Is Money Miracle A Scam Or Will You Make Enough To Quit Your Job?

It sounds amazing to be able to make hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars per month, and yes, it is really possible. That’s what Money Miracle promises to help you achieve.

But is Money Miracle a scam that will rob you of your money or is it really going to help get you to financial freedom? Is it going to help you quit your job or will it get you into debt?

In this comprehensive and completely honest review, I’ll go over the details of the program and explain in depth what you get once you pay for the program. You’ll be shocked at a few details that I have uncovered about it.

At A Glance

Name: Money Miracle

Website: MoneyMiracle.Net/start.php

Owner: Teo Vee

Purpose: Make Money Online Doing E-Commerce

Price: $97

Do I Recommend It?:

What Is Money Miracle?

Teo says that you’re about to discover a little-known system that is so remarkable, that it is PROVEN to deposit hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars into your bank account, like those others that tried the system and are able to report on their income within the video.

You will be able to get your hands on the system for completely free soon. This system has nothing to do with stocks, mutual funds, MLMs or a Ponzi scheme. You don’t even need any kind of computer skills to make this work either. It’s all about copying what Amazon does.

Teo goes over a little bit about how he was working in a deli store, cleaning up the floor day in and day out, when he had just had enough. He turned to the internet and fell for scams. He went to church one day and came across a 14 year old who explained how he made money online, using a similar model as Amazon.

Within one day, he said they made $400! He even shows you that he has optimized the system to make him over $114K over the last 3 months alone. This system is designed to be completely foolproof and as automated as possible. It will do the work of selling to people all over the world for you.

Teo even has set up a one-on-one coaching session that costs him $197 per advisor, that you’re going to get for free. It’s amazing to be able to think that you’ll get all the support for free and be able to make so much money. It’s a dream come true.

But… should you trust Teo and join the system? Will you be scammed or are you just going to be missing the biggest opportunity of your life?

Well, I found a few red flags that you should consider before joining Teo.

The Red Flags Indicate A Big Scam

As much as making tens of thousands of dollars sounds good to the ears (and to your bank account), I just cannot find any good in what Teo has revealed and explained in his video. Let me explain them one by one below.

1) Testimonials: Are they real?

Well, one aspect of these testimonials that I find are different than the scams that I have reviewed in the past, is that Teo actually tells you that these are actor portrayals of member testimonials. So good on him for that. Many scams will not tell you that they are actors.

However, there is also no way for me to verify whether these testimonials are true before joining the program.

You see, there are written testimonials as well along with the video testimonials, but they don’t tell me whether they are from Facebook, Twitter or any other platform, where I would be able to verify the legitimacy of these testimonials. They COULD be fake, for all we know at this time.

2) Who is Teo Vee?

At first, I thought that Teo Vee would just be another fake name created by some serial scammer to promote their scams, so that people are not able to link him to other scams, but I was wrong on this count.

Teo Vee is actually a real person who created an online course called My Ecom Club. If he is a real person, then why is he still a red flag?

That’s because I find it strange that he would create Money Miracles, only to sell you My Ecom Club. I’ll get into the details of My Ecom Club below.

3) Make money on automation

That’s a red flag to me. It is possible to make money on automation because I am currently making passive income from my website but let me tell you that making money on automation requires either that you work your butt off to make it happen (with little investment) or that you invest a lot of money (for little to no work on your part).

Teo does not mention either of these within his sales video. He only says that he is looking for people who are serious about making money online. Who would not be serious about such a thing?

But by choosing to omit which is required (whether a lot of work or a lot of money), I’m not really getting any positive vibes from this program. Somebody who is willing to keep information from you is not an honest person and may only be looking at his success and not yours.

4) Income Proof

The income proof is impressive; it shows you that Teo was able to make $114K within 3 months. ANYBODY would want to make that kind of money. However, notice that this is the GROSS income made off of sales. Teo does not give you any information on how much money was spent in order to be able to make that amount in sales.

Therefore, you should not assume that this number is what Teo is keeping in profits. He does not give you his profit figures.

5) Personal One-on-One Advisor

Why am I saying that a personal one-on-one advisor is a red flag? It should be a positive aspect that you’re able to go to somebody when you are stuck or need help with anything at all. Yes it is.

But in my experience with other programs, especially with my research on MOBE (that was shut down by the FTC earlier this year), having personal advisors will also mean that they will try to get as much money out of you as possible, by having you invest more and more money over time.

How it worked with MOBE is that they told people that there were just 21 simple steps to follow but would only let people have access to the first 5 – 6 lessons for the entrance price. In order to get access to more steps, they would ask for $2000. Then to unlock the next batch of steps, you needed to pay $10K and so on.

Beware of the programs that tell you that you’ll have access to one-on-one advisors, specially on the phone because this is probably why they want to talk to you.

What’s Inside Money Miracle?

After going through the red flags, I did some research of my own and that’s when I found out that Money Miracles promotes a program none other than My Ecom Club.

Teo is trying to pass off Money Miracle as it’s own system to then just send you to My Ecom Club. My Ecom Club is not a scam itself, but isn’t it strange that Teo would push people to sign up to this program through Money Miracles?

Looking through the internet, I found that My Ecom Club had a lot of negative reviews from members and thus, I was able to understand the reason behind Teo’s action; he wanted to get people to sign up to My Ecom Club without them knowing, by creating new funnels with different names, so people would not be able to find the bad reviews on My Ecom Club.

It’s like Kit-Kat being advertised to you, but you actually end up with Snickers.

What is My Ecom Club Then?

I have not written a full review of My Ecom Club yet, but I was able to do some research and find out that this program is legitimate. It is a program that is designed to help you create and manage your e-commerce store. It really does have one-on-one coaching and it really does have a technical team behind the scenes.

What I find weird is that Money Miracles does not advertise the Free Trial that you can get straight from the My Ecom Club website. I have a feeling that all Teo wants, is the money at this point.

But don’t get fooled by the free trial because this is a high-ticket program. Meaning that you will end up having to pay A LOT of money in order to get your business off the ground. The $97 that Teo firstly advertises is only the entrance fee. After that, it’s designed exactly like MOBE as I explained before; the more you want revealed, the more you have to pay.

As if the high prices revealed at every couple of steps is not enough, you also have a $97 fee to pay for the maintenance of your website every single month, that’s performed by the technical team.

Don’t get me wrong; this program is okay if you have the money to invest in it, but the problems that come with letting somebody else manage your e-commerce store may put you off. Yes, you’ll have a team that will maintain your website for you, but that also means that you’ll have limited control over your store.

Every addition, removal, change that you want to make to your store, will probably have to go through them and to me, that’s a pain in the A$$. If I’m to be a business person, I want to be in full control of my business. That’s definitely a turn-off for me.

How Ecommerce Actually Works

Amazon really does make money via an ecommerce model, but the difference between Amazon and your store, is that Amazon has MANY vendors putting up their own products and Amazon makes a cut of the sale, whereas you’ll be the only vendor for your store and you’ll receive 100% of the profits.

This all sounds good but I was in e-commerce before and I must say that it is far from easy and there isn’t such a thing as automation with an online store, even if My Ecom Club is showing you how to do dropshipping.

Ecommerce stores don’t get ranked as easily as blogs/informational sites because ecommerce stores don’t pump out content on a regular basis (unless there is a blog side to your store). Mostly, it will be filled with products, product information, prices and so on, which will not be enough for their pages to rank.

Therefore, the only other way for you to get customers, would be through paid methods, most frequently being paid ads. The most common ones are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. However, this requires even more money and it is not guaranteed that you’ll make any money from your ad campaigns.

You have to create new ads on a regular basis, perform trial and error (which will cost money) on those ads to see which ones perform the best and then optimize those ads (still more money) in order to reach the most relevant customers. As you can see, you constantly have to promote in order to make money.

Here are other downsides to e-commerce:

1) you have to research suppliers

2) you have to research products

3) you have to write product descriptions for EACH ONE of them

4) you have to research pricing

5) you’re pressured to offer free shipping to your customers when you have to pay shipping to your suppliers

6) you constantly have to update options/edit existing product listings

7) you have to constantly offer new products on your website to keep your customers coming back

8) you have to constantly make sure you are not offering products on your store that have been discontinued by suppliers

9) you have to take care of customer service (such as answer inquiries, handle returns, exchanges, complaints and so on)

And the list does not end here, unfortunately. This is just a few of the things that you’ll have to take care of being the owner of an ecommerce store.

Is Money Miracle A Scam? – Let’s Wrap Up

Some people will say that it is a scam while others will say that it isn’t one.

People will label Money Miracle AKA My Ecom Club as a scam because of their marketing tactics. They also misrepresent the product and don’t tell you the actual costs involved in running that kind of business. They also advise that money will be made “almost” on automation, which is not true either, based on the list of responsibilities I revealed above.

Others will say that it isn’t a scam because although Money Miracle is misleading, it does provide a service; the service of creating and maintaining your online store. They’ll say that it isn’t a scam because of the money-back guarantee. They’ll say that although they are expensive, there is still revenue that can be made after investments.

I understand both sides but I still don’t recommend it based on the fact that their sales video is misleading and is not very transparent. I would rather get into business with somebody who is upfront and transparent, rather than somebody is trying to suck me dry.

What do you think?

A Better Alternative To Ecommerce Stores

And that’s affiliate marketing! If you have not heard of this way of making money before, then let me briefly explain it; it’s when you recommend a product to somebody, direct them to where they can buy it and make a cut off the sales when they do buy it.

All you really have to do is write about your passion, be it fashion, health, relationships, medicine, electronics… anything you want at all! You’re going to be helping others find solutions to their problems by writing and these solutions will be in the form of products that you recommend.

That’s how you’ll be able to effectively refer them to the website where they are able to purchase the recommended product and you make money.

The beauty of this business is that you don’t have to spend a single dollar on Ads! Think about it; you were looking for answers as to whether Money Miracles was a scam, you found my website through Google, Bing or Yahoo and I did not have to pay a single CENT to get you to my website.

Would you like to learn how to make money online using this method? This is the BEST way of making passive income online that I know of. Do the work once and keep getting financially rewarded for it. It does sound easy and it really is, once you learn the ropes, but you have to understand that it takes some time for you see results.

Making money online takes work and it takes time. So, if you are willing to start and grow your online business the RIGHT way, then I recommend that you try the training that is making me passive income online every single day!


I will get in touch with you on the other side! But do let me know what you think of My Ecom Club. Have you tried it before? Is it the same or different that I explained it would be? Has there been any changes? Please do share!

Your Friend,


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