. Not knowing how the business works is a way to ensure that you DON’T go beyond what the system offers and in many ways, will limit your potential.

Two, Just imagine how many people who signed up for the Commission Code, will be using the SAME templates, the same swipes, the same blog posts and the same Facebook posts? These done for you items are going to get old very fast. It’s all going to get saturated because they’ll have no originality anymore.

Want to know something more about free traffic? Well, yeah you can use social media but it’s not going to get you as much traffic as you using Google, right? The way to use free traffic within Google is to get ranked within the first page of Google and the way to do that, is to write unique content that Google loves.

But what if you make use of done-for-you blogs that thousands of others are using? Gues what? You won’t EVER get ranked and thus, will never be able to use Google as a traffic source, which is HUGE loss.

2) OTO (One Time Offer) Upsells – With the sales video, you get the impression that you will only need to spend $14.95 as a one-time fee to get full access to the system and to start making the same kind of money as Ben.

However, when you buy the system and get to the members’ area, you find out that there are upsells and that the $14.95 gets you access to very little, compared to how much is offered with all the upsells combined. There was no transparency within the sales video nor any mention that there would be more costs associated to have 100% access to the system.

The upsells can cost as much as $50 EACH!!! So please be aware that without the upsells, there is very little chance for you to make money.

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3) Extra costs – This is also where I am disappointed. Although you do get email swipes and done for you Facebooks posts, videos, blog posts and so on, you need other tools to be able to use them. Therefore, the $14.95 is not going to get you much unless you are ready to buy the other recommended tools.

One of the tools that is used is an autoresponder, called AWeber. An autoresponder is one that will help you with collecting your emails, keep your list and help you manage your list to be able to send them relevent and targeted emails based on their response to the emails you send them.

However, it comes at an extra cost of $19.99 per month, after its one month trial period. And no doubt, that Ben is an affiliate of AWeber himself, to be able to profit off of you signing up. Nothing wrong with that, but I would have loved to see a disclosure of extra costs on the sales page or the sales video.

Him not being transparent, does not really harbour much trust.

4) Short Training videos – Yes, the training video are short and to the point, and they don’t over-complicated things, but that also means that these videos won’t cover everything you need to know about the business.

See, in my opinion, it is always best to KNOW how things work, so if ever you want to make changes, go your separate way or promote other products, you are able to do so without any restrictions, knowledge-wise. These short videos just don’t provide enough information for you to make it big online.

The online world is constantly changing, shifting as we develop new methods and as existing methods are improved upon. These training videos just don’t make the cut for me to really categorize them as helpful.

5) Broken links – Looking around the internet, I found that there are a lot of people complaining about broken links within the platform. What’s happening, is that those who have signed up with Commission Code and who are sending visitors (through paid traffic) to their affiliate links, are saying that those links are broken.

Thus, these people are losing money by paying to send traffic to the links, and where the traffic is not able to sign up or make any purchases, therefore resulting in loss for the affiliates. Watch out for that.

6) Complaints about response time for help – There has also been a lot of complaints about people not receiving help as fast as they had hoped to. Ben had given off the impression that there was a whole team behind Commission Code, who would be able to help them with their questions, but it turns out that’s not the case.

So these affiliates are ending up waiting weeks for a reply and solution to their problem, thus losing money. One of the affiliates also said that Ben ended up refunding him, but then blocking him from ever signing up again to Commission Code as well as his other training products.

That does not give up a very positive vibe or atmosphere.

7) Hype in the sales video and web page – And yes, though it may be the last thing I talk about, it’s not the LEAST of your problems as you have come to know. But there IS really a lot of hype within the sales video and the web page. With all the flaws within this system, it is VERY hard to make the amount of money that Ben pretends.

Some of the testimonials on there, have people claiming to have made $1000 within their first 5 days and some others claiming to have started making $300 per day after only 2 weeks of working with the system. Though this COULD potentially happen, these are not typical results and is in NO way easy to achieve.

If you are a newbie, this is NOT going to happen to you. That’s because you don’t have a targeted list to send your affiliate links to, you don’t have a big following on social media and so on.

The people who are making money from this, are probably those who are ALREADY quite successful with their own affiliate marketing business, who have a list and a social media following and who want to make more money. Thus, this makes it a good system for them to follow.

But don’t expect to be making the kind of money they claim because the reality is that it takes time for an online business to start growing when you start from the beginning, just like an offline business. It requires work, it requires time, it requires a LOT of patience. Affiliate marketing does not make you money overnight.

Is Commission Code A Scam Then?

I am kind of torn on this one. It is not a scam and kind of scammy at the same time. Here’s my reasoning.

In my opinion, I think Commission Code is more for people who are already at least, a little bit established with their online business, have at least a small list and some social media following. That’s when results are seen faster and people are able to make more money.

It is definitely not for a newbie, although the sales video says otherwise. The training, while easy to follow, is incomplete and although you will learn how to apply a few things, you won’t know how the business works and therefore, won’t be able to make a lot of customization or add your uniqueness.

AND… it also takes time ot build a list and a social media following, because people need to know they can trust you and trust comes after a lot of time on the internet. Therefore, you won’t be making money instantly. There is no such thing as a push-button system to make money online.

If there were, EVERYBODY would be doing it.

Tackle Affiliate Marketing the RIGHT Way

As you may already know (or not), I am also an affiliate marketer. I have been online for over 2 years now and thus, I know what it takes to make money online. And it is not easy.

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If you have any questions about the Commission Code or my #1 Training Platform, please leave them below. Let me also know of your experience with Commission Code. Did you like the training? Was the information there helpful to you? Have you make any money with it being a newbie?

Whatever you choose to do, I only wish for your success and I am always here to help.


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