Is One Click Payday A Scam or Is It An Easy $275 Every 10 Minutes?

With the number of people wanting to live the life of their dreams, not to have to worry about bills and waking up to going to work and to be able to spend more time with family, it’s natural that there would be opportunities springing up online to try and meet the needs of these people. One such program is called One Click Payday.

However, there are also a lot of scams that promise you the world and yet, deliver on nothing at all. Is One Click Payday a scam like many of the programs floating around on the internet, or will you really make thousands of dollars within your first 24 hours?

I have to hand it out to you for doing your research before investing into any kind of program, because there is always a chance that they could run with your money. This review is going to deal with why it would or would not be a great idea to sign up with One Click Payday.

At A Glance

Name: One Click Payday


Owner: Cathy Evans

Purpose: Help you make money online on autopilot

Price: $37 + upsells

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Cathy’s Sales Video

If you have read any of my reviews before, you would know that I like going over the sales video, so that I can better discuss it further, whether it be good points or bad points.

Within the video, we come to know that Cathy has created a website for us that will be generating commissions as we watch the video. Cathy promises that everything that needs to be done repetitively to earn you money, has been automated for you, so you don’t have to spend countless hours with your online business.

Basically, all she says you have to do, is click a button and sit back and watch the money rolling in, just like the existing website that she has created for you, that is already generating you money. She further explains that this system does not need any:

1) web design

2) advertising

3) HTML coding

4) marketing or sales.

Just pay the $37 server fee, and you could have access to this wonderful system and a website that could generate $30 commissions, over and over again, just like the website that just made you $278.34 in under 10 minutes.

What’s more, is that you have testimonials of people saying they tried the system and were able to quit their jobs, go on vacations and cruises, naming huge amounts of money that they were able to make, with one man saying he made just shy of $20,000 within one week.

This really sounds that a dream come true, doesn’t it? Just imagine what you could do, earning that kind of money within 1 week. Cathy says you could quit your day job and not having to worry about paying any bills ever again, while living the great life.

So, should you go for the program or not?

The Red Flags

1) Commission-generating website – This is actually similar to a scam that I have just uncovered yesterday, called Affiliate Millionaire Club, where the owner of the program claims that he has created a money-making website just for you and that all you needed to do was sign up and claim it.

This is all fake because it contradicts what Cathy says further on in the video; what she says is that there are a series of steps that she will show you for you to achieve results like the ones in the testimonials, proving that the website she CLAIMS she created is a complete lie.

If she already created the website for you and it is already making you money, what other steps would you need to take? It does not make sense.

2) Automated Tasks – Cathy explains that there are a series of tasks that need to be done repetitively but that this is going to be automated for you, so you don’t have to spend countless hours completing them.

That’s another lie! If there were such an automated system, people would have bounced on it. Everybody would have been doing this business. You would have heard about it in newspapers, on the news and more so on social media.

Let me just tell you that at this point, the ones who are promoting this product have actually never used it and are only doing this to make a commission off the sales that they can generate from you. There is no such thing as an automated online business, unless you have people working for you.

The truth is that you do need to complete a series of tasks on a daily / weekly basis and it takes effort, time and patience for a true online business to grow and flourish. It cannot be done at the click of a button, less so with an automated system.

3) No need for web design, ads, HTML coding, marketing and sales – This actually does not mean anything at all in this age and technology era.

Websites can now be created within 30 seconds and at the click of a few buttons. There are themes that you can use to dictate the look of your website. You don’t need ads, marketing and sales either, because of SEO. There are website builders out there that are very easy to use so you don’t need to learn HTLM coding anyways.

So now you can see that you don’t need to sign up with this program to have all these perks. This is the norm in the online industry anyways.

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4) No Information on how it works – Let me say that this is very typical of a scam. They offer no real information within the sales video or website about how the system will work. What they do, is waste your time, showing you income proof and selling you the dream and ultimately, the system.

If there is no explicit information on how the system works before they ask you for your money, then chances are you are dealing with either a scam or a low-quality product, neither one of which will lead you to financial freedom.

5) Unlimited $30 commissions – Although this sounds great and Cathy shows you how you are able to make 10 sales within 10 minutes, don’t you find that the final number of $278.34 she gives you is a little odd? If each commission pays you $30 and you get 10 of them, would it not be logical to make $300 in commissions, rather than the $278.34?

Where the heck did she get this number from? Let me tell you from where; she made it up! A person who can’t do simple math, I would not trust them with my online business. And making such a simple mistake with the math is definitely NOT a good way to harbour trust.

All the above points are leading me to believe that it’s a scam, but nothing is going to prepare you for the ultimate proof outlined in my next point.

6) The Testimonials – Don’t they sound just convincing and appear to really be true? These actors are really good.

Yes, you read that correctly. They are actors, PAID actors, from a freelance website called Fiverr, where just about anybody can post their gigs for as little as $5. They are getting paid $5 to LIE to you, so the scammer can pocket the big bucks from you.

Don’t believe me? Remember the guy who claimed he made almost $20K with this system within 1 week? Well, here’s his profile on Fiverr, proving that he read a script for $5.

Now, if this is not the ultimate proof that everything about this system is fake, I don’t know what would be. Because let’s face it, why would the owner of the program PAY somebody to read a script when they could have gotten a testimonial made FOR FREE, from a satisfied member?

Is One Click Payday A scam?

Although I didn’t buy the system, I could already tell that this program was going to be one of those typical get-rich-quick schemes. If I already know, why would I invest my money into buying this program? Based on what I was able to uncover, the red flags that I mentioned, I believe that this program is a scam and should be avoided.

If there is a website that is already created for you and already making you money, you should NOT have to go about any other steps. It’s illogical; what would you want to change if you were already making money with the website? It also does not make sense that anybody would give away a website that is generating them money, would you?

A typical person would keep their money-generating website and make 100% of the commissions for themselves, even if that means creating multiple of those website. Why share the commissions?

Like I have mentioned countless times before, in my other reviews, there is no shortcut to making money online. If you want to know the real secret of making it big online, it’s hard work, time and patience. These scammers KNOW what it takes but they also know that their system would not sell if they disclosed it required work, because most people are looking for the easy way out.

And not to mention the error with math and the fake testimonials. These two findings were what ultimately made my decision on calling this out as a scam.

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