Is Money Looper A Scam or Will You Make $100s Within 10 Minutes?

Welcome to this Money Looper Review!

If you’re here reading this review, then pat yourself on the back. I congratulate you for looking for a review of this “seemingly” good program before investing into it.

Is Money Looper a scam that will disappear with your money? Does it really work as Mike claims? What’s inside? Will you really make a good amount of money, so much that you could quit your job with it?

Those are very good questions, my dear! I will be answering them within this review so if you are seriously considering this program, I would suggest that you read this review until the end because I’m going to reveal some pret-ty nasty facts.

Money Looper At A Glance


Owner: “Mike Dee”

Purpose: Make money online by filling in LOOPHOLES

Price: $27 or $37

Do I Recommend It?: It’s a scam! So NOPE!

What Is Money Looper?

First of all, let me just vent a little bit. I’m sorry, I just gotta go all out on this!

That was SUCH a long video! Were you able to watch until the end? I was literally falling asleep and the bad part was that if I missed something I couldn’t rewind to grab on what Mike was saying.

All I knew was that he was throwing out a LOT of BS and a LOT of promises here and there, hoping that you were going to fall for it. Can you even believe that such a software exists? I mean, the one that automatically scours the internet for online business loopholes?

I’ve never heard of such a RIDICULOUS thing!

But anyways, you’re promised a ton of money can be made for little to no work. You’re told a LONG A$$ sob story about how miserable his life was (oh BOO HOO! He was scammed a few times, the poor chap!) and how he was able to turn it all around with accidentally finding a loophole.

Do you believe the story? Do you believe that’s how everything went down?

I’m asking you because I seriously DON’T! I mean, do you even know who Mike is? He is COMPLETELY anonymous. If he isn’t comfortable with proving to you he is a real person, then don’t believe a word he says! That’s how most scammers are able to get away; nobody knows their real identities.

How Does Money Looper Work?

The concept of how his “loophole finder” works is fairly easy to understand. It’s not rocket science, although that’s what Mike makes it look like. He pretends he invested tens of thousands of dollars to create and perfect it.

This loophole finder software of his supposedly scours the internet for online business loopholes and collects them. Then, the software brings it up within your dashboard as a new task that you could potentially complete at your own convenience. There is an UNLIMITED number of these tasks already within the members’ area.

Apparently, it only takes a few minutes to complete these tasks and this, you could make hundreds of dollars a day.

Oh really!

Yeah, right! Maybe that’s how it works in Mike’s brain or in his dreams. He is clearly living in LA-LA land.

Anybody who claims that you can make money so easily on the internet is lying to your face. I know… HOW DARE THEY! Because let’s be reasonable; if making money online was so easy, why isn’t everybody ditching their jobs with their employers already, instead of complaining like there’s no tomorrow?

What Do You Get Inside Money Looper?

Oh! I just cannot WAIT till you see what’s inside the program. It’s even better than Mike’s sales video… 😀

As soon as you log in, you see an AMAZING number of… 3 videos that show you the 3 “loopholes”. They are just over a minute long each… Wasn’t Mike supposed to have an UNLIMITED number of loopholes?

And guess what? The first one shows you how to get paid to pick names for, which is FREE to sign up to. No, you cannot make hundreds of dollars a day with it.

The second video shows you how to complete surveys and to make sure you redeem only in the form of gift cards. Then, all you need to do is go to and to sell them there, which is going to make you a STUNNINGLY BIG INCOME of a few cents per sale.

The third video is around downloading NIELSEN to your mobile device or your computer, so that you can get paid for various actions like performing a search and so on. That’s going to pay you between $50 – $100 a year.

Don’t pull out your hair yet. There’s still more…

As you scroll down, you see the Emergency Cash Generator Series and they are also a few minutes long and they’re from… YOUTUBE!

But aren’t videos from Youtube supposed to be FREE? WHY am I paying for it? The worst part is that Mike only has TWO videos he created himself and the rest are from other people’s channels.

The two videos are two parts of the same topic; he teaches you to complete tasks with CashCrate (How original, Mike!). The next is about conning people on Craigslist. The fourth video within this series gives you outdated information about PLRs and article directories.

The next one is good information about list-building and the video is over 1 hour long. It has nothing to do with “loopholes”. and without understand the WHOLE concept behind list building, this won’t really help you. And finally the last video, is an okay-ish introduction to Clickbank to make money as an affiliate marketer.

And as if that wasn’t enough, you get three articles about affiliate marketing (that has nothing to do with loopholes) and that are so USEFUL (that was sarcasm) that you’re going to be completely lost in them… Literally, because these CAN’T help you!

Okay I’m done! Now you can go all out with pulling out your hair.

Is Money Looper A Scam? – DuH!

You’re pulling out your hair, so that can’t be from you jumping for joy about Money Looper, right?

Money Looper is absolutely a scam that needs to be shut down! The sales video is misleading and hyped up. I don’t know in what kind of La-La Land Mike is living in, but I sure won’t be getting a ticket to where he is any time soon. Try NEVER!

The training is incoherent together and so useless! Let’s not forget about the Youtube videos that he is making you pay for too! All these are completely useless if you want to make full-time income online. And not to mention that he is completely ripping you off since these videos can be viewed online for free.

All these methods of making money are going to bring you is a few cents per day here and there and won’t even pay for your daily coffee. If that’s all you want, then hey! You’re welcome to get scammed by Mike. It’s your money so you can do whatever you want with it.

But if you’re like me, then I would recommend that you read the following last snippet about how I make passive income online.

Here’s How I Make A Passive Income Online

I’m not going to beat around the bush! I mean, I live in an apartment so there’s no bushes to beat around anyways. My name is Reyhana and not Mike, so you can trust that I’m going to be upfront with you.

How I make money online is very simple; I write about my passion, then I include some keywords and my unique link. When somebody clicks on this link and buys what I recommend, I make a commission… 🙂 And I only work a few hours a day. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could do the same?

I admit, my online business didn’t start out that way. I had to learn about how the online world works before I could put it together and I promise you, it’s not hard. I actually learned everything there is to know (and still learning ) from a training platform where you can start for completely FREE!


If you don’t like it, then no hard feelings. I’m going to run after you with a stick in hand though. I said that I didn’t have bushes around, but I still got sticks that I can use, you know… It’s FREE to join, so you wouldn’t lose anything, I promise. 🙂

But all I can say is that success is assured if you work on it and if you’re serious about changing your life around. I know it changed mine.

Til we meet inside the platform, stay safe from Mike and his cronies!

Your Friend,



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