Is Infinitii A Scam Or Can You Really Earn Fast Profits Within 24 Hours?

There are too many “make-money-online gurus” nowadays telling us that making money online is so easy, and yet, you come across many scams. People are actually losing money and the people who are really making money are the scammers, right?

So is Infinitii a scam like so many of the other programs that you’ve lost money to in the past, or is it really going to elevate you to success? What is it about and what methods will it teach you? Can Jason and Mosh be trusted or will they just run and never look back, taking your money with them?

These are important questions and if you’re doing your research before investing into it, then I have to congratulate you as you’re one of the very few people that actually think twice before investing into a seemingly good program. This review is going to be totally unbiased.

Note that I do not promote this program, so I’m not looking to sell to sell you anything, like some of the other people who bribe you with bonuses.

Infinitii At A Glance


Owners: Jason Fulton / Mosh Bari

Purpose: Make money online doing e-commerce

Price: $12.95+

Do I Recommend It?: No… there are better alternatives!

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What Is Infinitii?

Jason and Mosh present Infinitii as being a program where you don’t need to invest a lot, where you can work only 30 minutes today and 10 minutes everyday from tomorrow, to make life-changing income online. It apparently does not matter whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, you can make money within 24 hours.

To be honest, this is similar to what they say for EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM that they release. Yea, this is not the only program that they have released and probably won’t be the last one. Sure, I can appreciate that there are many methods to making money online but they don’t ever release a program that will show you a profitable business from A-Z.

There’s too much money on the line and methods get updated all the time. So what they do is, instead of updating their existing programs, they create new programs, so EVERYBODY needs to buy them, even those who have bought their previous products before.

Other programs promising the similar things that they have released are Blistering, Freedom Profits and Velocitii. What I notice with these kinds of programs, is that affiliates aggressively promote them right before a launch and during the launch, because that’s when more people will buy these programs.

As soon as the buzz dies down, affiliates (and the owners) will stop making money and, so move on to promote other programs or to create new ones. That’s why ALL of their programs really disappointed me. There’s really no sustainable way of making money online that way.

Jason, Mosh and their affiliates are in this for the money. There’s no way a WHOLE online business can be set up within 30 minutes, or that you’ll only need 10 minutes of maintenance per day. As a newbie, there’s no way for you to be able to make money within 24 hours like they say, because push-button systems don’t exist.

Additionally, they also advertise this program to be one that can run on autopilot and if I were a newbie, I would have believed them. But knowing about online business (I have been online for 3 years now) I can say WITH 100% CERTAINTY that there’s no business that exists that can run on complete autopilot.

What they’re doing here is luring you in by telling you what you want to hear and showing you what you want to see. People who want EASY money online are the ones who are going to fall for this. Making money online actually requires consistent work and sometimes, small investments. Money is not going to just be handed to you on a silver platter.

How Infinitii Works

Before getting to the member’s area, you’re going to be offered all kinds of upsells, that could cost you over $400. I didn’t want to buy them until I found out what the training was like, because like I mentioned before, they have failed to impress me in the past.

The training is in video-format, which is a positive. Most people are visual learners and thus, I really like that about their training. What you will basically be learning here, is to create an e-commerce store and to promote the products using primarily, Facebook Ads.

The training is not as easy to follow as it should be and sometimes, just sounds generic. They help you create a Shopify store, teach you where to find profitable products from different marketplaces, how to add them to your website and how to start with Facebook Ads.

There are a few free methods that you can use, but I have to tell you that these free methods is a LOT of work and absolutely will not bring you revenue within 24 hours.

Each time you advertise and make sales, the money will go straight to your Paypal account and you’ll be able to order and pay wholesale price from the supplier and have them deliver the item to your customer. The difference of the wholesale price and the price you’re selling the item at, will be what you keep.

If you don’t want to use Shopify, they also recommend a free plug-in that you can use on a WordPress website. It’s called WooCommerce and you can use a bunch of other plugins to import products. I have used both before and in my opinion, Shopify is the better alternative.

What You Should Consider Before Getting Infinitii

Though it sounds like a wonderful way of making money online, there’s a LOT to take into consideration and most of the stuff that I’m about to tell you is information that Jason and Mosh either lie to you about, or just conveniently FORGET to tell you about.

1) “Automated” system?

The first thing that you come across on the sales page, is that the system is going to be automated. Looking at the summary of the program as well, the last point mentions an “automated” software being included.

However, that’s not really the case. If you had not noticed, there’s an upsell that you have to buy in order for you to be able to run the business on autopilot called, “Set This Up On Autopilot” that you have to pay $77 for (with a downsell at $47).

So don’t be mistaken! This program is not going to be in ANY way automated nor will run on autopilot by just paying the initial $12.95. That’s what they want to make you believe but it’s a total lie!

2) Shopify

You must have heard of Shopify before and if not, let me tell you that it’s one of the best online platforms to use to set up an e-commerce website. They have their own plugins or widgets that you can use to import products from other marketplaces that will make creating listings or product pages a breeze.

This is where you will direct your customers to, be it from the free traffic sources taught or paid sources.

But a fact that Jason and Mosh FORGET to tell you, is that Shopify comes with a 14-Day Trial, after which, you have to start PAYING at least $30 per month to keep your account active. Additionally, you also have to buy a domain name, which is the name of your website to build your brand and consolidate trust with your buyers.

I don’t know about you, but I think the information was left out because that would deter a lot of people from signing up to the training. I don’t think that’s fair because everybody has a right to know what the overall costs of running their business is going to be BEFORE investing into it.

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3) How to use the WooCommerce plug-in

WooCommerce is a great plug-in to use on a WordPress website if you don’t want the hassle of having to pay a monthly fee. It’s a free plug-in to use too.

But again, there are costs associated with buying your domain name and hosting it. For the first year of hosting, hosting providers could potentially give you a low price, but be careful, because they jack up the prices to three or four times more for the year after.

Still the cost will be over $100 a year for a domain name and hosting, and normally, it’s paid all at once. I definitely don’t like it when these “gurus” are not transparent. How the heck are we supposed to make an informed decision that way?

4) Responsibilities as a dropshipper/online vendor

That’s another major point to consider and is another fact that Mosh and Jason lie to you about. It does NOT take 30 minutes to set up an online business (a whole website with active listings on it) and it does NOT take 10 minutes a day to maintain.

That’s probably how they run their business, because to be honest with you, many people have complained about them not responding to emails and refund requests. Now it makes sense; how the heck are they supposed to read ALL their emails and refund request and respond to them, within 10 minutes?

They deceive you and lie to your face when they tell you that you don’t need to take care of customer service. You’re the RETAILER/VENDOR! Who are your customers supposed to turn to if they have inquiries, returns, exchanges, disputes?

You would mostly be dropshipping. What if your supplier makes a mistake and sends them the wrong item, the wrong size or nothing at all? You’re the one collecting the customer’s money and are therefore, responsible for making sure they are satisfied with what they receive.

Running your business the right way and making sure that your customers are satisfied is NOT going to take you 10 minutes a day. Period! Take it from me, I have been a dropshipper before.

5) Copy and paste

Nothing is as easy as Jason and Mosh claim. There’s nothing “copy-and-paste easy” with their program. Sure, they have the instructions for you to follow, but you have to be consistent with what you’re doing in order to make money. Where is the copy and paste system exactly?

I see it nowhere!

YOU have to do the work and set up your store, you have to work and add your plug-ins, you have to work and create your ad campaigns and you have to work to fulfill your orders. There’s nothing copy and paste about this program. Don’t fall for this trap.

Is Infinitii A Scam?

It would just be too easy to call this program a scam. Many would but many wouldn’t.

Those who would call this a scam would say that there are just too many misleading claims and lies to sell you the program when the inside of it just isn’t as advertised.

And because there have been reports that these guys don’t easily give back refunds and don’t reply to their emails, even if contacted within their 30 day money back guarantee window, this could potentially be categorized as a scam. In other words, people are paying for something based on false claims and are being robbed of their money.

Those who would say that this program is not a scam, may tell you that you’re still getting something for your money and whether or not the program is as advertised, bears no importance. The tools and methods taught are legit and could make you real money.

So what do you think; is Infinitii a scam or not?

Whether you think it’s a scam or not, I wouldn’t recommend it, simply because there’s just too much money that needs to be invested and many upsells. It looks like all they’re after, is your money and they release many programs, diminishing each and every one of their previous products’ value in my opinion.

I HATE misleading claims and personally wouldn’t want anybody who makes such claims, to have my money. I wouldn’t want to support them in any way. Additionally, the training is lacking and videos are on the shorter side. Not enough information in my opinion to really make it big with this method.

Thus I would NOT recommend Infinitii.

Here’s A MUCH Better Alternative Making Me Passive Income Everyday

Now that you know Infinitii leaves much to be desired, let me talk about how I personally make a passive income from home. All I do is write posts recommending my favourite products and Google sends me visitors and sales. The concept is easy to understand but I assure you, there’s some work to be done.

Firstly, you need a platform that will teach you everything from A-Z about how making money online works. You also need an evergreen method of making money online, something that will be sustainable for the long-term and not just something that will work for a few months and then fail.

You also need all the tools that will help you create and grow your online business. And as a newbie, you also need all the support that you can get, to lift you up when you fall and to encourage you when you feel down.

Yes, such a community does exist and the best part, is that you can join for FREE and remain a free member forever if you want to. You’ll be shown everything you need to know about making money online and about scaling your business. I personally know many people who have been able to replace their day-job incomes from doing this.

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I’m not like Mosh and Jason. I actually reply and help those in need, specially if I have referred them to the platform. To show you that I know what I’m doing and that I’m active within the community, I’m among the Top 60 members. Sign in and try it out! You’ve got nothing to lose. It’s FREE!

I really hope you have found value in my review today and don’t hesitate to ask me your questions or leave me your opinions. I love hearing from you guys!

Your Friend,


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