Is MoolaVine A Scam? – Truth Exposed!

When I heard of MoolaVine and that it was the brain-child of Bryan Winters, I just had to check it out. Some of his products aren’t as good, like 5 Figure Day and CashBlurbs, but I really have to say that his ideas are very unique and that’s the reason I wanted to know what he had come up with this time, inside of MoolaVine.
Is MoolaVine a scam, where Bryan is going to run away with your money and leave you stranded with broken promises? Or will Bryan deliver on his promise of being able to make you money through this system?
What you will find within this review will be truly eye-opening and I highly recommend that you read all the way to the bottom as I expose the truth about this system.

At A Glance

Name: MoolaVine
Owner: Bryan Winters
Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing
Price: Free membership, $30/month membership
Do I Recommend?: Absolutely!

MoolaVine – What is it?

Bryan starts off the sales video by introducing himself and showing you the big income numbers that he is able to bring in with his online business, on autopilot. He entices you by telling you that he is able to reap benefits, such as having lots of time on his hands and being able to spend time with his family, going on vacation and fishing, his favourite hobby.

He goes on to explain how MoolaVine works; to have hundreds to thousands of people with credit-card ready in hand, to purchase through YOUR link, and not anybody else’s. Bryan says that all you would then need to do, is to reply to emails with your affiliate link, making “effortless” $10, $25 and $100+ commissions.
So basically, unlike other businesses where you have to go looking for people, people will come to you, READY to buy! he explains that it is like affiliate marketing but in reverse.
Bryan is such a nice guy that he is ready to GIVE you this system, for a wonderful price of………… $0. Yup, FREE! Who on earth would not grab this opportunity? It is a dream come true, isn’t it? Bryan asks you to imagine what you could be doing with such a system, bringing you $100+ commissions every single day.
As per Bryan, “Anybody can make easy money MoolaVine”, and you don’t need any experience. In fact, you could even receive your first commission today.
Is it true? Can you make full-time income with MoolaVine and quit your job, stay home with your family, go on vacation and live the laptop lifestyle?

How Does MoolaVine Work?

MoolaVine is a cooperation-based website, that will have you as a referral, purchasing through your mentor’s link. Likewise, your referrals (called Vines) will purchase through your link. These would be products that Bryan says that either you or “they would have bought anyways” but are buying through affiliate links.

It does not change the price of the product, but it helps your mentor make money, just like your Vines that will buy through you, will make you money by buying through your link.
When you buy a product through MoolaVine (and earning your mentor a commission off this sale), it gives you what are called “Green Days”, which is a time period within which you will be eligible to earn commissions from any product. As soon as those days are over, you have to buy a new product, which will reset your Green Days clock.
If you upgrade to the Unlimited Green Day Plan, which I will be discussing below, you are not required to buy any product at all. Your mentor will receive recurring monthly commissions from your upgrade and you will also receive unlimited commissions from whatever product your Vines buy and a recurring monthly commission for whoever upgrades to the Unlimited Plan.
Your job would be to get as many vines as possible and for them to purchase either a product through approved marketplaces such as ClickBank and JVzoo through your link, or for them to upgrade to the Unlimited Plan so you can make recurring monthly commissions from their monthly payment.

Don’t Mistake MoolaVine for a Pyramid or an MLM!

Don’t mistake this as an MLM or a pyramid scheme, because it’s not. A pyramid scheme is one where you have to pay a fee to join the program, where the only way to make money for you, would be through recruiting. Not only would you make money through your recruit, but your uplines as well.
An MLM is where you (sometimes) have a fee to join the company, where this fee is used to educate you about the products and where you make money through the sales of products ONLY. You may either make money through selling the products yourself, or through the sales made by your downlines. Commisions are paid on multiple levels, meaning your uplines make money from your sales / your referrals’ sales too.
MoolaVine uses an affiliate marketing system. If you are not familiar with this term, I would suggest that you Read My Article On Affiliate Marketing HERE. But a brief description is that you can make money through recruiting or through the sales of products, where only YOU make money. Your uplines don’t. It’s commission paid on a single level. It is completely legit.


1) Unlimited Green Day Plan – $1 Trial, $20/$30 monthly

I signed up for free and was immediately hit with the first upsell, which to try the Unlimited Green Days Plan for 5 days, for only $1. After 5 days, the price will be a recurring monthly fee of $20, a 33% discount from $30. With this upgrade, not only would you be eligible to receive commissions right away from your Vines’ purchases, but you also receive $10 for each Vine that upgrades to the Unlimited Plan.
This sounded good and I had nothing to lose by trying it out for $1 for 5 days, so I grabbed the offer.
2) Dual Squeeze – $97 One-Time Fee
This is simply making money through MoolaVine plus Email. This will allow you to make money on MoolaVine while building a list as well. So not only will you be able to make money from your Vine’s purchases, but you can also capture their email addresses to promote more products to them that they will be able to buy through your affiliate offers.
This is an upsell where Bryan promotes another of his products to you, called Dual Squeeze which I have already written a review on. Bryan’s deal is to have you pay a one-time fee of $97, instead of $27 per month, to use squeeze pages created via Dual Squeeze. What you will be able to then do, is direct your sign-ups to MoolaVine.

But as I outlined in my Dual Squeeze Review, this service is overpriced. Squeeze pages can be created for WAY less money than what he is charging for it. But for a one-time upgrade of $97, I think it’s worth it, especially if you don’t have a list yet. You get to keep Dual Squeeze whether or not you choose to remain a MoolaVine member.
However, I did not go for this upgrade because I already have a list.
3) MoolaVine Traffic Co-op – $40 each
This is where Bryan explains that he has devised a way for you, the newbie, to get traffic to your MoolaVine squeeze page on autopilot. This is great if you don’t know how to get your squeeze page in front of people on the internet. Not only will this build your list (if you have purchased Dual Squeeze) but it will also to help you get as many people on your vine as possible, to maximize your earning potential.

The way this works, is that there is rotator every month, starting on the 1st of each month, where each member’s affiliate link is out in front of real people in the form of Facebook Ads, Solo Ads and Banner Ads, in sequential order. When people interacting with these ads sign up, they become part of your list and part of your vine.
You can purchase as many “shares” as you would like at $40 each, to increase your chances of having your link put in front of people and to grow your list and revenue.
I didn’t purchase this because I already can drive traffic to MoolaVine. Although the price is a little steep, I think it’s a great idea! If you have the money to invest into this AND direct tons of traffic to your squeeze page yourself, then you would expedite your first earnings.

Inside The Member’s Area

The member’s area has an introductory video that you can watch first. This video will explain in complete detail, of how the system works. I like the redundancy of the explanation by Bryan, because it shows that he is trying to make sure that you are understanding the power of the system.
The remainder of the member’s area is broken into three further sections;
1) Go Shopping – This is where you can request the products that you would have bought anyways through either ClickBank or JVzoo. In return, you will receive Green Days. For each dollar that you spend, you receive a Green day.

So, spend $20 dollars, and you will receive 20 green days. 20 days within which, you will be able be able to make money off the people you refer to your vine.
This comes with a tutorial video to show you exactly how to use the tool.
2) Make Money – This is where you are asked to link your ClickBank ID. Yes, you do need to have an account with ClickBank to be able to use MoolaVine. But don’t worry, creating an account with ClickBank is free.

One you link up your ClickBank ID to MoolaVine, you will be able to receive requests from your vine. That’s where you will also be replying to requests with your affiliate link and where you will be able to see whether your vine member has completed the purchase.
There is also a tutorial to show you how to go about putting everything in place.
3) Grow Your Vine – Here, you will have access to your affiliate link to grow your vine. You will be able to use this link to refer others to MoolaVine. They will then be added to your vine and you will benefit from either their requests to buy a product, or from them upgrading to the Unlimited Green Day Plan.

You will also be able to buy “shares” to the rotator through this section, to be able to get traffic on autopilot from Ads that the MoolaVine team will be posting on your behalf.
A tutorial is also included here to help you.


– Bryan Winters is a real person, unlike many other conman and scammers on the internet that prefer to remain anonymous.
– Solutions for newbies and advanced affiliate marketers.
– Free Membership for as long as you want
– Monthly fee is affordable and reasonable for service offered
– Ability to make residual income


– Upsell #2 and 3 are a little on the steep side
– Must make a purchase to receive Green Days or upgrade to the Unlimited Plan, without which you cannot make money
– Only PAID traffic available (no FREE traffic methods taught)
– May be a little confusing for newbies at first

Is MoolaVine A Scam? – Final Thoughts

MoolaVine is absolutely legit! I am a member and I enjoy the benefits that it has to offer. I think that this is an ingenious idea. For me, as an affiliate marketer, I already need to buy products from these marketplaces (Clickbank and JVzoo) to review anyways.
By being able to receive Green Days in exchange from buying them through MoolaVine instead, not only does it help out the person who referred me, but it also helps ME make more money. On ClickBank, there are products from every single category imaginable, that convert really well. You could choose categories, such as Arts, Cooking, Health and Fitness, Parenting and many other categories that ARE high-quality.
You don’t necessarily have to be a marketer either to make money with MoolaVine though. You can sign up for free as a newbie, buy the products you were looking for anyways through the system and earn Green days, and share your affiliate link with friends and family on Facebook and Make-Money groups to gather as many people within your Vine as possible.
Then, enjoy the benefits of them either requesting to buy through your link ( or even better if you have the Unlimited Plan, enjoy $10 in commissions for each sign up you get to the Unlimited Plan itself).

>> Watch Bryan’s EXPLICIT Video Explaining Everything HERE <<

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