Is Home Income System A Scam or Will You Earn $400 Within 24hrs?

Is Home Income System a scam that will rob you of your money or will it really help you make the income of your dreams online? Is it going to help you become financially free, allow you to travel when you want, work at your own pace and quit your job? Or are you just going to be disappointed when you get to the member’s area?

If any of these questions are bothering you about this system at all, then you’ve come to the right review. I have analyzed this system and will tell you, based on my experience with exposing scams and making money online, whether this is going to be a revolutionary system to invest in.

By the end of this review, you’ll know exactly how the system works and whether it is going to be worthwhile for you to even consider it.

At A Glance

Name: Home Income System


Owner: Kevin

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $47

Do I Recommend It?: No… Stay away from this system…

What Is Home Income System?

The spokesperson here, Kevin, explains that he will show you a new system that you can use to make $400 a day or more. You don’t have to give it a lot of time; he says only an hour or two per day is enough, or even a few hours a week. You can work on your own terms and when it’s convenient for you.

This has the potential to even earn you more than your current job and you could even quit your day-job when your online income surpasses your regular income. Then, you’ll be able to work from anywhere in the world, if you so wish! You won’t become a millionaire within a year, but earning $400 daily translates to $144K in one year so it’s not joke.

This system has nothing to do with MLM or anything similar. You don’t need any skills or experience. The method of making money online within this system is called Ad Link Posting.

Kevin explains that large corporations don’t want to hire people, rent office space and equipment for employees, just to make extra sales. By having independent people like you post these links, they can increase their revenue and thus wil have no problem to pay you $15 per link, which he is the average that they pay.

Imagine that it takes 5 minutes to post a link and each link is worth $15, that’s you making $180 within one hour! It’s so easy to do and you don’t need any experience or skills to post links. The training and the system will show you how to do this step-by-step anyways.

This amount of money is going to be life-changing for just about anybody, right? But unfortunately, I have uncovered some red flags and I would like to share them with you.

Why I Think You Should Steer Clear Of This System

Sure, the opportunity sounds really good and you could say that it’s a no-brainer. But I still have uncovered a few red flags that makes this system look like a scam.

1) Make $400 a day or even more working only 1 – 2 hours daily

Seriously, if it were as easy as this to make money on the internet, don’t you think that everybody would have quit their jobs and started doing this?

Yet, why are there so many people, your colleagues for example, who still whine about their jobs and their bosses? Why have they not quit their jobs and started posting links online to start getting paid by Apple and the other big companies?

That’s because making money online is not as easy as Kevin claims. It takes work and it takes effort to build an online business that will bring in $400 every single day. And you may have no experience or skills in the domain, but that’s why you have to dedicate yourself to learning the ins and outs of the online world to really make it work.

Working for 1 – 2 hours on a daily basis is not going to start making you $400 right away. You need to learn and apply what you learn for hours, days and months, sometimes maybe even working for 8 hours a day on your business, to start seeing results.

2) Kevin Who?

Another scam sign that I have noticed is that Kevin does not give you any information about himself. Today, there are just too many scams online and it’s not easy to prove that you’re a real person on the internet. That’s why real people ned to work harder and harder to prove to others that they are the real deal.

The way to do that, is to expose themselves; either in a picture, or on social media, or by showing themselves in a video.

But Kevin does not go the extra mile to show you that he is a real person and that is plain proof that he may be up to something bad. That’s because remaining anonymous in the online world, specially for make-money-online systems, means that you’re a serial scammer.

As soon as a system is exposed as a scam, the scammer will create another system, slap a new “fake” name to his personage, and try to sell you the same rubbish. That’s how serial scammers are never caught and also why people keep falling for scams; there is just no way to recognize these scammers when they keep changing names.

3) Limited spots and Location

The number of spots available as well as the location indication above the video, are just ways to push you to sign up and give them your money. The limited number of spots is there to make you fear that you may not be accepted in at any time if you don’t pay and join now.

That’s fake because these scammers only want to make more money and by restricting the number of people that can sign up for the program, they would also be restricting the amount of money that they could make. Why would they do that?

The location is to make you believe that only a select group of locations are open to apply. However, this is not true because the internet is really open to everybody on the internet and thus, who can really stop people from signing up with credit card in hand if they really wanted to?

4) Fake Testimonials

All these testimonials are fake! I know, this is really disgusting right? This guy paid actors to read a script and to lie to you, so that he could build up “fake” credibility around his system. If there truly were hundreds of people who were satisfied with the service, I’m sure satisfied people would not have had a problem to give real testimonials for free!

What’s the need to PAY actors for testimonials that are just fake anyways? These actors were hired off of Fiverr, a freelance website where people get paid as of $5 for their services. Truly enraging that these services would be used to promote a scam/low-quality system.

I usually show you their Fiverr Profiles, but I was not able to find any. Their testimonials are probably so old that these people have removed their services from fiverr within this time period. But as proof to you that they are really paid actors, here’s one of them that appears in another scam, called Fast Earners Club.

Can You Make Money Online Ad Link Posting?

The answer is yeah, but probably not in the way that you’re thinking and not in the way that it was explained in the video. Here, it makes it sound like you’re gonna get paid after each and every link has been posted, but it does not work that way.

You see, the model of making money by posting links on the internet is called Affiliate Marketing and it is completely legit. That’s where you get paid a commissions after somebody clicks your link and makes a purchase. As you can see, you don’t get paid for simply posting links around and you won’t get paid when people click on them either.

The best way to make money doing affiliate marketing is to become trusted on the internet and that can be done by providing valuable information, or simply resolutions to people’s problems. And the way to do that is to create a website. The work itself is not hard, but it takes consistent and persistent effort for it to work.

That’s why I believe that this video is incredibly misleading! Like I said, if it were as easy as that to make money, then even I would have been doing it. Why would I have needed to create a website and a blog?

Is Home Income Systems A Scam? – Final Thoughts

I don’t know if you’ll consider this a scam or not, but what I know is that it is incredibly misleading and I would not invest into something as misleading as this. Because think about it; if they’re as misleading upon their very first contact with you, then what’s gonna happen once you’re inside the system?

How can you trust them if they’re not transparent from the get-go? This just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and although you’re free to do what you like, I would not recommend that you try out this program. It just won’t work the way that it was explained in the video.

Kevin is probably a fake too and that’s one of the biggest reasons why I would not trust him. Another big reason is that he paid actors to create fake testimonials. Another one, is the inaccurate representation of how affiliate marketing works. I mean, that’s just too much!

Please stay away from Home Income System!

Affiliate Marketing the RIGHT Way

Like I explained to you a little earlier, Affiliate Marketing is a legit way of making money online, but you do need some training and guidance to become successful. When I started, I knew nothing about affiliate marketing but today, I make around $50 everyday in passive income.

It is working for me, which is why, I am recommending the BEST platform for you to learn how to make money online doing affiliate marketing. I followed the same training.

The secret to making money online that these so-called gurus will hide from you, is that it takes work and effort. And the reason why they won’t tell you that, is because most people don’t want to work. If they said making money online required work, none of their systems would sell and they wouldn’t make money.

But here I am 100% honest with you. I have seen people make their first dollars within a month and others, including myself, who waited 10 months in, to see the fruit of their hard-work. But no matter how long it takes you, all I can say is that if you apply yourself, failure is IMPOSSIBLE!


It is free to check out, so I’m not making any money when you sign up for free. That way, you can rest assured that I’m not referring you there because I simply want to make money. I also want to help you!

I hope to see you on the other side and to help you make your first dollars online!

Yours Truly,


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