Is Exitus Elite A Scam? – The Business Model is IFFY!

You’ve probably received an email or seen links floating around on social media that brings you to Exitus Elite, right? I came to know of the opportunity thorugh email.

Is Exitus Elite a scam, though? What is it about? How do you make money with it? Is it as good as they say it is and will you be able to quit your job soon, making thousands of dollars every single day?

That’s kind of what other opportunities say too, but unfortunately, a very little number of programs actually work the way they are advertised. Most of them turn out to be completely different or are outright scams.

So which is Exitus Elite? Is it real?

Read until the end of this review to make sure that you get all the info you need to make an informed decision. Let me expose the truth of this program to you right now.

Existus Elite At A Glance


Owner: Paul Stevenson

Purpose: Direct Sales company

Price: $100+ annual admin fees

Do I Recommend It?: NOPE!

What Is Existus Elite?

The video presentation of the Exitus Elite program claims to be the easiest, most complete and most exciting digital business opportunity that you can have. It’s for anybody looking for a “plug and play” business solution.

It works for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or pro and regardless of any online skills that you may or may not have. There’s no need to sell anything or to recruit because the system does it all for you.

The system is designed to make you commissions from $100 – $1000 every single day. There’s no need to buy any stocks or to host house parties to sell them and there are no monthly fees.

Whether you’re looking to make a few hundreds or a whole full-time monthly income from it, it’s for you!

All that sounds great but what’s the catch? They say everything is included in the fee you pay, like the back office, all the video and audio training as well as managing your leads, sales and business finances.

But is there anything that they’re hiding from us? You bet! There always is. You have to remember that the way they explain things in those videos is to make the product and opportunity sound good.

They’re never going to tell you about any negative aspect of the business because they obviously want your money. They want you to feel good about the program. That’s what I call “manipulative” selling.

They only reveal what they want you to know and hide everything else that does not sound as good. For example, they never tell you what the running costs of the business is going to be because they know that’s going to be a turn off for a lot of people.

And yet, you’ll find a lot of people are signing up for these kinds of programs, only based on the amount of return that they could potentially make, without actually knowing what they’re getting themselves into.

How Exitus Elite Works

Exitus Elite is a direct sales program, meaning that the money does not go through the company before you actually get paid. You set up your own payment gateway, using Paypal for example, where you collect the money from leads.

So even if you’re not actually doing the selling or presenting of the program, you’re still responsible for the most difficult part of online marketing and that’s finding leads. Yes, it will still be hard even if they have a system of finding leads integrated.

And notice here, that the only way to make money, is to find leads and to resell Exitus Elite to them. The only way to make money is to recruit. Does that sound familiar?

That’s what pyramids do and that does not sound or look good to me. 

With pyramids, the only way to make money is to find people to recruit under you, that will pay to join. Once they pay, you make a part of the commission and the rest of the commission gets distributed among the uplines.

That’s exactly what’s happening here and I will prove it to you in the next section.

But know that the way that this program is going to work is that you’re gonna have to recruit, just like in a pyramid. There’s no retail side to the program, even if they make the products look separate from the business opportunity.

The fact of the matter is that the main purpose of the products is to help you promote Exitus Elite. Sure, online businessmen could still learn from these programs and apply it to their existing or new business elsewhere, but again, you become part of the pyramid whether you want to be or not.

The customer becomes part of the pyramid, whether they want to be or not, as opposed to being completely separate from the business opportunity.

In order to make any money, you need to sell one of the products;

1) G100 – $100 one-time + $40 annual membership fee

2) G250 – $250 one-time + $100 annual membership fee

3) G500 – $500 one-time + $200 annual membership fee

4) G1000 – $1000 one-time + $299 annual membership fee

The Costs and The You First Compensation Plan

Like I mentioned before, Exitus Elite is a direct selling company meaning that you’ll receive direct payments from your leads that decide to join. But before even thinking about that, you need to know of the costs and the compensation plan.

If you’ve heard or read about Easy 1 Up or Digital Income System before, this program’s plan works in almost the same way. 

The different ways that you can earn from Exitus Elite are the following:

1) Direct product package sales

These are 100% commissions that you receive from selling one of the 4 products. If somebody decides to join at the G100 level, you make $100. Somebody else decides to join at the G500 level, you make $500.

2) Second Sale Pass Ups

This is also known as the qualifying sale. Your second sale will go up to your sponsor and each of your referrals’ second sales will roll up to you.

3) Product package upgrades

Most people, especially those that are skeptical and that don’t have a lot of money to initially invest in the opportunity, will usually join at the lowest evel, meaning at the G100 level. That means that you have the opportunity to make money when they upgrade to the other levels.

If you bought the G1000 package and your referral first bought the G100 package and now wants to upgrade to the G250, they pay the difference and that goes to you. 

So you would then make $100 the first time they join and another $150 once they upgrade.

4) Split Pay Overrides

This works hand in hand with the product package upgrades, in that you’ll get paid the difference if somebody in your downline has NOT themselves bought the package that they have sold.

For example, if you’re at the G1000 level and your referral is at G500 level and THEIR new referral buys the G1000 level when they join, your referral makes $500 and you the difference; $500.

You can only make a maximum per sale as the amount of your own package, meaning that if you are at the G100 level, you’ll only make a maximum of $100 per sale, no matter what package your referral bought.

This is where it works like a pyramid because multiple levels get paid.

Additionally, when the presentation talked about sales people closing sales for you, they mean that they’re going to call your referrals and pester them to upgrade. Now remember that you’re also somebody’s referral and that if you’re not at the G1000 level, that you’re going to be pestered to upgrade too.

Does Exitus Elite Work As Advertised?

In some ways yes and in other ways, no.

You see, the presentation video tells you of all the great stuff that you’re going to learn and the great amount of money per sale that you could be making but they never talk about the cost of running the business.

The only thing that they say you’ll be responsible for is to find leads and to put them in front of the presentation video. They even say they will show you where to get fresh leads but did they ever tell you that it’s going to be free?

They do no mention it, right?

That’s where the catch is! Most people won’t have much money to invest in getting traffic. Sure, you could go to social media and try to have people sign up that way, but your progress will be so slow, you won’t make a full-time income.

The way that they will show you to effectively get fresh leads is throuh Solo Ads, which is why they teach you in the very first package, the G100, about email marketing.

Solo Ads is a way of generating leads by paying somebody else to send their email traffic to our landing/squeeze page. Although it might sound okay, it’s actually expensive, not only per lead but also because less people can afford $100+ on a business.

Additionally, you’ll need to have tools such as an autoresponder, that have recurring monthly costs. 

Now that you’ve spend $1000 that you didn’t have, you’ll have to spend even more on getting leads and in getting the right tools to make this business work. They never told you, right?

Is Exitus Elite A Scam?

That’s a very good question and one that you’ll need to answer on your own, but I can give you my opinion.

Even if a ton of people are making money with Exitus Elite, it does not make it the best or the right program for anybody else. For one, the products can be quite expensive and for another, they’re not totally honest with you.

Although the program does not work 100% like a pyramid, I’m skeptical of programs that look like one, not only because they’re borderline scams but also because there are similar programs that were shut down.

If you’ve heard of MOBE and DA scandals, then know that Exitus Elite works in much the same way as those programs. What happened was that those programs, although way more expensive than Exitus Elite, were shut down by the FTC.

The products were also advertised separately from the business opportunity, when they were really intertwined. There weren’t any retail sides to their programs. They also had sales people forcing the members to upgrade.

They weren’t being nice about it either. Those sales people even encouraged members to get into debt, of upto $25K, promising that they would make the money back, when most people actually struggled to make anything.

Thank God that Exitus Elite is not such a high-ticket program, but I just wanted to show you the similarities here. Even with Exitus Elite they have sales people that push you and your referrals to upgrade.

If MOBE and DA were shut down, it’s not good news that Exitus Elite works similarly to them. If anything, you want a business with better future prospects and as less risk as possible, which is not reflected with this program.

Those are the reasons for which I would not advise you sign up for Exitus Elite.

How About A FREE Program That Does NOT Require Recruiting?

To be honest with you, I’m an affiliate marketer and the way that I like making money is helping somebody else in need, somebody who has a problem that needs to be solved. Wouldn’t you feel more fulfilled knowing you’re doing something good?

Well, that’s what I was looking for and finally found it.

What I do is talk about problems and provide solutions for them and when people are led to the solution, they do not hesitate to BUY the solution, making me commissions in the process. I help them and they buy, helping me.

Would you like to learn more of this business model, where honesty, integrity and helpfulness is the basis of it? It does work, if you’re wondering about that!


My guide is going to give you all the details of this business, without you needing to start the business or to pay for anything. If you don’t like it, just quit and you wouldn’t lose anything.

I’ll go through the business model, the resources needed and even give you FREE access to the program that personally taught me how to make money online. That’s something you can only get access to by signing up for my FREE guide.

You don’t have anything to lose. Just try it out. You won’t regret it. I can’t wait to help you make your first dollar online.

Thanks for reading my Exitus Elite review. What do you think of the program? Is Exitus Elite a scam or do you think it’s a great program to be a part of? What has been your experience, if you were part of it? I would love to know!

Lots of Love,


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