Is Push Button Profits A Scam? – I’m Spilling the Beans!!!

What big income claims; $20K! You must have been drooling all over you keyboard while watching this video and that’s just why you came looking for a review. Fair enough!

Is Push Button Profits a scam, you ask yourself? Is it going to allow me to break free from these chains to my job, to my debt, to the bills? Or is it just going to let me down like all the other scams that I have waste my time and money on? What good, if any, can come out of joining this program?

In this Push Button Profits review, you’ll find my honest opinions about the program. I have found a few things that are good and others that are not too good about it, but all in all, you’ll be able to make a decision on whether this is the right system for you the end of this review.

Let’s dive in!

At A Glance

Name: Push Button Profits

Website: (by invitation only)

Owner: “Eric”

Purpose: Traffic to grow your business / Make residual income

Price: $47 + Upsells

Do I Recommend It?: No…


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What Is Push Button Profits?

Eric introduces himself and tells you that he is going to tell you about the program that is making him, as well as countless other people, money on autopilot. This is system is incredibly powerful, profitable and simple, such that you don’t need any skills or experience to make it work.

He explains that people are successful online because they are able to tap into a “secret” source of traffic that brings in targeted visitors with credit card in hand, ready to buy. The reason you’re failing, is that you don’t have access to that “secret” source of online traffic.

Push Button Profits does not claim to only give you residual income, but residual income that will actually make a difference, such as you will be able to make upto $20K. Not only do you make money off of your own referrals, but also from other people who are referred by your referrals, making you more income.

There are also big, one-time commissions that are generated from Done-For-You Instant Traffic Packages that you resell. These commissions will range between $80 and $3,200. These are not pennies that other programs are paying you to resell their products; this is real money that can quickly add up to make you a year’s income within a month.

So not only are you helping others get the traffic they need to grow their businesses and helping them make more money, but you are also making money and will be able to buy the traffic packages whenever you like.

This business model sounds like a very legit and lucrative way to make money but is it as good as Eric makes it sound? Here’s the reality behind the program.

The “Secret” Traffic Source

Firstly, making money at the “push of a button” does not exist. If you have not made the connection between the “push of the button” and the traffic source, then here it is; you have to push the “buy” button to buy traffic in order for anybody to visit your offer page.

Eric is right when he tells you that you need traffic in order to get leads and to ultimately make sales. But what he fails to tell you is that there are so many ways to get traffic, including FREE traffic. If they told you that, then you wouldn’t buy their traffic packages, right?

Furthermore, there is no mention of where the traffic is going to come from and we don’t know how targeted this traffic is. For all we know, it could be that they are paying others to CLICK on your ads; yes, there are places online that will pay you for microtasks like clicking on ads to pay you a few cents per click.

This traffic is useless because they are not targeted. These people aren’t really looking for any opportunity you have to offer, but rather in the few cents that they are paid to click on your ad. You won’t make any money that way through using their ad packages.

Don’t get me wrong; some traffic-generating companies are legit and you could potentially make a few sales here and there, but most of the time, it is almost impossible to make a profit from such a traffic source.

What’s also questionable, is that you HAVE to become a member and pay the monthly fees in order to be able to buy any traffic. If this is a service offered, I wonder why just buying traffic would not be allowed, seeing as that’s also bringing in an income to the referrer.

So give you some perspective, Google Ads does NOT charge you a monthly fee to use their tools and services; they only charge you per click on your ads, based on your budget. That’s why it seems strange that you would need to pay a monthly membership fee in order to be able to buy traffic with Push Button Traffic.

The REAL System Behind Push Button Profits

The system behind Push Button profits is called Traffic Authority and if you go around on the internet looking for reviews on this company, you’ll see that it has mixed reviews. You see, it really depends on your perception of the business model that this program uses, which is called MLM (multi-level marketing).

I know that this is an MLM (and not affiliate marketing) because you get paid on different levels, from your referrals as well as from THEIR referrals. There is nothing wrong with this model; many legitimate companies like Avon and Young Living use it. This is a business model, that if used correctly, has the potential to help you make great income.

However, what they don’t tell you is that the main focus with an MLM is to recruit as many people as possible, so you can make hands-free commissions for life. True, you could just go about selling the traffic packages and make money that way, but you would constantly have to promote. But if you are able to build a downline, you get paid doing less work.

The other reason that you may see bad reviews is due to the bad quality of the traffic that is sent, through the purchase of one of their traffic packages. Sure, your referral buying that traffic is going to make you money, but it’s not right to promote a program that you know just DOES NOT support a good product.

You would be making money at the loss of others, because the traffic that they buy is just going to be meaningless. It’s not going to make them any return on their investment (ROI). Not only is the traffic quality bad, but the prices are YEH high too! It is reported that the traffic packages cost upto $4000+! No wonder they’re advertizing such big commissions!

More Facts To Consider

Another aspect of the program that is explained with the sales video, is that you will preferably want to choose the Top Earner Package when you sign up for Traffic Authority. It’s the highest membership available, that will make you more money.

The Starter Package is at $47 per month, and will pay you $16 per month per referral (which is off of their monthly payment). The Top Earner Package will cost you $144 per month and will pay you $40 per month per referral. Sure, this can add up very quickly but this makes it a “pay-to-play” system.

You have to BUY INTO the membership level in order to get paid for referrals that opt in at that membership level AND their traffic purchase. Let’s say you are at the Starter Package and a referral of yours decides to go straight to the Top Earner Package, you won’t make A DIME off of their membership payments, even if you were the one who referred them.

Simply because you are not at that membership level yourself. You won’t even make any money off of their traffic purchases either because you’re not at the same base membership level.

I’m Spilling The Beans…

That being said, let me spill the beans and tell you that most people who promote this system, do not themselves use the traffic packages available. Although this system is geared towards newbies, it’s actually the opposite; it’s for marketers who have experience already with driving traffic to such offers that will have the upper hand.

You see, they already know how to drive traffic to this offer WITHOUT paying into the traffic packages. They could be masters of SEO (getting ranked in Google, Yahoo and Bing) or even those who make Youtube videos and get sign ups from there.

They could be masters of social media that have a BIG following, and thus are able to make money off this system by referring newbies. The problem is that newbies don’t KNOW how to send traffic to their offers, and thus, would rely on the bad (and expensive) traffic packages included within the system and will expect to make money.

That’s never gonna happen! These newbies are just paying for traffic packages so that the person who referred them can make a commission and for the financial benefit of the owners of the program. In my honest opinion, there isn’t a newbie who will be able to really make a profit NOT seeking an outside traffic source.

Is Push Button Profits A Scam? – Final Thoughts

I don’t really believe Push Button Profits, a.k.a Traffic Authority is a scam, but I nonetheless, do not recommend it. Sure, I know I could make a great income referring you to the program and to get paid recurring commissions every month, but my conscience would just not be clear; I would be making money off of YOUR loss.

I prefer being ethical and upfront about the programs that I promote. If I use it and have had success with it, I recommend it, even if I’m not making any money. But it’s not right for me to be telling you that this product is top-notch when it really isn’t, only to make a few bucks off of you. That’s not how I roll.

As discussed, this system is mainly for those who already know how to send traffic to their offer, though I would question their integrity and intent. I’m not saying making money with the system is impossible. You can make money, but only by treading over others.

The reports are that the traffic packages are expensive and they’re not even that good. ROI is really bad and once invested, you’re never getting that money back and there is no guarantee that anybody is going to join you. Eric makes it all sound magical but the program is questionable too.

Why would it be mandatory to buy into membership levels if all you want is to pay for traffic? Seriously, if that’s all you want, go to Google Ads! They don’t charge you any monthly fee to get your ads up and can work wth ANY budget, which is contrary to Push Button Profits.

How Affiliate Marketing Trumps MLM

Although MLMs have been around for a long period of time, the fact that they are known to be about “pestering” your friends and family to join, about presentations and about weekly house-parties, have all but caused prospects to think twice about joining these opportunities.

MLMs in general offer physical products and as a reseller, you have to buy the products first before being able to resell it. In order to make more money, the emphasis is made more on recruiting (and making money off of new recruits) rather than selling the actual products to customers.

With MLMs, you are also restricted to only being able to sell (and make money off of) the products endorsed by the company. Say you were an Avon representative, you would not be able to sell Young Living essential oils and expect to make money.

But with affiliate marketing, it’s different. You simply just recommend products, point your prospects to a special link straight to the product, where they can buy it at THEIR discretion. AND, you make a commission off that sale! That’s exactly how I make money every single day; I literally sit on my laptop, do some research and write an article, add the links to the products in my article.

This takes me only a few hours a day to do!

There are a few things to learn, such as properly building your website and learning SEO (ranking your posts in Google), but as soon as you learn how to do that, you’re only working literally a few hours a day, talking about 3 hours on a daily basis. Do you want to learn how I do it? There’s a free training you can go through that will teach you exactly this!

Check out the FREE training!

And what’s more, I’ll even help you along the way. Because you need somebody who has enough experience and who has actually make money with this method to guide you.

So join this program for free, and I’ll drop by and say hi on the other side.

Til then, stay safe around make-money-online program!

Your Friend, Reyhana

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