Is Power Lead System a scam? – Affiliate program or Pyramid scheme

As with most online opportunities nowadays, it is hard to figure out whether or not they are legit. I would like to commend you for doing your research before investing in this program, as what I will be uncovering for you today will be very informational. So, is Power Lead System a scam or are the videos that you see about people making money with it legit? Let’s get on with the review.

At A Glance

Name: Power Lead System


Owners: Neil Guess / Michael Price

Training: Yes

Tools: Yes

Support: Yes

Price: $30 / month OR $54 / month + Upsells

Recommended?: No


Power Lead System is one of the newest addition to the online making-money opportunities that was founded in 2013, by Neil Guess, in collaboration with Priceless Possibilities by Michael Price. The only information that I was able to unearth for Neil Guess is that he is an internet marketer. However, Michael Price is a whole different story.

Price is the founder of Priceless Possibilities, which offers the ability for internet marketers to capture leads / referrals effectively using capture pages and to grow their online business and income.

Priceless Possibilities was combined with Power Lead System to offer a more robust platform that will offer so much more to the marketer.

Power Lead System is an MLM (multilevel marketing), where they appear not to pay people upon recruiting, but upon selling of their product, which looks like good news to me.

However, because it is a done-for-you system, very little can be customized and therefore, it will look exactly like the others that use the same tools as you. You will not really be able to build something that can become your unique BRAND.


The tools in general that you will be using would be the lead pages that incorporate videos, auto-responder, ability to create unlimited number of sales pages and create and design sales funnels.

Let me explain; in order for any of these tools to work for you, you will need a website because this is the basis of finding success online and to have the ability to reach more people on the internet.

Yeah, you can argue that you can promote via Facebook and other social platforms but people will not go looking for you unless they KNOW you are there on these platforms. So you will end up spamming a lot of other people’s posts.

The best way to get known is through the search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) through the use of keywords, where people are actually looking for what you have to offer. And this is done through a website.

Unfortunately, it is very hard for lead pages to get ranked in the search engines because there is limited content on these pages, that search engines deem “not helpful” to their audiences. Even those people with lead pages will invest in a website so people find them FIRST, to then lead them to their lead / capture pages.

OR, they will invest in marketing on Google Adwords, Youtube and Facebook Ads, that cost MORE money.

The same goes for the auto-responder; there is no use for it unless you have a website / lead page that will “Capture” the email addresses of your visitors. The auto-responder will then automatically send them the information or product that you promised them in exchange for their emails.

That’s what an auto-responder does; it RESPONDS to whoever signs up and delivers the item you promise them in a timely manner.

My point is…

… that the Power Lead System is certainly NOT designed for beginners in the online industry. It is geared towards “entrepreneurs” that already have the knowledge of how to operate online and who are in need of these tools to make their online businesses better.

From my point of view, as an affiliate / online marketer, the tools are not ground-breaking. Much better tools can be found online to promote your business, if you are already knowledgeable about making money online.


The training is nothing to be boastful about either. These videos are simple how-to’s that revolve around how to lightly customize (change the words and colours ) the sales pages and can be really be found all over the internet, or mostly integrated with other systems that you may already be using.

The training, just like its tools, are not geared towards total beginners but towards marketers who are ALREADY online entrepreneurs that want to improve their reach, their visitors and their sales. Therefore, don’t expect for the training to go too in-depth.

You should already have some knowledge before thinking of paying for the products within this platform.

They teach you how to use the tools and show you how to make some changes here and there but nothing that would be worth the monthly fee that you would be paying. There is nothing within this system that would help you build a sustainable BUSINESS online.


I have not found any complaints about their support, although there is no chat and no email. You can only communicate with them via opening a ticket that their support team will look into. And usually, you cannot expect them to reply within 24 hours.

This kind of support in my opinion, is very crappy. If you are a new member, trying to get support, then it might not be such a big deal to wait 24 hours to get a response. But as an established marketer, 24 hours is a long time and could cost you a lot of money.

Many other programs have a 24/7 phone line OR instant chat available to help its members.

Therefore, I can conlude that, however good their people might be in resolving the issues I might have, resolution in a timely manner is very important to prevent losses and is something that should be taken under serious consideration.

Affiliate Program or Pyramid Scheme?

Let me explain the difference between an affiliate program and a pyramid scheme.

An affiliate program is where you get paid commissions when somebody buys a product that you have promoted or recommended. You only get paid ONCE. Additionally, there are NO FEES to join an affiliate program. You get PAID instead.

A pyramid scheme is focused on recruiting and bringing in people to the scheme where new members need to PAY to join. As the person who recruited them, you also get paid for the sales that they generate.

For example, I recruit you and you recruit a friend. I not only make money from my own sales, I make money from YOUR sales and YOUR FRIEND’S sales as well. This is a pyramid scheme, if the SALES are done by recruiting other people.

Now, Power Lead System is NOT a pyramid scheme because it has a legit product that it promotes. Therefore, it is called a multilevel marketing (MLM) system. However, I am not a fan of how they make you PAY to receive the “right” to sell their products. It would also be easier to sell if the actual products were on-par or better than others you can find online. But that’s not the case.

These systems are very hard to make money with because it is your upline / recruiter / sponsor who is making more money than you. Taking this system for example, a compensation of $20 is awarded for every new person that you recruit but not every single 20$ compensation will go to YOU.

Every other sale goes to your upline, even if YOU made all the effort to get people to sign up. That does not sit too well with me. This is also NOT called being an affiliate.

I found it odd that I could not directly join through their website and that I needed to be “invited” by somebody else, who would become your sponsor or recruiter. This to me, puts emphasis on recruiting.

How much do I pay?

As a person who only wants to use their products, the monthly fee for you is $30. But if you want to be able to make money promoting Power Lead System, you will need to pay an additional $24.

You could also opt to pay only $24 for the “right” to promote Power Lead System to others but how would you promote it if you have no lead pages, no sales pages and no auto-responder? It would make sense if you already had a website (where existing entrepreneurs comes in, not newbies) but if you have never tried the system and don’t even know how the system and its products work, then how would you be able to properly and effectively promote the system?

Therefore, the only way to REALLY promote and make money with Power Lead System is to pay the full $54 ($30 + 24) monthly so you get well acquainted with the products and so that you can use them in your marketing campaigns.

Not only do you need to pay $54 / month, but there are also upsells to this program. For the “Diamond” level, you will need to purchase another product called Free Ad Secrets for a one-time fee of $147, which actually does not guarantee any income.

The second upsell up from Diamond, is the Platinum and in order to achieve that rank, you need to pay $497. At the end of the day, you would have to spend $54 / month to make the most of the program PLUS $644, which is rather expensive in my opinion.

Final Opinion

Power Lead System is not a scam and can be useful to the already-seasoned marketer for lack of other products to use to improve their business, although there are so many other superior products on the market that these do not even come close to. I like how you can use these products to promote anything that you want.

However, I do not recommend this program because of the fact that it is an MLM system, that is mostly designed to make the people at the top rich while you are doing all the hard work. Yes, you can eventually become somebody at the top, just like them, but the chances are very slim and you need to really be good at recruiting to be able to become one of these people and unfortunately, Power Lead System does not truly teach you how to do that.

Affiliate programs are not something that you need to pay into, it is something that you should be able to join for free. You get paid instead for your hard work of promoting the products. I also do not like how half of  the sales that you make actually go up to your sponsor.

There are upsells that many newbies will not be able to invest into, and they offer no guarantee that you will make money by investing into these upsells. Many people can argue that you need to spend to make money but I do NOT believe in upsells, specially if even they can’t guarantee that you will make money by using these products.

There is also no originality in the products that they have “ready” for you and therefore, you cannot create your own BRAND and AUTHORITY online. There isn’t much you can change or customize because of their done-for-you system.

Does a system that TRULY teaches you how to build a business online exist?

Yes, it does! It is the way that I have personally been making money online and it is called Affiliate Marketing. The advantages of affiliate marketing is that people will come to YOU because of the products you offer. You don’t have to buy inventory, you don’t have to deal with customers, you don’t have to invest a lot of money.

What you DO need on the other hand, is the patience to learn and watch your business grow, as it will not be an overnight feat. You will not be making $1000 in 2 days. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication and a passion for your related niche, to make it work.

The best thing, is that you can remain a free member for as long as you like. You NEVER have to pay a single dime and you could still make money.

This training platform is called Wealthy Affiliate!

===> Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here <===

At the end of the day, if you really want to try out Power Lead System, the ball is in your court. However be advised that they do ask for a payment option, even if you only want to access the free 7 days trial, and you cannot pay via Paypal. The training platform I recommend, does not EVER ask you for that and there is no pressure on you to upgrade.

I hope that you have found this review helpful. If you have any questions, please by all means, leave them in the comments section below and I will get back to you. I am also curious to know for those of you who HAVE used this system, how it is working out for you.

Cheers to your success,



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