Is Digital Payday A Scam? – This Is Taking Being Fake To A New Level

Is Digital Payday A Scam

Is Digital Payday a scam that is going to eat through your money and leave you in the middle with nothing or will you really become financial free if you invest in it? Does it work? How does it work? What are you gonna be doing? What are you going to learn?

If you have all these burning questions, then you’ve come to the right review because I’m going to be telling you all that I’ve found about the program and to be honest with you, you’re not going to like it. There are absolutely things you should know beforehand so that you can make an informed decision.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Digital Payday At A Glance


Owner: “Daniel Bluth”

Purpose: Make money online with Ads

Price: $

Do I Recommend It?: NO! Smells like a scam to me!

What Is Digital Payday?

Digital Payday is a program that will be able to make you $5000 within 24 hours of starting. Daniel boasts that the program will use “ad flipping” as a way of making money online, like the big companies, like Google and Facebook do. They make money through running ads.

With this program, you’ll be able to flip ads online and refreshing your account every signle minute will show you that money is growing in your account. The program will connect you to a small secret website that automates your ads for you so there is no need for any skills or experience at all.

In fact, Daniel says he made his first million within 6 months and that you could similarly start making money within 10 minutes of signing up.

All that sounds good but how much of what he is saying is true? If there is anything that I’ve learned from a young age it’s that I should be avoiding strangers that hand out candy to little us little kids and that’s exactly the same principal that you need to follow as an adult.

Daniel is the stranger with the candy here that you should be avoiding at any cost because the program just sounds too good to be true. How many people have you actually met that told you they made money online within their first 10 minutes of getting started?

And think about it: if it was so easy to make that kind of money online, then why are people still struggling to make ends meet? Why are people still complaining about their pay or their boss or their companies? Wouldn’t it be better to just sign up for this program and make money easily?

Things just don’t work as Daniel described it. There is more to this than Daniel is willing to tell you so rest assured that I’m going to reveal everything that you need to know right here, right now!

The Red Flags! – Indications of A Scam

Yes, there are a few red flags that bug me about the sales video and about Daniel so I’ve laid them here so that you can recognized similar red flags with other scams/low-quality programs. These are the kind of things that when I see, I exit the page and look the other way.

1) Fake owner identity

Oh yeah, you read that right! Daniel is a complete FAKE person. I don’t know if that’s his real name but that’s definitely not his photo and not his signature. You see, his photo is actually a stock photo and his signature is Gary Vee’s signature. That is already a really bad sign, right?

Fake Photo of Daniel – Stock Photo
Gary Vee’s Signature featured on his own website

If he is hiding his identity and lying to you about himself, then what else is he lying about?

The thing is that many program creators hide behind a fake name so as not to be caught. They just create program after program, each time changing their names with the releases so as not to be recognized and sued.

He is definitely lying to you about himself, so what makes you think that he will tell you the truth about everything else? Even the income proof can be falsified and photoshopped. If you don’t believe me, try and look for a video on Youtube that will show you how to falsify an income proof and you’ll see that it can be done easily!

Therefore, take everything that he says with a grain of salt!

2) Fake testimonials

That’s right. Even the testimonials are not real. These are actually paid actors from a freelance website called FIVERR.COM, where these actors were paid as little as $5 to lie to your face about the program. The things people will do for money!

If you don’t believe me, here are their profiles.

And I’ve recognized a few of them from these programs:

1) Cash Sniper

2) Cash Formula

3) Cash Money Sites

4) Ad Formula

3) No privacy policy page

I know that this is not something that most people read but when it comes to determining whether a program is a scam or not, the Privacy Policy page where you really need to look over. There are many mistakes that can be made on this page that will expose the programs.

And when I went to find it and to read it, I was able to click on it at the complete bottom of the page but a blank page came up.

That’s a red flag because it shows that they do have something to hide. Additionally, if they don’t divulge and clearly say how they are going to use your information, then you could find yourself in serious problems.

You see, they ask you for your full name, email address and even phone number in order to create an account with them and without knowing how they will handle your information, that’s a case of identity theft that is just waiting to happen!

Not to mention that they could sell your information to other marketers so that you get bombarded with promotions. Those promotions could be legit or scams as well, where you could be tricked to give your banking or credit card information.

So beware of that! If there isn’t a Privacy Policy page, stay away from the program altogether!

4) Huge amounts of money in a short period of time

Daniel tells you that within a few days, you will not have to go back to your job ever again because you’ll be making a ton of money from Digital Payday but don’t throw out your uniform or your punch card yet because the truth is that it takes longer than that to see any results in an online business.

Online business works like any other business. If you know nothing about it, you need time to learn. You need time to practice and you need time to become trusted. I know it sounds like all you have to do is push buttons in the software to buy low and sell high with the ads here, but it won’t work out like that.

Just ask anybody who is honest to talk to you about making money online, like me, and I’ll tell you the honest truth; it takes time and effort to build anything worthwhile!

Why It Won’t Work As Advertised

The concept that Daniel is trying to sell you here is “Ad Flipping”. But when you look at the concept of “flipping” on its own, it does not make any sense to have it with ads.

You see, when it comes to any kind of flipping, you have to be adding value to something to make money when you’re selling it. For example, you’re flipping a house. You buy it for a lower price, renovate it thus adding more value to it, then you sell it for a higher price than your investments to turn a profit.

How the heck are you going to ADD value to an ad that is supposed to be performing well already? Such a business just does NOT exist and this is certainly not the way that Google and Facebook are doing things.

The way that these two big companies are making money off of ads is that they are renting out the space on their websites and in people’s live feeds to those marketers than want to put up an ad for their company. The money goes straight to Facebook/Google.

It has nothing to do with any kind of flipping. If you wanted to do the same, you could also start a website and make money with Google Adsense, like I do. You’ll be allowing Google to use portions of your website to show ads for its clients and for each view and click, you can get paid for it.

But let me tell you that it takes learning and it takes time to be making $30K from ad revenue on your very own website. You need to set things up the right way to get accepted into the Google Adsense program in the first place.

Therefore, don’t be fooled and taken in by the big numbers in the income proof. Don’t be falling for the trap saying that you can make money within 10 minutes because that’s not going to happen. Daniel is selling you a dream in order to make his dream of becoming rich a reality, at your loss.

Because even though he says it’s free to sign up, you’ll need to buy ads inside the system, which will make him more money. You’re never gonna make that money back!

Is Digital Payday A Scam?

I absolutely think that Digital payday is a scam and that you should stay away from it.

First of all, Daniel uses misleading and deceptive marketing tactics in order to lure you in. He talks about a lot of stuff without actually telling you how it will all work and how you’ll make money. He just says that you will be making a ton of money like him and the others within a few months’ time.

He talks about “ad flipping” when it’s not really a thing, and is taking advantage of your lack of knowledge in the online world to make money off of you. That’s why he is targeting newbies with this video because he knows that more advanced marketers are going to see righte through him.

He also lies about himself, his photo and even his signature! That’s enough in my opinion to assume that nothing good can come out of this program, except for himself. There is nothing that can be verified as “TRUE” or “REAL” in the sales video. The testimonials are fake, the income proof could have easily been falsified and there’s no privacy policy.

The person who signs up for this program will be taking enormous risks, on a financial level as well as a personal identity level and that’s definitely not something that I can recommend for anybody!

Digital Payday is a complete scam so I suggest that you steer clear of the program if you don’t want to get burnt!

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