Is Earn Easy Commissions A Scam or Will You Make $100K?

How many times have you heard that a program could make you a ton of money they totally under-delivered? Too many times right? I’ve been through it too. And yet, there’s another program, called Earn Easy Commissions, that’s been online for a few years now and that’s promising the same thing.

Is Earn Easy Commissions a scam that will rob you of your hard-earned money or is it a program that will unveil your path to riches? In this review, what I’ll be doing is unveiling the truth behind Earn Easy Commissions and the owner’s real intentions behind the program.

You can trust me because I’ve been reviewing these kinds of programs for a while and thus, I can tell you if a program is exactly what it claims to be, or not.

FYI; I don’t promote the program so I won’t be pitching it up to you. Expect this review to be honest!

Without further ado, let’s get into the review!

Earn Easy Commissions At A Glance


Owner: Chuck Nguyen

Purpose: Make money promoting Earn Easy Commissions

Price: Free (but has upsells!!!)

Do I Recommend It?: Yes and No… Read the review for reasons why

What Is Easy Earn Commissions?

Chuck tells us that Earn Easy Commissions is the world’s most sustainable, most profitable and most simple affiliate marketing system, that will generate income on complete autopilot. You won’t have to do any selling at all for this to work as it is done-for-you.

He says that he is letting you join his program for free so that you can enjoy and relax while the system makes money on automation for you.

Chuck explains that the other gurus are all about showing you how to build a website, how to build an email list and how to build a 6-figure business. But Earn Easy Commissions takes care of all of that for you so you don’t have to worry. There are only 3 steps to follow:

1) Sign up

2) Follow the simple instructions

3) Profit!

And to be honest with you, I have seen these exact same steps with a lot of the other programs that I reviewed and things don’t usually work out that way. Chuck is making the system look so easy and he is making earning money with his system sound easy to do, but there’s always more work involved.

There’s no such thing as a program that will do everything on autopilot for you and there is no such things as a system that’s completely done-for-you. Just think about it: if it was so easy to make money nowadays, don’t you think that more people would have been doing it?

You have to take a look at the complete system, including what’s inside, before making your decision. So let’s see what Chuck has in store for us.

How Earn Easy Commissions Works?

So, I went ahead and created my free account with Earn Easy Commissions to be able to see what the program is about and whether it’s going to be a good program or not. I’m really happy that you get straight to the member’s area because usually, creators of such programs will pitch upsells to you right away.

I also have to give credit where credit is due: the member’s area is updated and is very pleasant and easy to navigate. The way to make money here is doing affiliate marketing, which is promoting your own link and each sale or sign up made through the link will earn you money.

All you have to do, it’s just to share your Earn Easy Commissions affiliate link, meaning, to refer others to the platform like you were referred there by somebody else. For each Qualified Lead that you send over to the system, you earn $1.

If you want to earn more money, you’ll have to purchase the upgrades and I’ll get into them in just a moment. But I wanna ask you, aren’t you a little disappointed at the payout amount? Because it’s not easy to build a 6-figure income with just $1 per referral, right? That’s where the sales video is misleading.

It does not mention having to upgrade in order to make the 6-figures Chuck claims you can make with the system. He says you can do so with a free account. But that’s not going to be realistic, as you can tell.

What I like is that there are so many training videos though so even if you don’t want to promote Earn Easy Commissions, you can learn a little bit about online marketing for your other promotions.

There are actually around 25 informational videos within the platform and they go over how to market your link through social media (mostly through Facebook), through forums, through a blog as well as through paid methods like Solo Ads and leasing an Ad Space.

Yes, you do get the done-for-you stuff, like the landing page, the video that’s doing the selling for you, the training pushing your referrals to upgrade and so on. But know that YOU need to do all the work to get people to your link and that’s the hardest part of online marketing.

The Upsells – Is Your Bank Account Ready For Them?

I wouldn’t really call these “upsells” as it is free to join the program but for lack of a better word, I’m just gonna call them that for the sake of the review.

I just HATE it when these gurus tell us that all you need is to sign up and to follow the videos to make money because those aren’t really how it works. Because remember, the sales video FAILED to mention any kind of upsells, right? Yet, you get two of them here:

1) VIP Partner – $750 One Time

For starters, that’s a HECK of a lot of money. There is some value within this upsell, like an exclusive FB Group, some extra training on getting traffic, converting them, more on affiliate marketing and product creation, but there’s better training elsewhere for MUCH cheaper.

The only reason why anybody would want to get this upsell is to make more money because now, you’re qualified to earn commissions from any of your referrals that also decide to get this upsell. You’ll earn $500 per VIP Partner upgrade. So, really, from the $750 that you pay, $500 is going to your referrer and $250 towards paying for the training.

If you don’t upgrade and decide to remain a free member, then you won’t earn anything if your referral decides to upgrade to the VIP Partner level. That’s a clever way to get people to upgrade to make Chuck more money.

2) List-Building System – $49 admin fee + more $

Though this upsell may seem reasonable with wanting to help you out with building a list and giving you a capture page and also being able to connect your autoresponder to the system, it is not! There’s more money to be spent here.

Another thing that Chuck failed to mention was how much it was going to cost to run such a business on the sales page. Sure, you can do it for free but I’ve never seen anybody build a 6-figure online business for free, have you? Well, an autoresponder is a tool that you’ll need here, which will cost you at least $20 per month.

The one that is promoted within the system – yes, promoted! – is called GetResponse. If you sign up through Chuck’s link, he’s gonna be earning commissions for each $20 payment you make to GetResponse. This makes it seem like this is the only autoresponder that is compatible with the system, but I’ve been others, such as Aweber as well.

On the other hand, you will only be able to exercise parts of the training if you activate this upsell, like Solo Ads and sending your list automated emails and so on.

I would have liked to know about this on the sales page, wouldn’t you? At least people that can’t spend so much right now don’t have to waste time with Earn Easy Commissions and can move on to something else.

What I Like

1) Free to join

2) No upsells BEFORE you get to the member’s area

3) Training is in video format

4) Training works for Earn Easy Commissions or other promotions

5) Has both free and paid methods of traffic

6) Testimonials and payment proof are real

7) Beginner-Friendly

What I Don’t Like

1) Some misleading comments made in the sales video

2) Low payout on the free account

3) Expensive upsell

4) MUST purchase upsell to make higher commissions

5) Questionable business model (100% referral-based)

6) No refund when you buy the upsells

Is Easy Earn Commissions A Scam?

It really depends on your definition of a scam, but from my perspective, it’s not one. You get access to the training and some tools for free and you can really make some money with the free account.

But I do find that it is a bit misleading in the way that Chuck says you will be able to earn a 6-figure income with the free membership and is even listed in the “done-for-you” list. It is definitely possible but not realistic, especially for the average beginner.

I also do think that the payout is a little low but I guess it’s better than nothing, right? I still don’t like the fact that the upgrades are so expensive and that the only reason why anybody would upgrade would be due to the commissions and not the VALUE behind the training, which I don’t think will be of much value anyway.

There’s way cheaper training elsewhere, some places even for free, so I do think that the VIP Partner level or upgrade is unnecessary.

The business model is also based on recruiting and thus is questionable at best. Though some people might tell you that the training is the retail side of the program, that’s not really the case because whether people want it or not, they’ll become a referral when they sign up.

There are some good training with social media marketing and forum marketing and I like that they are up-to-date and free to use, but I would not recommend that you sign up to promote Earn Easy Commissions because should the program fail one day, your business will go down too because it’s so dependent on it.

So I’m a little torn here; I do recommend Earn Easy Commissions for some of the training because it’s free, but I don’t recommend Earn Easy Commissions as a way for you to make real, sustainable online income or to build an online business.

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