Is Financial Freedom Forever A Scam Or Is It Easy To Make $5K A Day?

I have seen outrageous income claims, but this one is ridiculously outrageous; make $5k A DAY as a newbie! That was enough to make me think that it was a scam but nonethelss, I wanted to give it a chance to impress me.

So, I was asking myself “Is Financial Freedom Forever a scam that is going to be yet a big disappoint or is it going to really change my life?” If you’re finding yourself asking the same question, or anything similar, or just want a review to see what this program is about, I’ll be covering all that within this review.

By the end, I promise that you’re going to find the answers to your questions. If not, then hey! Please leave me a comment. I don’t bite… 🙂

Let’s dive right into the wonderful world painted by this program…

Financial Freedom Forever At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $47 + upsells

Do I Recommend It?: Absolutely not!!

I’ve Had Enough of Scams!!!

If that’s you too, then 


What Is Financial Freedom Forever?

As soon as I saw the sales page and the sales video, I already knew something was fishy but in order to bring you a complete review, I sat through the whole video to bring you accurate information.

Financial Freedom Forever is said to be a small group of people that are making hundreds to thousands of dollars every single day, through multiple streams of income. That is actually important because you don’t want all your eggs in one basket, because should something go wrong with one source, you still have your other sources supporting you.

But everything else is just BS in my opinion; you’re told it’s a push-button system that can get you set up real quickly and that you only need about 2 hours a week to maintain the system and that it’s good for newbies with no experience and no skills whatsoever. This is typical of these sales videos.

You also don’t get a whole lot of information about the spokesperson or the creator of the program, which is a big red flag. Another problem is that you don’t get told how the system works and where the money comes from. You don’t even know if it’s even going to be legal.

No matter what you’ve heard before or what this video tells you, there is no such thing as a system that’s 100% automated. There is always more to online business than these people are willing to tell you and that’s where ALL of the misconceptions come from.

How Does Financial Freedom Forever Work?

The sales video just wants you to drool over the expensive vacation spots, the personal boats, the big houses and mansions and having all the time freedom in the world. Be careful not to mess up your keyboard!

That’s all for show! These scammers want to bring forth your emotions and blind you with the big numbers in the income proofs in order to push you to buy the system. Haven’t you noticed, that all they tell you is how easy it is to make money and how much money you’ll be expected to make with the system without ANY info on how it actually works?

Many other make-money-online systems that claim to make you such big amounts of money and that don’t tell you a THING about how it all works, just want to con you. That’s because either the inside of the system is complete crap or they have low-quality, generic ebooks that can be found for free on the internet.

Extra Costs

With business comes the need for tools and although they touch on that, like needing Click Funnels and an autoresponder, they don’t tell you about the possible costs that could come with them.

Click Funnels can be really expensive and the monthly cost would be somewhere between $19 and $297 a month! Click Funnels is a legit tool that many online business people use, but they have to be transparent about the extra costs. How else would you know if this business model is right for you or not?

The other cost would be for an autoresponder and some of those are free to start with upto a certain amount of subscribers which is very limited. Some allow only upto 200 subscribers for free while others upto 2000, but after you cross that threshold, you need to start paying and the lowest I have seen is at $15 per month.

Like most of similar products that I have reviewed in the past, this one SHOULD have upsells as well. I mean, they’re always looking to make some extra money off of you, so they’ll tell you then that this or that is only going to be included with an UPGRADE when it was mentioned to be included within the initial price.

It does not matter at this point that these are legitimate; my point is that ALL business costs should be clearly mentioned BEFORE you jump into the opportunity, because you need to know all the details. Just like when you go buy a smartphone; you read about it and do your research and check out its feature BEFORE you invest. Online business is the same.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Affiliate marketing is a real and legit way of making money online. I am an affiliate marketer myself and even the big companies like Amazon and Ebay are also involved in this way of making money online. It’s where you promote a product (can be physical or digital) and where if somebody buys through your special link, you make a commission.

But Financial Freedom Forever is explaining it to you the WRONG way.

You’re shown Click Funnels, which is a legit one-page website builder and they say that they will show you exactly how to create those websites. You won’t have to do anything from scratch yourself. But a problem with those websites is that they won’t rank in the search engines, so you can’t use SEO.

They conveniently left out that part, didn’t they? To make money, you need to traffic/visitors. So, you need a way to market your websites.

One-page websites DON’T rank in the search results of the search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) because they don’t offer helpful information. They don’t have a lot of keywords they could rank for and as such, you WON’T be able to use that as a way to get traffic to your site (which you should really consider because it is FREE!).

The only other free ways are social media, video and forum marketing, and apart from video marketing, the others are very tedious and you would constantly need to post in order to make money. That does not sound like it would be on AUTOPILOT to me. The other way is paid ads, but those are risky and will be expensive, specially if you’re a newbie.

Some Red Flags

I have seen this type of hyped-up sales video so many times before and they all just want you to do one thing; and that’s to give them your money. They will tell you ANYTHING to get on your good side and they’ll make all inds of promises. They’ll tell how how good of a life they’re living now, free of debt, free of a 9-5, free of time constraints.

But they’re only doing that to distract you from other things that you would normally find fishy about the video. Here are some red flags to consider;

1) There’s no information about the owner/creator. We don’t even know his name. We don’t know whether he is real or a fictitious character, which really makes me doubt EVERYTHING that he says.

2) There’s no sneak-peak of the program

3) The testimonial of the blond lady is an act. The lady is an actor that was hired off of a freelance website called Here’s her profile.

This is proof that this person never actually tried the product or got any of these results.

4) They tell you that you can make outrageous money on autopilot when that’s not possible, not offline and not online either. It takes time to start and grow a sustainable business that will bring you an income for the long-term. And no business is 100% automated. Those don’t exist!

Those are the exact reasons that I did not invest in this program because I just knew that it was going to be a waste of my time and money. I have had too much experience with these types of programs that promise the world, when in reality, they’re digging a pitfall for you.

Is Financial Freedom Forever A Scam? – My Verdict

You might think that because the sales video is so misleading that it should be a scam, right? Well, that’s for you to decide. Some people are going to think that it’s a scam and others might think that it’s not one. 

The reason they might not think it is a scam, is due to the fact that you are getting SOMETHING for your money, no matter whether it is misleading or low-quality. Additionally, there is also a 60 day money back guarantee, so you’re not exactly losing your money should you not like the program, because you can get your money back.

Others will say that it is a scam because the video is so misleading. The testimonial is not even real and there is NO info about the program or about the owner. There are also a lot of essential information that is kept from you, such as the actual cost of getting this business up and running. 

The other aspects that might make this a scam to some is the fact that the marketing side of the websites is completely left out because that’s where the WORK lies because that would disprove their claim about the system being on autopilot. That’s an outright LIE about the online world.

Anyhow, I don’t recommend it even if it’s not a scam because you don’t know the real cost of the program and with these programs, there is always some kind of OUTSIDE learning that is required to maintain your business. They NEVER give you all the info you need, nor do they update their systems, so you’ll have to invest MORE in other training afterwards.

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I have just the thing for you if you are still looking to make money online doing affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is the best way to start for beginners because compared to other ways of making money online, it requires the least amount of work, though you still need to work the method.

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Til then, STAY SAFE! Don’t fall for those get-rich-quick schemes!

Your Friend,


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