Is Prime Time Profits A Scam (PTP) Or Will You Make Over $500 Daily?

Can you imagine making $500 per day, every single day? That would be a dream come true for a lot of people. It would mean making upwards of $15,000 every single month and Prime Time Profits promises you that.

But is Prime Time Profits a scam, like all those others that promise you the same thing, or is this really going to be a life-changer? Are you going to be living the good life and fire your boss by joining this program, or are you just going to be disappointed, like every single time?

My review is going to tell you what this program is about and by the end of it, you’ll have all the information that you need to make a decision on whether this sytem is good for you or not, so keep reading until the end!

At A Glance

Name: Prime Time Profits


Owner: Charles McAliister

Purpose: Make money online Like Amazon

Price: $47 + Upsells

Do I Recommend It?: No…

What is Prime Time Profits?

Charles starts off by telling you to imagine a black box, that has a button on it. And each time you would press the button and open the box, you’d see a $500 bill sitting in it, waiting for you to spend it. Imagine that happening everyday, even multiple times a day.

That’s what the Prime Time Profits system is going to do for you; bring you the $500+ days. And you don’t have to do anything! You don’t have to lift a finger to make that kind of money. And it’s all related to online retail giant, Amazon.

Charles explains that Amazon made a staggering $178 Billion last year and as long as this number keeps growing, you will be able to make money off of Amazon too. There are a few people who have had massively great results from using this system and who have sent their testimonials to Charles. He shows them to you.

He even shows you his own account as proof that his system works. There’s close to no competition because he is the one who designed this system. Nobody else knows about it. You don’t need any skills or experience in the domain and neither do you need hosting or a website.

It’s wonderful to think that Prime Time Profits exists and what it can helps us accomplish. But the problem is that there are so many other programs on the internet that claim to do the same thing and they turn out to be scams. Is Prime TIme profits a scam too?

Let’s find out right now!

Red Flags to Consider

1) Charles McAllister

What about him? Well, even though Charles tells you that he is not somebody who is going to hide from a camera, behind a video or a stock photo, I have not found any information on Charles at all. I researched high and low and even went to Facebook to see if there is a Facebook group that might have his photo up, maybe him and his family.

But nothing came up. Only this picture of this elderly man inside a Ferrari. And guess what I noticed! This man was wearing the exact same clothing and was in the exact same sitting position as our friend Charles here.

Looking closer at the photo that Charles shows us, I realize that there’s unnatural lighting there on his face because there isn’t any light coming in from the front of the car. This pushes me to believe that the SCAMMER behind this system cut out the face of the guy in the first photo, flipped it and altered it, and then pasted it on the second picture.

This makes the picture a fake, meaning that Charles is lying to you! If there’s no information on the creator of a program on the internet and they don’t go the extra mile to prove to you that they are completely real, then just don’t trust them. I doubt ANYTHING he says in the video is true from now on.

2) Make money doing NOTHING

That’s another red flag. The truth is that there is no such thing as making money doing NOTHING! You have to work for your money, be it at your job, be it in your brick and mortar store, be it in your online business. Anyone that tells you otherwise, is just lying to you and wants to scam you.

When you’re newly hired for a position, you have to learn the trade to be able to perform the responsibilities of that position. If you’re starting a brick and mortar store, you learn everything about marketing, about your products, how to import, how to sell, how to talk to people.

With online business, it’s the same! You have to learn about the trade and also get the tools that you need for your online business to work. There’s no such thing as a push-button system. Think about it: businesses make money when customers spend.

Likewise, you have to convince prospects of your product or service, have them spend and that’s how you’ll make money. 

3) Video Testimonials

Guess what they are? They’re completely fake!

These are actors that the scammer hired from fiverr, in order to read and act out a script that was provided by that scammer. There are so many freelance websites where people post their services and get paid per gig and one of the most famous ones, is called Fiverr.

This is the exact website from which these people have been hired. Here are their profiles.

And the thing is, I recognize them from another low-quality make money online system as well, called Money Sucking Websites. Some of what these people say are the exact same thing and even the same amount of money made. They don’t even mention the name of the program within their “fake” testimonials.

4) No information on the system

The most important thing to talk about in those videos, is the system itself. That’s where you have to use the strengths of the system and explain them in an easy-to-understand manner, that will provide enough information for a prospect to buy the system. And all information about it has been conveniently left out. Have you not noticed?

There isn’t one shred of information about the inside of the system, how it works, what you need to do, how to collect your payments. There’s no information at all. This is another red flag.

Most of the time, even the scammers don’t know anything about how to make money online and just want to sell you the dream, and ultimately, the system. Charles, if you can even address him by that name, only flashes big numbers at you, without even showing you how he made that kind of money.

I mean, if you go out shopping for a laptop, and the salesperson tells you that this laptop is GREAT, sublime and amazing, would you not ask WHY it’s so amazing? Would you just buy the laptop without knowing what its features are and whether it’s the right one for you?

Online business works the exact same way! Don’t buy into a system unless you know EVERYTHING there is to know about it.

The Way To Make Money With Amazon

Charles does not even explain how you can make money on Amazon. If you’re like most people, you’d think that you could make money by selling stuff on Amazon. Yes, you definitely can make money by becoming a vendor, but that would require a lot more work on your part.

You would need to:

1) research suppliers

2) research their products

3) buy your products wholesale

4) make sure you have re-seller rights (else risk being banned)

5) spy on your competitors

6) research proper pricing

7) ship products to your customers (and pay shipping fees while being pressured to offer free shipping)

8) take care of customer service (inquiries, complaints, returns, exchanges and so on)

And the list is by no way exhaustive. This is a lot to do! Truth is, I even got banned from selling on Amazon because I didn’t know I needed re-seller certification. And let me also tell you that they are HECK strict! If you don’t ship your products within 48 hours, your seller score goes in the negative and they could even close your account forever.

Not to mention the cut that Amazon gets and always siding with the customers, even if they are wrong! That to me, is not how I want to do business. I want to have total control over my business and still make money from Amazon. The other way, is to become an affiliate.

By being an affiliate, you don’t have to worry about ANY of the above points in relation to being a vendor. All you have to do is write about your favorite products, or do Youtube videos, recommend the product if it is a good one (or recommend and alternative if it is bad) and make commissions off the sale of the product.

Isn’t that so much easier? The best place to learn exactly how do this, is at my #1 Recommended Training Platform.

Prime Time Profits – Final thoughts

I’m sorry that I have to be the bearer of bad news, but I definitely do think that Prime Time Profits is a scam. I mean, it looks looks like a scam from every angle. I have reviewed so many scams on this website that I can sniff a scam from one mile away. Believe me, you’re probably going to regret making this purchase.

Charles goes telling you that he isn’t a fake like those others, and he photoshops a photo. He lies to you about himself because there is nothing that I was able to find online about him. He even goes to the length of paying actors for his testimonials, that prove that there aren’t really real members that have made money with the program.

He does not give you any information about the system at all. You don’t know how it works, what you’ll make money doing, where that money is coming from. How can you even be sure that what he will be teaching you is completely legal? There’s no way of knowing that!

That’s why I think that Prime Time Profits is a scam and you should avoid it!

The BEST Way To Start Making Money Online For Beginners

As I mentioned just some time ago, the best way to make money online for beginners would be affiliate marketing. There is still work to be done, but not as much as you would imagine. This is still new to you if you have never made money online, so there are still things you need to learn.

You also need the tools required to become successful and most importantly, you need a solid support system that is going to be there for you 24/7, because you’re gonna make mistakes. Even I made tons of mistakes as a newbie and needed assurance from time to time that I was moving in the right direction. With time though, I started making passive income.

I’m not perfect. Nobody is. But there is a close-to-perfect training platform that will teach you EVERYTHING (I mean everything from A to Z) about what it takes and how to make money online. The training is in video format and you’ll be guided step-by-step of what to do and you can check out this platform for FREE!

YES! Check It Out Here For FREE!

The best part is that you’ll also have me as your mentor and coach and I will guide you and teach you everything that I have learned from putting all this into practice. As I said, there’s some work to be done, but the only way to fail with this program, is if you give up!

So sign up for your free account and I’ll get in touch with you on the other side, I promise!

Your Friend,


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