Is Millionaire Society A Scam or Really Make $260K Per year?

With so many programs claiming that they can help you make money online nowadays, no wonder you get skeptical, wondering what’s true and what’s not. Millionaire Society is one of them and promises a turnkey system that will help you get set up in 15 minutes and generate income on autopilot.

Is Millionaire Society a scam or can you really make $30 per hour, translating to $260K a year, with only this ONE system? It’s important for you to read until the end of this review before you decide to invest.

Before moving on, please do not be confused between “Millionaire Society” and “Millionaires Society”. This is a review that I’m writing about “Millionaire Society”, a product on ClickBank that promises a turnkey system to make you money online, while “Millionaires Society” is a binary trading platform.

At A Glance

Name: Millionaire Society


Owner: Mack Michaels

Purpose: Help you make money at the click of a button

Price: $4.95 (trial), $97/month thereafter

Recommended?: No

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The Video

I already had a feeling of what this program was going to be about even before watching the video. I mean, the name said it all!

Having the word “millionaire” in the name was already a turn-off for me and I knew that it was going to be another one of those get-rich-quick schemes. But I did decide to see what it was about because I know that we should not judge a book by its cover.

However, I was right on the anticipation that this program was just not going to work. It had a lot of red flags on the page as well as within the video that you should be aware of.

First of all, there is no proof of income and therefore you can’t verify the claims that Mack makes. The next is that he says he can’t make you a millionaire as he himself has “only” made “$260K with the program. Anybody find it odd then that the program is named the “Millionaire” Society?

The speaker claims that you will be able to set up the program within 15 minutes and it will start to generate money on autopilot for you, all without:-

1) Facebook marketing

2) Twitter marketing

3) Affiliate marketing

4) Paid ads and

5) Any financial commitment

Things You Probably Did NOT Notice

1) The name of the program VS the amount of money he has made

I know that I already made this remark before, but if Mack was not going to help you become a millionaire, then why name the product “Millionaire” Society? Remember, he “said” he only made $260K.

And on top of that, he claims that those programs that claim to help you become a millionaire within a short of period of time, are scams. How contradicting can he be while naming his own program this way and telling you that you could start making money in 15 minutes?

2) Make money on autopilot

The other claim that he makes, states you will make money on autopilot. Now, he also says in his video that the programs that promise you will make money without working, are lying to you.

I wonder what Mack is himself doing, if he is not lying to you then? Making money on autopilot, does not sound like a lot of work to me. On the contrary, he states he will help you make money at the “click of a button”.

3) Says that he will “SHOW” you but does NOT

Anybody notice that at the start of the video, he said that he would not HINT at what this is about but SHOW us what this is about? Well, you may not have noticed, but he did not SHOW us anything at all.

He just went on to TELL us, with blocks of text on the screen about the program. There were no testimonials, no sneak-peak at what’s inside the program, no live demonstration of the program in action. I’m sorry, but that is another broken and empty promise from him.

4) No financial commitment? Really?

If you still have the sales video up on your browser, just scroll down below the video. It’s written in blue there, that you will be required to pay $4.95 for the first 7 days to try the system out, and then $97 PER MONTH afterwards if you want to keep the system.

If it was only a one-time payment, then I would agree that there would not be any financial commitment. But this is a monthly payment; how is that NOT a financial commitment to this online business? Straight up LIE!

What is INSIDE the program?

With MOST of Mack’s broken promises revealed in the previous section of this review, I did expect him to break more promises inside the program and once again, I was right. There is some training and some value to be had, but the training is incomplete.

The training that is missed is so serious that it will really hamper you from making even $1 per hour. Let me explain each section and tell you why the training won’t really help you.

1) Ads

The first training he takes you through, is to post ads through This is another broken promise; Mack claims at the start of the video that the system he has invented will NOT need paid ads and yet, here we are, within the training and the FIRST training he gives, is about posting ads.

Even if we allow this to slide by, the ads by won’t convert. These ads will appear randomly around the internet and although they will get a lot of exposure, they are not shown to a specific, targeted audience.

For example, let’s say I’m watching an indian drama. An ad may appear before the start of the drama, featuring pet insurance. The two have nothing in common and thus, as soon as the 5 seconds are up and I can skip the ad, I’ll skip it without another thought.

Some people might actually be interested and click on the ad and become a customer, but the chances of that happening are VERY slim. Naturally, the spokesperson for the video also “forgot” to mention that you need MONEY to invest in these ads and they are usually at $8 for every 1,000 views of the ad.

Not only is the ad very ineffective, but now you’ll also need to SPEND money in ads, bringing you even further away from $30 per hour, when you count expenses.

2) ClickBank Training

What is ClickBank? – ClickBank is a marketplace, much like Amazon. The only difference between the two, is that Amazon sells physical products mostly and ClickBank ONLY sells digital products.

In my opinion, the training on ClickBank actually starts out well. Mack walks you through creating an account with the platform as well as the process of choosing the products to promote.

Then, it gets bad. Need I mention that he breaks, yet, another promise to you here? If he is training you about “promotion”, without any product creation, then the only other way to make money on ClickBank, is to become an affiliate. Remember how he had promised you that his system did NOT use affiliate marketing?

Additional investment – To make HIS situation worse, he suggests another product to you within this training, called KeyWord Spy. Although there is a free lifetime membership acount available, your business will not go very far with the free membership, forcing you to basically upgrade to the next level, at $89.95 PER MONTH – again, is this a “no financial commitment” kinda deal to you?

I’m also prepared to bet my bottom on the fact that Mack is an affiliate of KeyWord Spy; each time somebody within the training upgrades to the paid membership, he makes a commission. Nothing wrong with that, but he does not hold to his “no financial commitment” end of the bargain, not to mention that the price for this tool is unreasonable.

Gettin traffic and Sales – Now, this gets interesting. He promises no Ads, and here he is, introducing you to Google Ads. Don’t get me wrong, Google Ads is a great way to get a big return on your investment, but only if you properly create an Ad campaign. Mack completely skips on this part of the training, which will REALLY not work for you.

Creating an Ad campaign is not as easy at it seems; you are paying for the traffic and clicks that the ad gets ans thus, you have to bid and try to get the LOWEST cost-per-click on that ad. This does not just happen by chance; you need a lot of experimentation and multiple ad campaigns active at the same time for a while, collect the results you get, then optimize the ad that has had the most return on your investment.

Not only does this take time, but it also takes MORE money.

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3) Pinterest Training

This training video is actually THE best one on the platform. Although it is a little outdated, most of what Mack discusses therein are actually still very good tactics to use today to grow your Pinterest following, and as a result, to grow your business.

He goes over the best ways to promote your posts on there, as well as the DON’Ts. This is THE only one training that is complete and that will actually be beneficial to newbies, maybe worth the $4.95, but definitely not worth the $97 monthly.

4) The Done-For-You Part of the Business

I’m very sad to say that this part of the Done-For-You business, are only PLR (Private Label Rights) articles. These are articles that the real authors have made available to just anybody who wants to use them.

PLR articles / content in general, are very poorly written, very infrequently updated and could be gibberish for all we know! Mack is not the one who put these articles together for you. They may be customizable and you may make money from offering them at a small cost, but know that this is not going to be high-quality information.

When Mack says that he is spending $10,000 every single month to test out the Done-For-You system, that’s the lie of the century! These PLR articles each cost next to nothing, compared to how much money he is being made over your head, with the $97 monthly membership fee and the $89.95 of the KeyWord Spy tool (from which Mack most probably makes commissions).

Is Millionaire Society A Scam?

Well, now you can see that you will NOT be making $260K a year with this program. Therefore, YES, in my opinion, it is a scam.

There are just too many broken promises; Mack tells you that his system has nothing to do with affiliate marketing, paid ads and that this opportunity requires no financial commitment. When you do get inside the program, that’s when you figure out all the lies!

What’s make it worse, is that most of the training is incomplete, which will result in you LOSING so much money and time instead of making you money.

I highly recommend that you stay away from this program, because of obvious reasons! If you did buy into this system and realized only afterwards that you were conned by this evil scammer, then do not lose hope! Go back to ClickBank and ask for your money back. Yes, you can get your money back within 60 days of purchasing this product.

Here’s REALLY what it takes to be successful

Firstly, you need a great training platform, that will be complete and always up-to-date, to catch up with the ever-changing online world. Secondly, you need reliable tools that will not cost you an arm and a leg. Thirdly, you need a support system that will be there for you, day and night, to help you with any issues that you may have with the building of your online business.

The only platform that will be able to offer you all three of these, is Wealthy Affiliate. It is the same platform that has taught me everything I need to know about making money online. It is the training platform that is ranked as simply, THE BEST, when you compare the bang for your buck.

The great fact about this platform, is that you can get started FOR FREE! You will only need to upgrade if you find value in what is being taught and want to take the business seriously. And that too, it will only cost you $49 every month. Not 1 cent more!

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I highly recommend that you give it a chance because it costs NOTHING to try it out. I don’t even make money when you sign up for free. I really want you to see the value in what this platform has to offer. This is not a platform that will ask you for money constantly. You don’t even EVER have to upgrade if you don’t want to.

It will really change your life like it has changed mine, if you look at the business from my perspective. You won’t make money overnight, I won’t promise you that. I won’t promise it will be easy either; every business, be it online or offline, needs some work. But I can promise you that if you stick with it, you WILL be a winner.

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To your success,



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