Is GDI A Scam Or Is It Legit? – Honest Review!

Welcome to this honest (GDI) Global Domains International Inc Review!

There has been quite some buzz about Global Domains International Inc and I thought I would look into it. The program sounds good but there are thousands of them on the internet, promising riches. So I can’t help being a little skeptical, right?

Is GDI a scam that will suck your bank account dry or is it the real deal? Will it enable you to quit your job? How does the system work and how will you earn $4k? If you’re asking yourself all these questions, then I’m glad you landed on my review.

I’ll be revealing all I know about this program and whether, in my opinion, it’s worth a shot.

Global Domains International Inc At A Glance


Owners: Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir

Purpose: Webhosting and domain purchase services / MLM opportunity

Price: $337+ per year for webhosting / domain purchases

$10/month for the MLM opportunity

Do I Recommend It?: Yes for the MLM opportunity. It’s great as an added income stream for intermediate/expert internet marketers. Not suitable for newbies.

What Is GDI?

GDI, also known as Global Domains International Inc, advertises itself as a domain and hosting registration platform. They have partnered with the Samoan government to be able to provide their services to the whole world.

The services are the same as you would find if you were to go to iPage, Bluehost and GoDaddy. However, unlike the other hosting platforms, GDI only sells .ws domains; you won’t be able to purchase a .com, .net or .org domain name from them.

Likewise, if you were to try and purchase a .ws domain name from any other provider, you wouldn’t be able to do so. You would have to go through GDI.

Aside from these services, GDI also provides an opportunity for online marketers to make money and they say that even complete newbies can start making money immediately.

It’s possible but the chances of that happening are very slim! I would advise you NOT to join, thinking that you could start making money today.

I’m not too fond of MLMs and prefer an affiliate marketing model, but I have to admit that the opportunity itself is not that bad, if you don’t mind MLMs.

Further below, I will be giving you some of the reasons why I don’t like MLMs and based on how GDI works and the drawbacks of MLMs, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

How Does GDI Work?

You’re here for the opportunity, undoubtedly, so I will not talk about the domain and registration services much here.

GDI is an MLM, meaning that you will have to recruit people and have them recruit people as well, to build a downline, in order for you to be able to make passive income down the road. You’ll earn $1 commissions on every single referral you personally make, as well as their referrals and so on, to the fifth level.

You’ll need to pay $10/month to participate in this program, which in my opinion is not much, based on the amount of money that you could make should you work seriously. That’s also the exact same fee that your referrals (and any other referral, really) will need to pay to participate.

With this fee, you’ll get a .ws domain name, 10 website emails and your referral link so you can start making money. What I have noticed is that most people who promote the program make their website a landing page/squeeze page to promote GDI.

They talk about you using email to promote the opportunity, where you’ll be able to use their custom emails. Within these emails, there will be a link to the promotional video, so you don’t have to do any selling and let them do all the work.

It sounds easy peasy, right? Unfortunately, this is FAR from easy. As a newbie, you will face A LOT of roadblocks because of lack of knowledge of how the online world works and even if you are an intermediate/advanced internet marketer, I would advise to seriously consider the drawbacks of this program.

The Drawbacks of GDI – The Opportunity

As great as the program sounds, there is a problem. Something VERY important is missing that can be the difference between success and doom! The BIGGEST problem that I can see, is a lack of training. This is a “people” business and you need to find a way to get new leads continuously for this business to work.

If you don’t put the opportunity in front of people, then you won’t get any sign ups. And if there’s no training on how to get it in front of people, you’re most likely to fail in this business.

You could try social media marketing and forum marketing, but this method will be incredibly difficult because nobody trusts you yet, if you’re a beginner. I don’t like this method because you have to go CHASING after leads, instead of making them come to you, not to mention that you could get banned for spamming.

The other way to get leads that they suggest, is through email marketing. They ask you to start with a list of people you know and to send them emails. But what will happen when you run out of leads? You’ll have to purchase an email marketing course, do social media and forum marketing again chasing leads. So that does not work either.

The only free ways that I can think of that will work, is for you to create Youtube videos or create a blog, that will work around promoting the opportunity. With a blog, you don’t only have to be limited to promoting GDI only, but other programs as well, for you to maximize your income. Same with Youtube videos.

The other way to promote the opportunity, is to run ads; either Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Of course, Ads will cost you money, but unlike Youtube and blogging, you could start seeing results much faster. However, ads are not recommended for newbies, as you could be burning so much money unnecessarily, when you don’t know what you’re doing.

For all of these methods, Youtube, blogging and ads, you’ll probably need to purchase additional courses that will show you how to properly do them. Blogging is the BEST alternative, because you will also be able to build your email list much more easily.

The Drawbacks of GDI – Domains and webhosting

I know I saw that lightbulb go off in your head when I suggested that you create a blog to promote the program; you were thinking that you could use the .ws domain that you’ll get from GDI to blog about the program, right?

Well, I have bad news for you; .ws domains are not very effective for blogs. You see, with blogs, you want to get to 1st position on the 1st page of the search engines to be able to get the most traffic and thus, make the most sales. And unfortunate, .ws domain names don’t rank very well.

GDI boasts about having thousands and thousands of people in their network, yet, I have NEVER seen a .ws website ranked on page 1. They’re always .com, .net and .org. So what’s the use of getting a website there that you won’t be able to use? You’d be paying $120 per year for this, and with such limits, I don’t think it’s worth it, in terms of the domain.

Here’s an example of what I mean;

So now, not only do you have to purchase additional training, but you’ll have to buy another domain for your blog and another hosting package, to be able to make this business work through a blog.

Is GDI A Scam? – Let’s Wrap Up

No, I definitely don’t think that GDI is a scam. However, it will only be suited for the intermediate/advanced online marketer, who knows how the online world works and who already has a strategy on getting leads easily, or who already have a large email list.

I’m not saying that beginners will not become successful with GDI, but you have to carefully consider that there is no training included. Thus, you will have to invest in separate training to be able to learn how to get leads online and how to market to them.

To participate in this program itself will cost $10 per month, which I think is not too bad for the opportunity, but if you’re considering it for the .ws website, then I would urge you to think again as these websites won’t rank in the search engines. All they will be good for is if you have a local business in Samoa or for a landing page.

There are some negative sides to MLMs; you have to CHASE people to join (unless you do Youtube marketing or blogging), you are limited to the products authorized by the program and you have to recruit in order to make money. It’s nice that you make money on different levels, but also know that not ALL your referrals will work as hard.

Again, GDI is not a scam. It is a legit opportunity. But in my opinion, there are better alternatives out there to make money online, without recruiting, without selling and without having to chase leads.

Here’s A Better Alternative For You

If you’re not fond of MLMs like me, then I have a great alternative for you, one that has been working for me over the 12 months that I have started the business. This alternative is affiliate marketing.

All you really have to do with this business model, is write about a product (or products) you love, add your keyword and your affiliate link, and you’re done! Of course, this is easier said that done. I spend only about 2 -3 hours working everyday now, but when I first started, I had to spend upto 6 hours everyday.

There’s some learning, like with anything new, but as soon as you understand the basics, then all you have to do is rinse and repeat. And you know that practice makes perfect, so as time goes by, you’ll also be able to spend only a few hours a day working and cashing it BIG!

I know people who have started making over $7K a month working HARD for about a 2 year period. What company is going to pay you double (or triple) your monthly income in just 2 years?

That’s the potential of affiliate marketing. And there’s even a platform that can teach you how start such a business for FREE! It’s the same exact one that has taught me how to make passive income online.

Take A Free Look NOW!

And when you sign up, I’ll get in touch with you immediately!

I wish you every success so til then, stay safe!



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