Is Fast Earners Club a Scam? – Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

It was the word “FAST” within the name of the program that set off the alarm bells in my head. Is Fast Earners Club a scam just because of this?

Who would not want to make money within 30 minutes at a click of a few buttons? Who would not want to sit back and relax while the money pours in?

In this review, I am going to show you the reasons why I think it’s a scam and why you should stay away from it. This program is a waste of money and definitely does not deliver on its promises.

At A Glance

Name: Fast Earners Club


Owner: ??

Purpose: Make money within the first few minutes of setting up the system

Price: $39

Recommended?: STAY AWAYY!

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The Video

Like most scams and low quality products floating around on the internet, this program has a sales video to try and sell you the dream and the product. They have no desire to help you actually make those dreams a reality and all they want is your money so they can become richer.

Without further ado, let me jump right into the list of red flags and the reasons as to why the system is set to fail before you even buy it.

Red Flag #1 – No work required!

This is the oldest and most overused phrase in the world of making money online; that you can make money with minimal to NO work. That’s a total lie!

I have been making money online now for over 2 years and let me tell you that with the knowledge of the internet that I have now, I would have stumbled upon a program with minimal work by now, IF it really existed.

But just like any other business, you have to work hard to succeed! Either that, or you spend thousands to hire somebody to do the hard work for you and bask in the glory of the money pouring in.

But the problem that most of us have today, is shortage of money to invest. The only other way to make money online, is to do the hard work ourselves!

Bottom line; No pain (hard work), no gain (profit)!

Red Flag #2 – Hundreds to thousands of $$ overnight!

This is another bogus claim that low-quality products and scams will throw at you; that you can make money with their SECRET system / website, that will make you a hundred dollars overnight, to thousands of dollars within your first week.

Again, if there were any such thing, I would have found it by now. I am always on the look-out for new programs and ways to be able to create multiple revenue streams (which is how I am able to write reviews on those products here), and I have not found a single legit one yet.

There is no business online that will make you thousands in profit within your first day or week. Success online takes months and even upto a year. Please don’t quit your job before you start seeing consistent profits from month to month.

Red Flag #3 – No information on the work!

This is a nother tactic to lure you into thinking that the method of making money online that they want to show you within their system, is one that nobody else has uncovered before. It is to make you think that you HAVE to buy into the system to get the information.

But let me tell you, that there is NO secret to making money online. There sure are multiple ways to make money, but they are NOT secrets.

The only secret to making money online, which nobody wants to hear, is HARD WORK! Many people are prepared to take the risk and to fall into the empty promises from these scammers and lost money, but few are prepared to work hard at something that is legit.

As long as people keep falling into scams, these types of programs will exist.

Red Flag #4 – Discounted Price Offer!

Discounts sure exist. But when it comes to these discounts, they are over-the-top discounts, ones that make you feel like this is one-of-a-kind offer, to push you into buying.

To you, it would only be $39 for the program. But just imagine; if within one month, the scammer or owner of this program scammed 100 innocent people to sign up.


The scammer knows his target audience; median-income individuals. Thus, if the price is not affordable for them, then the program is not gonna sell. The scammer makes the opportunity sound like it is worth SO MUCH more than the $39, like, in the $1000’s, when it’s not even worth $1 (revealed below).

Red Flag #5 – Unverifiable Claims!

It’s all nice to hear about people making money online using ANY system, to be honest. But the testimonials within the Fast Earners Club sales video, are most likely FAKE!

Not only because it is IMPOSSIBLE to make money within 24 hours of setting up an online business, but also because these claims cannot be verified.

If those income claims were true, then would it not make more sense to be able to contact them or the owner, to ask for proof? This would get the owner a lot more people signing up.

But, you cannot contact these people, or even the spokesperson / owner of this video, AT ALL! This is most likely because all these claims are FAKE and if you were to ask for proof, they would not have any to give.

What’s Inside Fast Earners Club?

Prepare to be disappointed, just like I was, when I signed up for the program. I knew that it was a scam from the beginning becasue of the above mentioned red flags, but I had to buy the program for this review.

Nothing prepared me for how pathetic the inside offers were.

Now, when you watch the video, you are given the impression that the SECRET system is just ONE, not two or three or four. You are actually TOLD within the video that it would be a 2-step system; signing into the members’ area and downloading software.

After that, at a few clicks of a button, you will be able to sit back, relax and watch the money roll in.

However, let me pop your bubble by telling you that what’s included, are four PDFs. That’s it! They talk about making money on your own eCommerce website, eBay, Amazon and Shopify.

I actually laughed so loud I startled the cats.

Trust me when I tell you that 4 measly PDFs (one for each) will NEVER be enough to teach you everything about creating your own online store as well as show you how to maintain it.

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These are legit ways to make money online… BUT!!!…

There’s always a “BUT”, or the “BUTT” of the scammer swinging from side to side as he walks away from you, with your money after you fall into the scam.

ISSUE #1 – Opening an eCommerce store, eBay and/or Amazon accounts or Shopify stores can be done very easily. But the work involved is WAYYYY more than the spokesperson promised.

The work needed is as follows;

1) Research products

2) Price your items right

3) Spy on your competition

4) Buy wholesale in some cases

5) Keep inventory

6) Market your products

7) Handle shipping, customer questions, complaints and provide customer service

8) Update listings / constantly add new products


So as you see, you won’t be done AT THE CLICK OF A FEW BUTTONS and you won’t see profit WITHIN 23 MINUTES!

ISSUE #2 – One of the promises of the spokesperson as well, was that you don’t need to generate traffic to make money with this system, which is A COMPLETE LIE!

With any of the systems you choose, you NEED to have traffic in order to make any money. So now, not only do you need to create your account or your ecommerce / shopify store, but you also need to learn about SEO and/or paid traffic in order to get people to VISIT your online store.

Without people visitng your store, there is no money to be made.

ISSUE #3  – One other big LIE (tied to the issue above) is that you will be making money within your first hour of setting everything up.

As I mentioned earlier, if there is nobody visiting your store / vendor page, then you are NOT going to make any money. SEO and/or paid traffic takes a lot of time to bring in traffic.

SEO is GREAT for bringing in FREE traffic, but it takes MONTHS for you to start seeing organic traffic to your store.

Paid Traffic is GREAT for bringing in instant traffic, but you HAVE TO KNOW what you’re doing in order to bring in HIGH QUALITY traffic. Remember, you are paying for that traffic. If they don’t buy, you’re not making that money back. It takes a lot of tweaking, adjustments and trial & error to get the right campaign off the ground, which will take money and time.

So, you CANNOT make money within your first hour.

Conclusion – Fast Earners Club is a scam!

The program had a lot of red flags even before me getting inside. Not only was it the name, but it was all the red flags within the sales video, that is so much like all those other scams and low-quality products on the internet today.

It is a scam in the sense that it does not deliver what it promises within it sales video; there is no application to download at all, as all the four methods they wrote their PDFs around, are found on the internet. You cannot set them up and forget about them and expect them to make you money on autopilot. And you cannot make money within your first hour.

Having an eCommerce, eBay, Amazon and/or Shopify is a very legit and real way of making money online. People are making money with them every single day!

But they have been working really hard at it; it took them years to be wher they are at today. They never made money within the first hour and these methods of making money online don’t make you money at the click of a few buttons and definitely not on autopilot.

Wanna Know How I Make Passive Income Online?

Yes, I do make passive income online and it is through NONE of the methods above.

I make money through affiliate marketing. I am the third-party that gets paid commissions if somebody buys through a link on my website. I promote products that I have tried and LOVE!

I don’t have to deal with ANY of the cons of owning an online store, and I enjoy even more benefits;-

1) No inventory

2) No buying wholesale

3) No storage fees

4) Minimal start up fees

5) High / full-time income potential

6) Passive income potential

7) Work from anywhere in the world

8) Make money while I sleep


I revealed the SECRET to making money online within this post. Do you remember what it is? HARD WORK!

That’s all you need with affiliate marketing! You don’t even need to INVEST! The program that trained me, is one of a kind, has an amazing training and support structure AND you can start for COMPLETELY free.

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I sincerely hope that you give it a chance. If you do, I will be there to personally help you make your dreams a reality!

The Success you crave, is within your hands!



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