Is Copy Paste Income A Scam Or Will You Make $3K In A Weekend?

You come across Ewen Chia’s Copy Paste Income. Ewen Chia is pretty well known but I must admit that I am not a fan of his products. Is Copy Paste Income a scam, a low-quality product, or your ticket to making $3K within a single weekend?

You have your own reasons for trying to make money online; it may be to make ends meet, to be able to stay at home with your children, it may be to fulfill your hunger for traveling, or it may just be because you can’t work any conventional jobs due to your illness or a disability.

In today’s review of Copy Paste Income, I will tell you EXACTLY what’s inside the program and explain the lessons in detail for you, so you can make an informed decision on whether this is a program that you should invest in.

At A Glance

Name: Copy Paste Income


Owner: Ewen Chia

Purpose: Make money giving away free ebooks

Price: $37 + Upsells

Recommended?: Let’s find out…

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The Sales Page

Who would not sign up after being flashed such big income numbers, and promises that the system will help them achieve those numbers? I mean to be able to make $500 – $1000 per day, just copying and pasting, would be anybody’s dream. Easy work, make tons of money, enjoy life!

If I didn’t know enough about Ewen Chia and about making money online, I would have jumped into it. And I’m pretty sure that if you weren’t skeptical, you would have done so as well.

But let me tell you that you are on the right track by being skeptical; the inside of the program is not like Ewen describes it at all. He promises that this system is copy and paste. He uses his past successes to sell you the program. He uses A LOT of income proof to sell you the system.

I mean, yes, you need proof that the system works, but if you have a had a look at his sales page, he really goes over the top to sell you the dream. He claims that you can make money within 24 hours, while you are out having fun, just by activating the system and by relying on the “automation” of the system that he was able to develop.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you have to know that these are the same sales tactics that he uses in most of his other low-quality programs, including Autopilot Profits that I have already reviewed. Let me show you inside the program and take you step by step through the training and explain why they won’t work.

How It Works

The way that you will be making money with this system, will be affiliate marketing. If you are not familiar with this, I would recommend that you Read My Post Explaining Affiliate Marketing HERE. It will give you all the details about this way of making money online.

Brief explanation; affiliate marketing is a way of making money online where you promote a particular vendor’s product and make commissions for every sale that you send to the vendor. As with any online business, it takes learning, effort and time for you to become successful with this method, unlike what Ewen promises you, and much less likely with his teachings.

Ewen wants to teach you how to insert your unique / affiliate links into free ebooks that you will distribute, and hope that people are going to read the ebook and buy your recommendations.

Inside the Program

When you get into the member’s area, you are directed to the Welcome Page, where there will be a welcome video. This is basically information on where to start next. He directs you to the “Complete Coaching” Page, where you will find most of the training, which consists of 6 videos. I will be discussing them soon.

You also have the “Copy Paste Ebooks” section, where you have 10 pre-written ebooks that you can distribute, after inputing your ClickBank affiliate link into them. This will ensure that all the compensation and credit goes to you when people click on the links to buy the products.

The last part of the training portion you get access to, is called the “Earn Easy Cash” series. This basically directs you to a page where you are able to use pictures and email templates to share on social media or in your emails, to help you promote Copy Paste Income itself, and make commissions when you send traffic and sales.

Additionally, what I would like to discuss are the ads and upsells that are included within the member’s area. You have to PAY to get into the member’s area and you would think that Ewen would have the decency of making this a distraction-free environment to promote learning, but NO!

He only wants to make more money off of you, thus he includes ads to other products and UPSELLS you to his other products so he can make more money. This is exactly like Autopilot Profits, where he has 14 different upsells. He does not care about helping you make money, it’s all about filling his own pockets. So typical of Ewen.

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Video 1 – Profitable Niche

As you may already have suspected, this is a video that will walk you through choosing your niche for your own ebook. There are many things that I agree with him about choosing a niche; he talks about providing lots of value, finding out the problems of the niche and to provide solutions to them, in the form of products.

He shows you ways to get to this information through and ClickBank. This is a very clever move, which I will be discussing in the coming sections below. But don’t get me wrong! These ideas are great, but I just wish that he could give more examples, like Amazon, or even steps on HOW to find other affiliate programs online.

In my opinion, this training is meant to restrict you, the newbie, about ClickBank for his future gains.

Video 2 – Affiliate Product

This is a training that he goes through that includes ONLY promoting ClickBank products. This training does have some value, because if you already know what you want to promote and the products are digital, you will learn how to choose your products quickly, yet wisely, using some key indicators within the ClickBank platform.

You will learn where to go to get your affiliate links to promote the product, without which of course, you won’t make any commissions. Pretty straightforward stuff.

Video 3 – Relevant Keywords

That’s where it starts to become bad; he introduces keywords/key phrases to you in the wrong way! Some of the information that he explains is valid, like having to know whether your niche has a demand or not, incorporating keywords to rank within the search engines and so on.

He recommends you use Google Planner or the free version of Keyword Spy. But let me tell you that Keyword Spy is absolute CRAP! I didn’t have to go to the actual website to know this. It is a WORLD of difference compared to Jaaxy, the keyword tool that I use.

The big problem with Keyword Spy, is that it only shows you the number of searches that are being done. Sure, this is an indicator of how popular the keyword is but this keyword tool DOES NOT show you how many competitors are ranking for this keyword, nor shows you how likely you are to make it to Page 1 of the search engines.

For example, he uses “Internet Business” that has an estimated monthly searches of 673,000. Quite impressive! But plug the same keyword within Jaaxy, and you get the following result.

So you have 226 websites that are competing for the exact same keyword and the chances of you appearing on the first page of Google is only 66%! To me, this is not good enough! Yes, you have to target high searches per month, but you also have to look at whether you will logically make it to Page 1, and you have to have a likelihood of at least 90% for this to be possible.

So, Keyword Spy is NOT a good keyword tool to use.

Video 4 – Create Mini Ebook

Within this video, Ewen teaches you how to create your own ebook, or if you don’t want to create one of your own, he teaches you to use the pre-written ebooks you automatically have access to when you sign up.

Let me tell you that I have a problem with the style in which he writes his ebooks. He does advise in the first training video, that you have to provide value before providing a product, but he does not actually follow this principal. There are products upon products within his ebooks that are promoted in a way that is very distracting to your reader, at least, that was my impression of it.

He also walks you through other places online where you can get free ebooks to give away while inputting your links into the texts to promote a particular product. I’m not a fan of this and that’s why!

While using pre-written ebooks is a great way to save time, the ebooks you find online are often outdated and thus don’t provide as much value as they should to your readers. These are called PLRs (Private Label Rights). These are ebooks that have been written by others who give just about anybody the right to use them as they wish.

This was a great technique used in the past, but from experience, PLRs are just not going to cut it anymore, in this time and age. You want to provide relevant and up-to-date information to your readers to retain your readers.

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Video 5 – Promote Mini Ebook

As the title suggests, this training is going to teach you how to get your ebook out there to reach people, potential readers and potential customers. Though some of what he teaches is great to supplement any online business, he teaches you that you should be using these techniques as your CORE promotional technique, which I don’t agree with.

He teaches you how to promote your ebook through document directories, sharing on social media and within online forums. I do agree that you can get some traffic from these places, but be honest with yourself; when was the last time you downloaded an ebook from Facebook?

I, for one, have NEVER done this. I’m just not in the mood to read an ebook when I’m browsing my Feeds. And without a synopsis as to WHAT this ebook is going to help me achieve? This is just not a very good way to promote your ebook and all I can see from here, is you having gone through all this hard work, only to meet very little interest and NO commissions.

If you are an affiliate marketer and you have some knowledge as to what it takes to be successful in this line of business, you would know that it takes time to build a social media following and trust. No, you won’t make money within 24 hours, like Ewen claims. It is always a possibility but less so with this technique.

Video 6 – Summary + Advanced Strategy

This is the last video in this series and where Ewen wraps up what he has taught you. In addition to this, he has another surprise for you; it’s an UPSELL!

Surprise, surprise! It’s time to give him MORE money! Yea, right! After this crappy training he just made me sit through for 3 hours?

In this video, he claims that the only way to take your business to the next level, is to BUY his Autopilot Profits upsell, that will teach you how to create a squeeze page, getting subscribers, promoting your ebook directly through their email addresses and have people buy through your ebooks so you can make money.

Does he think that this is an INGENIOUS way to make money online? The pre-made ebooks are already of low-quality and he does not teach you how to put your own ebook together properly, let alone the crappy email templates he has in store for you within Autopilot Profits.

Why on earth would anybody want to buy Autopilot Profits, since I already exposed this as a low-quality product within my Autopilot Profits Review Here?

Final Thoughts – Is Copy Paste Income A Scam?

After having gone through the whole product, I would categorize this product as low-quality. Although you do get some value, I just don’t think that what is taught within the training is worth $37. He promises a level of “automation” that I simply don’t see at all. You have to do ALL the work of promoting your ebooks, whether it be your created one or pre-written ones within the platform.

Ewen also uses very misleading tactics to get you to buy his system, such as exaggerated income claims, claims of making money within 24 hours and promises that you will only need to copy and paste to make money. As you have now learned, the inside of the program is totally different.

The reality is that though you can make big money online, you cannot just make it within 24 hours, not with the system he teaches you. This is not the most effective way to earn big from affiliate marketing. You do have some potential for earnings, but you will definitely not be making $1000 from giving away free ebooks.

The training using PLRs is outdated, the training is inadequate and most of what you see within the member’s area is there to PROMOTE something to you. All Ewen wants, is to make more money in the form of upsells and ads promoting other products so that he can make commissions.

Bottom line; Ewen does not care about you. He only cares about filling his own pocket by selling you cheap and outdated training.

Want To Tackle Affiliate Marketing the RIGHT Way?

Then let me show you how. I am an affiliate marketer myself and I promise that I don’t employ such deceptive selling tactics. I don’t actually have a reason to sell you ANYTHING at all, because the program that I will introduce you to, is FREE to start! Never upgrade if you don’t want to! 🙂

I tell you all about how I personally make money online and about where you can get this amazing training, within my FREE guide to making money online for beginners, and where I hope to answer all your questions about the online world.

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Now, if you have had any experience with Copy Paste Income, I would love to hear about it. Have you made any money with it? How long did it take you to make your first dollar? Did you create your own ebook or did you use the pre-written ones? What was your experience with the training?

Please share with us! Your experiences will be great things to consider for others who may want to try this product anyways.

Whichever way you choose, know that I only wish for your happiness and financial freedom.

Your Friend,


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