Is My Daily Choice A Scam? – No Sales Pitch, Just An Honest Review

Is My Daily Choice A Scam

Have you been approached by somebody from My Daily Choice and are now wondering what the heck this program is about and how it works? Were you skeptical of it because you thought it was a pyramid?

What about the products? Are they any good? Do they even work? And how do you actually make money being a member of the program? Is My Daily Choice a scam that is going to steal your money and waste your time?

Well, if you have any or all of these questions about the program, then you’ve found the right review. I’m not promoting My Daily Choice so I’m not going to force you to join or to sugar-coat things just so you get a good impression of it.

I’m actually going to talk about the good and the bad of the program so that you are able to make an informed decision. Cool? Let’s get started!

My Daily Choice At A Glance


Owner: Josh and Jenna Zwagil

Purpose: MLM (Multi-level marketing)

Price: $20+ Starter pack

Do I Recommend?: It really depends on what you’re looking for


What Is My Daily Choice?

My Daily Choice is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that was created in 2014 by Josh and Jenna Zwagil. Josh was a successful network marketer already before the foundation of his own.

He was part of another network marketing program where he had 60K people under him and had made $100M in sales within 6 years. This is pretty incredible and shows that Josh is definitely somebody who knows what he is doing.

Josh and Jenna met in the summer of 2014 and Josh was very impressed with her knowledge of business and the MLM world. They also had the same visions and same goals for a company they wanted to found.

And so it was that they both founded My Daily Choice together in November 2014. They only had a few sprays to sell when they got started and even with such limited products, Jenna was able to make $3600 in her first week.

After a while, Jenna got diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease and with some research and some experimentation with CBD oil, Jenna found that she was getting better. They were able to get the purest form of CBD oil.

She wanted to help others in the same way and thus went to found another company called HempWorx, all on her own. The business worked so well that they both decided to integrate it into My Daily Choice.

Although My Daily Choice has been around for 5 years and is really a 2-in-1 business, there aren’t as many products as you would expect; you get sprays that tackle different parts of the money and mind, like sleep, boost of energy and trim365 for weight loss and then, you also have topical creams and serums for humans and some products even for dogs.

Seeing as the Ketogenic diet has also been booming, they have some keto creamers on there too.

At this time, even if I’m disappointed by the sheer number of products available, I don’t see anything illegal happening. They’re a legit company that are selling real products and building real businesses for people.

How My Daily Choice Works

Before joining, know that there are two options for you. The first is to become a Preferred Customer and the other is to become an Affiliate. Let me tell you what the difference is.

Becoming a Preferred Customer means that you’ll be able to buy products at wholesale prices. It is free to join. You can also earn free products by referring other customers.

Becoming an affiliate means that you want to make commission selling My Daily Choice products. You have to pay a one-time free of $20 to join, as well as a start pack.

The $20 that you pay includes a replicated My Daily Choice website, the back office and a welcome kit to help you get started and to explain all the details of the business. That way, you can start making money as soon as possible.

But let’s face it: it is an MLM and what that means is that you have to make sales and recruit in order to move up the ranks and to make more money. You can still make money just by selling the products but you’d have to be selling SO MUCH to make a full-time income.

So if you want to have time and financial freedom, the only way is to move up.

What I like about My Daily Choice is that they are NOT bent towards training you to recruit family and friends, which is usually what you’d need to do with standard MLMs. So in that respect, I’m liking the fact that My Daily Choice is making it possible for people to work from home instead of going out to recruit.

They have a lot of tools such as landing pages and pre-written emails and other tools in your back office that will make tracking your sales and leads easier. They also have training that will help you get better at finding leads and converting them.

I was also surprised they actually had an app so that you can still be connected to your business while you’re on the go. Many MLMs are actually slow in integrating into the online world, which I’m pleased isn’t happening with My Daily Choice.

From what I can see, you’ll be using social media and sharing your link there to have people join. I’ve seen those links for the business opportunity and unfortunately, haven’t seen much in the way of actually just selling the products.

This proves that most of My Daily Choice’s customers are the business owners within the program itself. That’s something that ends up happening a lot with MLMs and this program is no exception.

My Daily Choice Compensation Plan

From all the MLMs that I’ve been a part of, like Primerica and Avon, I can see that My Daily Choice has a very unique compensation plan, one that I haven’t seen in any other program. It’s very impressive because you get to earn in different ways.

There are quite a few rank levels you need to move through to get to the top;

1) Just Joined (Unranked)

2) Builder

3) Director

4) Executive

5) 5K

6) 10K

7) 25K

8) 50K


10) 250K

11) 500K

12) Super

1) Jump start bonuses

You need to make a minimum of 40BV (personal Business Volume) either by purchasing the products yourself or by having customers buy products directly from you. Each Rank level will pay you different amount of commissions, from 25% – 50%.

This is paid weekly, every Thursday for the previous week.

2) Binary bonuses

If you’ve recruited a few people personally yourself and have a minimum of 2 legs, then you’ll earn upto 20% of the lesser leg, in terms of BV. The minimum you have to personally make in a month is 40BV and 300BV per leg.

So for example, if you have two legs, one made a total of 500BV and the other a total of 340BV, then you would earn 20% on the 340BV.

This is paid monthly.

3) Leadership check matching

This is what you would be calling the USUAL way to earn with an MLM program; this section is all about the overrides that you’ll get when others in your team make sales.

With My Daily Choice, you can earn commissions upto 10 levels down, depending on your own rank.

1st Level – upto 30%

2nd Level – 20%

3rd Level – 10%

4th Level – 5-10% (depending on your level)

5th to 10th levels – 5%

This is paid monthly.

4) Global bonus pool

Each month, My Daily Choice puts aside 2% of the whole company’s BV and divides it into the number of shares to pay the bonus.

Everybody can earn from this pool, even the Preferred Customer. To gain a share, you need to refer at least 4 preferred customer or affiliates. It can be a mix of both. There’s no limit to the number of shares you can accumulate.

Say you have referred 8 people personally. That gives you 2 shares. At the end of the month, the total BV for the company is calculated and 2% of that amount is divided among those that were able to gain shares.

This is paid monthly and is one incentive that really sets My Daily Choice apart from its competitors.

5) Rank incentives and bonuses

These are one-time payments once you achieve a higher rank but you will only start making those bonuses when you get to higher ranks. Some of the lower ranks do not pay any bonuses.

1) 5K Level – $500

2) 10K Level – $1000

3) 25K Level – $2500

4) 50K Level – $5000

5) 100K Level – $10,000

6 250K Level – $25,000

7) 500K Level – $50,000

8) Super Affiliate Level – $100,000

However, the condition is that you must maintain that rank for 90 consecutive days in order to get the payout. If you are not able to maintain the rank and productivity for that amount of time, then you’ll have to start over.

6) AIP Auto Club

This is a bonus to help make your dream car a part of your reality. The company will pay a portion or all of the payment that goes towards your monthly dream car payment, whatever it might be. Here is your allowance per rank:

1) 5K Level – $150/m

2) 10K Level – $250/m

3) 25K Level – $500/m

4) 50K Level – $1000/m

As with the rank incentives and bonuses, you must maintain your rank for 90 consecutive days or you’ll need to start over.

7) Elite expense accounts

This is an allowance for miscellaneous business expenses because My Daily Choice anticipates that as your business gets bigger, you’ll need to spend on training resources for your team, you’ll need more money to pay for big events and so on.

The below is how much you’ll get as allowance;

1) 100K Level – $2000/m

2) 250K Level – $5000/m

3) 500K Level – $10,000/m

4) Super Affiliate Level – $20,000/m

This are also paid monthly and are only paid for certain ranks, as you can see.

One thing that I didn’t like though, was the disclaimer on their website. You see, it does not say that it’s a get-rich-quick scheme or anything, but it does not paint a pretty picture of this opportunity. Look for yourself.

As you can see, less than 1% is actually making a full-time income with this business opportunity. I’m not saying that the opportunity does not work, but if you go into this business thinking that you’ll be making Super Affiliate within a month or two, then you’re wrong.

If you’re also thinking that you’ll make it to the top without a lot of work, then think again! People who are making it have worked extra hard initially to get the business off the ground. It didn’t happen easily and certainly not overnight.

Is My Daily Choice An Illegal Pyramid?

NO! Absolutely NOT!

A pyramid is where there is no other way to make money with the system other than to recruit. You make commissions when your recruits pay to get into the system, and so do your upline.

There are no products to sell. The only way to make money is through people joining.

My Daily Choice is an MLM, which makes it different to a pyramid. An MLM is legit and legal because there are actual products that can benefit the general public. You also don’t make money by simply recruiting. You make money by selling products too.

So My Daily Choice isn’t a scam.

However, it does not mean that I like the business model. Like you saw earlier in the screenshot of the company’s earnings, less than 1% actually make it to full-time income. And that’s not only with My Daily Choice. That’s the case with most MLMs.

They get saturated over time. The more people that know about it, the less sales you can make. It’s like Avon, you know. It’s been around for so many years and everybody has heard of it.

I had so much trouble making sales and actually recruiting because everybody was doing Avon, as well as their moms and grannies. It was with much trouble that I made the few sales I had and after about a year or so, I quit.

You can see now that as time goes by, the business gets harder and not easier, until recruiting will stop and sales will stop too, seeing as My Daily Choice’s customers have JOINED already in one way or another and are already paying wholesale prices.

Additionally, when you’re recruiting, you’re gathering more competitors who will be recruiting who could have potentially been YOUR recruits and selling and making more commissions on them than you.

Sure, they’re in your downline and you would make some commissions off of these sales and it helps in the way of building the business from the ground up, but my point here is that eventually, sales and recruiting will slow down.

Is that the kind of prospective future you want for your business? I wouldn’t recommend such a business to anybody. I don’t recommend My Daily Choice.

Why Not Try Making Money Online My Way? NO RECRUITING NEEDED!

Okay, I’m gonna come right out and say it; I’m an affiliate marketer but I do things very differently. I do not have to recruit to make money and I do not have to push to make sales or to limit myself to the products of a company.

What I do is help people in an area that I am very knowledgeable about or that I really like talking about. You would be surprised at the type of things that people Google that they need help with.

After they search for the help they need and stumble across my help, I suggest products that will actually help them solve their problems. When I’m helping and they see value with what I’m offering, they buy and I make commissions.

Want some proof?

Isn’t that a much better alternative? You can even get started for FREE! Want me to show you how?


I’ll show you how to get started for FREE, with free resources and FREE access to the platform where I got my training. If I was successful from learning there, then you can be too!

So get my free guide now and start your online journey. Let me help you make your first dollars online.

Thanks for reading this My Daily Choice review. So what do you think? Is My Daily Choice a scam to you? A pyramid? Why do you think so? And if you’re making good money with it, then why don’t share that with us too?

Lots of love,


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