Is MVP Bucks Legit Or Is It A Rehashed Scam? – UGLY TRUTH!

Is MVP Bucks legit

Even if some programs are free, there are other risks to consider before joining them because sometimes, these programs might just be after things other than your money. You’re skeptical and that’s why you’re reading this review, right?

Is MVP Bucks legit or will you just be wasting your time with this program? It’s free but are they completely transparent about their business with you? Is there really no risk if it is free?

I’ll be answering all the questions you might have about MVP Bucks so read until the end of this review if you want to know whether the website really works as advertised. Just a hint: It doesn’t!

Let’s get right into things!

MVP Bucks At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Refer others/complete small tasks

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s A SCAM!

What Is MVP Bucks?

MVP Bucks is a website where you can complete small tasks or refer others for some cash. Apparently, when you sign up, you get a $25 bonus, which sounds sweet, doesn’t it?

But everything started falling apart when I realized that there is no “About Us” page, no “Privacy Policy” page, no “testimonials” page, no “Contact us” page. My anti-scam walls skyrocketed because this is very suspicious,

Without these page, you don’t know who’s behind the program, if they even know the business, if they will pay you, how they will use your information and whether or not you can actually trust them. What are they hiding from you?

Well, I think I have an idea because when I first saw the layout of the website, it looked familiar. It reminded me of programs like CloutPay, Referral Pay, Notion Cash and Viral Market, scams that I’ve reviewed before on this very website.

As you can imagine, they were far from a pretty sight and they had similarities that I’m going to reveal in this review.

These programs are a very good example, to show us that whether or not a program is free that we should always research them before even joining them. That’s because scammers are not always after your money.

There are other things that could benefit them as well. Can you guess what they are?

How MVP Bucks Works

The main ways to earn money with MVP Bucks is to refer others and to complete small tasks. For each person that you refer, you make $10. The other tasks will pay you $30 each.

When you sign up, you’ll receive a referral link that is unique to you so that the website recognizes you’re the one that sent the referral. By sharing that link around, on websites, forums and social media, you have a higher chance of getting referrals.

The other small tasks consist of downloading apps and testing them, playing games and completing surveys. And they say that for a few minutes of testing/playing, you can make $30.

If you’re a newbie and you’re desperate to make money, this sounds like a saviour, right? But the truth is that those other websites that I’ve reviewed before, like Referral Pay and Notion Cash, all work EXACTLY the same.

You see, paying out $10 per referral/lead is really HIGH for this type of work. It’s called Get-Paid-To (GPT). Most GPT websites will pay a few cents for clicks and maximum upto $4 for a qualified referral. $10 per referral is NOT normal.

Additionally, simple tasks like downloading apps and testing them and playing games on those apps play a few cents to a few dollars at most. Even surveys pay less than a dollar each.

So my question to you is how are they able to pay people so much?

My hunch is that they just don’t pay anybody, period. These high payments only act as a lure to make you think that earning money is going to be easy with their websites and to get you to sign up.

What they’re really after, is your INFORMATION.

You WON’T Get Paid! – Here’s Proof!

I already knew before even starting to write this review, that I didn’t have to look far to find proof that MVP Bucks doesn’t pay.

The first reason I already knew was when I was able to confirm that the layout of the website and everything else matched Referral Pay and Notion Cash. If you look at my reviews of both of these program, you’ll find inevitable proof that they won’t pay.

Especially when it comes to Notion Cash! That’s because there were so many complaints about the website, mostly about people not getting paid. So the BBB took action to investigate them.

And the result was that the address was fake to the business and so was all the other information they gave about themselves. So the BBB then warned about these programs and others that are similar to it, because the scammer behind these programs just wants your data.

When you sign up, even for free, they get your name, your date of birth, your email and sometimes even the passwords of your other accounts if you happen to use the same email and password to sign up to MVP Bucks or the other programs.

The scammer could use your information for identity theft, to steal money from your Paypal account or even sell your information to other scammers that will pay handsomely for your information.

That’s not the only thing.

If you also go on to Youtube, you’ll find some videos saying that the program is legit. But guess what? One of the tasks inside the dashboard is to create a testimonials video about MVP Bucks before people even cash out.

And the reward is the $30 that they pay per task. Who really wouldn’t create a 1-min video and post it on Youtube for $30?

Fact is though, that those people that CLAIM to have gotten paid in the comments of those videos, actually don’t EVER provide any proof. They say it’s legit, that they were able to cash out, but they never answer when asked for proof.

What I think is that the scammer just created a lot of different accounts, with different names, to then comment on those videos about how great MVP Bucks is or to convince somebody, if at least just one person, to sign up, to give them hope.

But of course, they would be heavily disappointed!

Is MVP Bucks A Scam?

You bet MVP Bucks is a scam! There is NOTHING about this website that instills trust or that shows you are gonna get paid. To me, MVP Bucks is related to Notion Cash, which is a big red flag.

Additionally, I also took into consideration that the payment they promise is just too high for this kind of work. I’ve been online for almost 20 months now and I’ve done all kinds of work, and GPT work does NOT pay as much as this.

That was one of the big red flags for me.

And we cannot forget that the most crucial pages for a trustworthy website are missing! We don’t know anything about the company, about the creator, how they earn money to then pay you.

The Privacy Page is missing so by signing up and giving them your info, you’re basically giving them the green light to do whatever they want with it; be it selling it to other scammers, using your info for banking or Paypal, identity theft. Let me add credit damage to the list too.

These free websites may seem harmless but they do a lot of damage and you could end up picking up the pieces in the end. Remember that they are not just after your money because money can be made otherwise.

That’s why I do NOT recommend MVP Bucks and I think it to be a big scam to avoid.

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Thanks for reading my MVP Bucks Review. What do you think; is MVP Bucks legit? Have you tried it and actually gotten paid? If you make these claims, then show us proof! Else, you’ll only ridicule yourself.

Lots of Love,


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