Is Primerica A Scam? A Pyramid? – Find Out The Truth From An Ex-Member

Is Primerica a scam

Welcome to my Primerica review.

So you’ve been approached by a rep and they explained the products, the services, the benefits and the good life you could have by joining the opportunity. But now, you want more information because you have a few questions that you want answered

Is Primerica a scam? Is Primerica a pyramid? How does it work and is it sustainable? Will you really become successful and make as much as money as they claim?

Well, I was with Primerica at one point, back when I was trying to find opportunities that I liked and when I wanted to try and become financially independent. So I will be sharing my experiences and how it worked for me. I will also answer all the questions you might have about the company.

No bias here! Only the truth! So know that I’m not going to pitch anything to you.

Let’s get started!

Primerica At A Glance


Creator: Arthur L. Williams Jr (CEO: Glenn J. Williams)

Purpose: Make money selling and recruiting

Price: $99 One-Time and $25/month

Do I Recommend It?: Yes and No! Read the review to find out more!

What Is Primerica?

Primerica used to be part of Citigroup, a company that was founded back in 1977. In 2010, Primerica successfully branched off and became its own company. Their mission is to help families earn more income and become properly protected, debt-free and financially independent.

When I first heard of it, I thought that it was a pretty bold mission statement and wanted to know more. Primerica is different because it sells financial services products after the creator of the program, Arthur William’s father, had passed away with way less insurance protection than was really needed.

His family struggled and went through hard financial times. That’s why Arthur Williams decided to create this company so that others wouldn’t have to go through the same ordeal. If people are well-protected in the way of insurance and know more about their finances, then that’s less likely to happen.

The products have been created to help middle and low-earning families to manage their finances better, like how to save more for the future, and also to be properly protected in case an unexpected death happens in the family. Additionally, there’s also the opportunity side of things that I could offer to others.

I thought that it was a great way to help the community and so, I joined.

The company is operated as a multi-level marketing system, meaning that you’ll have to sell the products or recruit people to make money. Primerica does have legit products and services and as such, is not a pyramid scheme. However, things didn’t turn out quite as I expected.

What Will You Sell With Primerica?

Primerica is a company that sells different kinds of products in the finances world, anything that comes to helping you managing your money, saving money, insurance and so on. Here are the main products that you will be offering to your customers:

1) Financial Needs Analysis – a tool used to determine your customers’ financial needs

2) Term Insurance – Life Insurance that is in place for a specific amount of time

3) Investments – Like GICs and Mutual Funds

4) Home and Auto Insurance – Protecting against losses and damages to your home and car

5) Long-Term Care Insurance – Protects against unexpected costs resulting in having to move into a nursing home due to old age and illnesses

6) Legal Protection program

7) ID Theft Defence

I felt, and still do feel, that these are services that most of the working-class people need in order to better manage their finances. The cost of living is going up and most of us can’t even think of what things will cost when we are at the retirement age.

Primerica helps in all aspects of life, to save for the future by smart managing in the present. The products are absolutely helpful. I personally know a lot of people, including myself, that have been helped by the services and products offered.

What Does The Work Entail?

Now, we look at the business side of things. What kind of work do you actually to do in order to earn it big with Primerica? There’s no denying that there is a lot of money to be made because a lot of people are making it happen, right?

Well, Primerica is your classic MLM; yes, you can make money solely by selling the products but if you want to make more and more money while requiring to work less and less, then you have to recruit and build a downline as big as you can make it because you’ll get paid for the sales of the recruits from your recruits’ recruits….

Uh, I hope that makes sense… lol

In other words, you’ll get paid from people being in your downline that even you didn’t recruit. I was happy about that prospect but to tell you the truth, it was only when the work started that I started realizing that this kind of work wasn’t for me.

You first need to draw up a list of people that you personally know and their phone numbers. You then need to call each one of them and ask them when you can come over, explaining that you just joined an opportunity and that you needed to practice and get trained.

Most of my relatives and friends were okay. So we would then drive up to their houses, my sponsor and I, to talk to them about the products and services and about the opportunity. I could tell that most of them were only being nice to allow for the training but that they weren’t interested in the products and the opportunity.

When I exhausted my list, from which only 2 – 3 people even EXPRESSED any interest, I had to talk to random people on the streets and I cannot tell you how embarassing that was. It’s hard to walk up to somebody and just ask them, “Hey, you wanna make some extra money?” like some kind of drug-dealer… lol

I got a few referrals that way, especially from people that hated their jobs at coffee shops and fast food places. I made a few insurance sales here and there, and I made my first $1000 in my first month. It proves that with hard-work and going out of your comfort zone, that this business works.

However, it was just not for me, because apart from talking to people, you had to worry about advertising and marketing. You had to get business cards, you had to get marketing materials and so on, just like any other business. And what made it even harder, was that I didn’t drive at the time, which made it hard to go out to people’s houses.

Furthermore, these are old-school marketing strategies and I’m sad to say that Primerica has not moved to becoming more internet-friendly yet, except for providing you with the tools and resources online. Even Avon is getting way ahead of Primerica in that respect.

But I must say that I loved the atmosphere of the office, the meeting nights, the parties we would have, the knowledge that I gained about finances and insurance and I am also happy to have developed skills that I never thought I had. This is a perfect example of “not judging a book by its cover”.

Primerica Compensation Plan

As with any MLM, you have to move up a certain number of ranks and as you move up, you make more money because the commission percentages get higher and higher. Also, you’ll have more people in your downline and the more they sell, the more you make money as well.

Here are the different ranks and their compensation commission percentages:

1) Rep – 25%

2) Senior Rep – 35%

3) District Leader – 50% + bonus

4) Division Leader – 60% + bonus

5) Regional Leader – 70%

6) Regional Vice President – 95% + bonuses

7) Senior Vice President – 95% + bonuses

These percentages are what you would be earning for sales made by yourself.

Although each rank is a goal in its own right, the first big goal that you’d want to hit is the District Leader level. Not only would you be earning at 50% and get a bonus, but that’s where the money starts to add up. That’s where you’re able to make your own sales as well as earn overrides from your downline.

Talking about downlines, no matter what level you reach, you’ll always get paid all the way from 11 levels down, meaning the recruit of the recruit of your recruit, like, 11 times over! That’s quite some money you could make just by building your downline.

The percentage of what you make as an override depends on the level that you are at, the level that the sale-closing rep is at and the amount it costs the client per year.

For example, you’re at the Regional Leader level at 70% and the rep that closed the sale is at the Division Leader level at 60%. That’s a 10% difference, which is the equivalent of what you’re gonna get paid. If a customer is paying $1000 a year, that’s $700 that your Division Leader is making and $100 that you’re making in overrides.

And just imagine what you can make at the Vice President levels at 95%!

Is Primerica A Scam or Pyramid?

Absolutely not. Primerica is not a scam and it is not a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is one where the only way to make money is to recruit, without any useful product. Primerica does do recruiting, yes, but there is a product and that’s insurance and other finance services.

That makes Primerica completely legit and a very good opportunity if you are looking for something within the networking world. If you have the drive, the right qualities and a burning desire to succeed, then Primerica will be right for you. Of course, you have to be very outgoing and social.

I think that the mission statement is awesome and the story of the creator is very inspirational. That’s what drew me in. It really looked and felt like the company wanted to do what’s best for people of the working- / middle-class.

However, the amount of work to be done in order to convince people to join the opportunity or to buy services that they would not be readily able to cash into or use, is humongous. It will be a steep climb to learning the ropes and getting licensed.

Additionally, I didn’t like that I had to pester family and friends, under the pretext of training. I didn’t like that you had to speak to complete strangers about the opportunity and I didn’t like the fact that there was a lot of extra investment that you’re not told about.

I needed to know about these things because it was my first time going into business.

If you think Primerica is the right company for you, then go for it! The pay is great as long as you put in the work, the people are great most of the time and the potential to change your life is huge!

I Found a BETTER Way – No Recruiting And Still Making Passive Income

You now know the reasons as to why I didn’t like Primerica much and also why I couldn’t stay with the company. However, after a few years of trying to find the right business opportunity, I stumbled across it; affiliate marketing.

It’s a way of making money online that will have you promote an existing product and get paid commissions for each sale of that product. I know it’s not as exciting and the payout isn’t as big as Primerica, but the work more appealed to my personality and was more in line with what I felt comfortable with.

You see, all I do everyday is type up an article about a problem somebody might be facing and I give them the solution in terms of product. They obviously want the solution and so, they buy the product through my affiliate link. Then, I make money!

There is still a learning curve and isn’t as easy as it sounds but I found a way for you to DRAW people to you rather than you having to chase them and pester them to buy from you. I got you covered and this work is 100% from my laptop and from home.

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