Is Email Processing System a scam? – Ugly truth exposed

A way to make money online from home, is email processing. So while researching online, I came across an EPS ad and that it would teach me about how I could make $3000 a month, for only 30 minutes of work everyday.

Immediately, there were red flags in my head; systems promising to make you a full-time income and/or rich from home, only by working a short amount of time, are mostly scams. Is Email Processing System a scam too? Let’s find out.

At A Glance

Name: Email Processing System


Owner: ??

Training: Yes

Tools: Yes

Support: Yes

Success Stories: Yes

Recommended?: No

My First Impressions

Apparently, this is a system that was created by a couple, trying to make more money, in 2010. Aren’t we all looking for more income opportunities?

The EPS is supposedly a system that is about processing emails and that there is no maximum to the number of emails that you can process in one day. It claims that you WILL make $25 per email processed, such that if you only process 3 emails in one day, you would be making $75.

Looking further, it states that if I join by paying the $25 registration free, that I will get the following:

1. 16 ads instead of 3 (… wait! What ads? Wasn’t I supposed to get paid for “processing emails”? )

2. 91 Ad heading (…again with the “ad”)

3. 12 email swipes (alright, now we are getting somewhere…)

4. OPTIONAL – purchase a website just like this one, for $10 extra. (Totally off course!!!… Why would I NEED a website for processing emails?)

What do ads have to do with email processing?

With EPS, the work that you are asked to do is to process emails. So why post ads? You post ads online on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc…

People will respond to these ads, wanting to know more and all you need to do, is send them an email with information. With that, EPS claims you WILL make $25.

But what they don’t tell you before you join is what the ad will be ABOUT. Well, I was able to figure that out for myself without joining, thank you.

Let me explain things from the beginning…

… so you can better understand what the process looks like. You see an ad about making money online and you ask for more information.

You receive an email with MOST of the info and you are told to pay $25 and that you will get the whole package, including training and access to your sponsor and the EPS community.

You pay the $25 and you receive the emailed package. You follow the instructions and start posting ads online and people start responding to these ads.

You send them more info by email, which asks them to pay $25 to get all the material and the $25 comes to you.

This is what’s happening…

By paying the $25, you join under a “sponsor”. You will be receiving an email with the ads, ad heading and email swipes from that SPONSOR and absolutely ALL the material will be about… promoting EPS!

Why didn’t I think of that? It is a self-promoting system. The ads that you need to go around posting, are ads that are geared towards luring people into joining the EPS, just like you did, and to pay the $25.

When you paid the $25, it went directly into the Paypal account of your sponsor.

When people join by responding to YOUR ad and they pay the $25, you become their sponsor by collecting that payment and you are required to send them the MATERIAL (which is the EXACT material that you had received form your sponsor).

So EPS is all lies when they tell you that you WILL make $25 by processing ONE email. It is only if the person targeted decides to JOIN and pays the $25, that you will get it. If you go through the trouble of processing the email and the person decides not to join, then where is that $25 coming from, if you are GUARANTEED to make that money?

The answer; you DON’T get $25. Period.

What about the $10 for the website?

It may cover the hosting fee, the purchase of a domain and the EPS team would also design the website for you. But again, what do you think the website will be about? Promoting EPS.


The training that they provide is claimed to be towards email processing, online marketing and all that good stuff.

Sure, you learn a few things but you are only applying it to promoting the system and nothing else. From all the research that I have done, the quality of the training depends on who your sponsor is.

If you have a sponsor who just does not care about you and only about the money, then you are basically screwed. They have a no refund policy, so the money is GONE, whether you have a good sponsor or not.

They are not OBLIGATED to help you because they have received what they wanted from you, which is your money and provided you with the EMAIL for you to figure things out on your own.

There are different tiers of “training” available, depending on how much you pay. So $25 is the bare minimum. They claim to have a $25 level, a $50 level and a $100 level.

EPS does not elaborate on what the actual differences between these levels are.

It just states that for $25, you will be receiving the email and support from your sponsor, for the $50 level you will be receiving whatever the first level gives you plus extra training and for the $100 level, you will be getting the same stuff as levels 1 and 2 plus additional training.

Like THAT helps!


All the tools, ads, ad heading and email swipes will be provided to you in that email, “processed” by your sponsor. Everything is, once again, geared towards promoting EPS only!


As I mentioned above, all the support you are GUARANTEED to get, is from your sponsor. If you sign up under a good sponsor, you get the help you need.

Sign up under a bad sponsor, which is 50 / 50 to me (I mean, people can say a lot of things but not actually follow through) and all your money goes down the drain.


From what I have seen, there are 3 tiers to the membership, and they are not properly explained. The three tiers are

LEVEL 1 = $25 (email with ads to post and some training)

LEVEL 2 = $50 (Level 1 + more training)

LEVEL 3 = $100 (Levels 1 and 2 + more training)

And you could also pay the $10 fee in addition to your registration fee and that will get you the website.

$10 for the website

As you can see from the above picture, the website is a subdomain. It does NOT belong to the person who created this page.

Mostly, subdomains (especially on Wix or Weebly) are completely FREE. And EPS wants to charge you $10 for something that is completely free. This is how they make their money. DO NOT pay the $10 for the website.

Success Stories / Feedback

There have been a lot of people who said they made money with this system, and they are speaking the truth. But that’s only a way to lure in people to join the system, just like they lured those other people before you and claimed that the system worked.

The only way to make money is to RECRUIT in this system! They claim that the emails processed, ads given to you and the step-by-step training is the PRODUCT. But they don’t tell you that what the PRODUCT will help you do, is just to promote itself and recruit.

It sounds to me like this is the same as some of the other opportunities that I reviewed;

1) Desktop Commission System and

2) Secrets Of the Wealthy.

Why this system does not work

I agree, that this is not an MLM system, it is not a Ponzi scheme. But it is, nonetheless, a scheme that resembles a pyramid scheme and one that will crumble to the ground, given enough time.

The people in this system can argue that there is a legit product for which you are paying for, which are the ads) and legit skills to be learned and perfected, but business is all about making money and if the only way to make money in this system is to recruit, then it is just a matter of time before the whole system comes crashing down.

What will happen then, when everybody figures out there is no value to be had by joining this system? A real business gains net worth over time. What net worth would you accumulate over time with EPS?

A real business can be sold, a real business is a legacy for your children, a real business has a PRODUCT.

Take this example…

The classic job goes like this; I get a job, I get the training that I need and I get paid from the company to sell their PRODUCT or SERVICES. In a clothing store, it’s clothing. In a grocery store, it’s grocery. In a tax office, it’s the tax services.

Conventionally speaking, EPS would be JUST like paying an entrance fee to walk into an empty room, where you are taught how to lure people into paying the same entrance fee so THEY can get into it too.

At some point in time, the room will get filled with people and NOBODY will be able to let anybody else walk in. That’s when everything comes tumbling down like a house of cards.

Final Verdict

Is it a scam? YES

Do I recommend it? NO

Please stay away from this company and the people who promote it. I am not saying that the people within this company are bad people.

They are just not educated to know about the long term effects of such a “business” model. If there is no other way to make money except to recruit people into something, then there is no VALUE to be had over the long term.

If there is a product to be promoted to consumers, and recruiting people is not a requirement to make money, then this product gains value over time.

Remember, a real business builds net worth over time. It becomes more valuable as the business grows. A real business can be sold in the future. A real business can be transferred to somebody else. A real business has a PRODUCT or SERVICE!

Is there a legit way to make money online?

Absolutely! It’s the same method that I’ve been using for over 2 years to make money online. And it works! Take a look at my results simply working part-time everyday.

And this method is called affiliate marketing. All you need to do is partner up with giant websites, like Amazon and eBay and promote their products. Each time a sale is made thanks to you, you make commissions!


And let me show you the ropes of how to easily get buyers to your products using a FREE method. This is a method that all the gurus use but never teach you about.

That’s how you’re always buying useless products that just won’t work. They’re responsible for it!

So get my free guide now to learn how tons of people, including myself, have been able to make hundreds to thousands of dollars online. You can thank me later… 🙂

Thanks for reading my Email Processing System review. Do you think that it is a scam or have you had experience with this program? Please share with us in the comments below.

Lots of Love,



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