Is Profiteer A Scam or Will You Bank $150 Per Day Effortlessly?

Welcome to this Profiteer Review!

It just sounds really awesome to be able to make $150 effortlessly and hands-free, but that’s something that MOST other programs will promise too. So is Profiteer a scam, like so many of the other programs that you came across or is it really going to change your life?

Making money on the internet is very real but it’s hard to know which programs will really teach you what you need to know and which ones are just lying o your face.

So within this review, I will go over everything that you need to know about Profiteer in order to make an informed decision.

Let’s dive right in!

Profiteer Review At A Glance


Owner: Jason Fulton / Mosh Bari

Purpose: Make money flipping websites

Price: $12.94 + Upsells

Do I Recommend It?: No!

What Is Profiteer?

Jason and Mosh are business partners and a lot of the programs that they released have failed to impress me. If you go over my reviews of Blistering and Freedom Profits, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

All their programs promise 3-figure paydays within 24 hours and claim to be newbie-friendly. They always say it’s push-button easy and that their software is fully automated to make you money while you relax and watch the money roll in.

And Profiteer is no different!

They use these tactics because people keep falling for them. The truth is, there is NO shortcut to making actual big profits online and it requires work to see your first dollar. If it was really possible to make easy money like Jason and Mosh claim, then the word “employees” would become extinct.

The same promises are made with each and every program that they release, so if the previous ones were supposedly so good, why do they keep creating new programs over and over again? That’s because they KNOW their methods are not evergreen and will become outdated at some point.

And also because they just want to make money by conning people in different ways. Even the testimonials are not even newbie users of the program. These are affiliate marketers who are already successful and they’re all actually friends behind the scenes. They all help promote each other’s products.

Why do you think they HIDE information of how the program works, or what you will taught inside from the sales page? That’s because if you actually knew what was inside, you would never even CONSIDER buying it and they would lose out on money.

How Does Profiteer Work?

Before you get to the main member’s area, you’ll have to go through a few upsells, which is pretty standard in the industry. As Jason and Mosh’s previous programs didn’t impress me, I doubted that Profiteer would be any different, so I didn’t buy the upsells.

When you get to member’s area, you’ll have a welcome video and some more proof that these guys were able to make money with this system. You’ll get access to 14 training videos as well as 2 bonuses. What I like, is that the training is in video format because it’s much easier to understand when you actually see what they’re doing.

So what Jason and Mosh want to teach you here, is to buy highly-sought after domain names, create niches websites out of them and to list them on Flippa to sell them for a profit, a place that will be FLOCKING with buyers fighting to buy your website.

They say that this set up is only going to take about 60 seconds on their sales page, which is true. Where it used to take over 30 days to code your website and to make it live on the internet, something as simple as just using a software won’t take long to build you a website.

But that’s not the hard part and unfortunately, there are some things that Jason And Mosh DO NOT disclose on their sales page.

Does Profiteer Work Like Mosh and Jason Promise?

As much as I wished it worked the way that they claimed it did, the reality of things is that they hide TOO MUCH from you on the sales page. Like I said earlier in this review, if you knew from the sales page what the training was going to be about, then you would never EVEN CONSIDER getting the program in the first place.

Niche websites can actually make you a lot of money when you resell them, but if you have no content on the website and the website isn’t actually bringing in an income for you, then nobody would want to buy it. There’s a ton of information that you’ll need to disclose on Flippa before even putting it up for sale.

You need to fill in fields stating the registration date of the domain, the amount of money it’s bringing in for you, FROM WHERE you’re earning this revenue, the number of visitors per month to your website as well as any social media accounts that are linked to this website.

If your website is NEW, most of these fields will be blank. And what will most buyers do when there’s NO information at all? They’ll just skip over your listing because it has no value whatsoever, unless the DOMAIN NAME is brandable and holds some value to them, which is rarely going to happen.

A TRUE niche website on the other hand, one that will sell for a pretty penny, is not built in 60 seconds. It’s something that you build and add content to over time, that will slowly bring in visitors and income and that will have social media accounts attached to it, to create a brand for itself.

The “gold rush” of domain names, as they call it, has long passed and unless you KNOW what you’re doing, this method of making money online is only going to cost you and won’t make you any real money online, which is FAR from the $150 per day that they were promising you.

Additionally, there are other costs to consider, such as having to buy hosting with your website and the upsells that they almost want to push down your throat.

Is Profiteer A Scam? – Final Thoughts

Whether Profiteer is a scam or not, is up to you to decide at this point.

Many people would say that it isn’t because you’re getting something in return for your money. Additionally you also have the 30-day money-back guarantee, so even if you purchased it and are not satisfied with what you got, you could request for a refund to be sent to you and you wouldn’t be out of pocket.

Others would call it a scam because the sales page is SO misleading; they tell you that you will be able to bank $150 within 24 hours, and that it’s an automated system where you won’t have to work hard in order to make money online. The sales page does not even disclose what the program will teach you.

Although I can see both sides, I would NOT recommend this program because it’s not a program that I see myself using and actually making big profits. I seriously think that your time could be better spent elsewhere than trying to flip domain names.

Moreover, misleading others is a total no-no in my book and sometimes, I don’t recommend programs even if they are legit and can make others money, simply because the sales page is so misleading. Think about it; if they’re willing to LIE to you to get your money, then there will be no end to their lies and I would NOT want to support them.

So my verdict is that I DO NOT RECOMMEND PROFITEER. At the end of the day though, it’s your decision.

What I Recommend Instead To Start A Real Online Business

I seriously think that Profiteer is going to be a waste of your time, and finding out the realities behind the program does not help you make money online. However, revealing what I do is definitely going to help.

What I do to make money online, is called Affiliate Marketing. It’s a method where you promote products that you sincerely believe in and when sales are made through your affiliate (special/unique) link, you make commissions. These commissions can be BIG too! 🙂

What I literally do, is write about a programs that I like, I make sure to include my keyword for it and my affiliate link and I let Google and the other search engines direct traffic FOR FREE to my article. When people land on my article and go over what I say, they can either choose to buy or not to buy.

As you can see, there is no coercing or forcing people to buy and you don’t have to spend money to get traffic to your website. There’s no recruiting and there are no big fees to pay to start! You can actually start FOR FREE to see if this is something that suits you.


You’ll get access to the free training, the tools needed as well as the support that you need if you get stuck. You’l also be able to connect iwth like-minded online entrepreneurs who will be at your fingertips should you need any answers or support, including me.

I will also be sharing my tips and triks with you to kickstart your journey so make sure to sign up now and I’ll see you on the inside.

In the meantime, should you have any questions about Profiteer, don’t be shy and leave them below. I always reply… 🙂

Your Friend,


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