Is Raiken A Scam Or Will You Uncover The Secrets To Online Riches?

Have you fallen for scams before and are skeptical of these make-money-online programs? Me too, and that’s why I always take a close look at these programs before I buy them or recommend them on my website and Raiken is no different.

Is Raiken a scam that will disappoint you and rob you of your money like so many of the other programs on the internet, or is it really going to change your life around, as it did Steve’s?

It’s a program endorsed by a well-known affiliate marketer, Brendan Mace and to be honest with you, almost none of his previous products impressed me and I really hope that with this program, he can turn things around. It’s not about impressing me really, but about whether a program works.

So let’s take a look at what you get inside and the quality of the training, before you actually jump in with both feet, investing into this program.

Raiken At A Glance


Owners: Brendan Mace / Steve Raiken

Purpose: Make money selling clothes on eBay

Price: $19.95

Do I Recommend It?: Yes, BUT…

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What Is Raiken?

Steve and Brendan advertise Raiken as being a 100% newbie-friendly program that has the power to make you $239 per hour. That’s very HYPED UP and is so like most of the claims that Brendan makes about his other programs and NONE of his programs actually worked that way.

So, right off the bat, I had a bad impression of the program. But let’s not judge just yet, because there’s still the inside of the program to see.

They say the program uses a completely brand-new, never-seen-before method that will not require a website, a list, paid traffic nor any videos. It’s an easy method that you can get set up, as a newbie, in 30 minutes and bring in money as soon as today.

Again, hyped up claims are made here because this is just what you want to hear, right? A program that is easy to set up, that does not require a lot of work and that does not cost a fortune to set up. But in my experience, these methods don’t actually bring in any money for the newbie.

In order for a business to work, you need either money or time and work to allow the business to grow, but if a program says you need NEITHER, then there’s a problem because the real world does not give you money on a silver platter. We all have to work for it or invest.

How Raiken Works

Isn’t it strange that these two guys don’t give you an idea of what’s inside the program? Well, if it is to you, it’s nothing new to me. I know Brendan quite well in this respect, and he will never tell you what’s inside. Many marketers also do that and there’s a reason for it.

It’s because if you just knew, you wouldn’t actually sign up and pay for their programs. So that way, you have to bite the bullet; just pay and get their programs, hoping that they’re gonna work, which is rarely the case. If the program was as great as they claimed, why not give you an idea of what you’d be learning? Why hide?

I had a bad feeling even before getting into the member’s area because this program has a refund rate of 19%, which is VERY high for digital marketing programs. Additionally, the overall rating for this was 1.65 stars.

But anyways, when I found out what was inside the program, it was kind of bad but also kind of good. Lol…

The bad part, is that it’s NOTHING new and it’s definitely a method that you’ve heard of it before, and may even have tried already. So don’t expect this to be some kind of “secret sauce” that was recently uncovered, because it’s nothing like that.

The good part is that there’s actually a lot of training that is VERY step-by-step and that will take you by the hand; very detailed and organized, and explained in a way that a newbie will easily understand.

Steve created a course that will show you how to make money off of eBay as a seller/vendor on the platform. There are over 50 videos that are just over 5 minutes each, in general, so that’s a lot of content to go through. I was really impressed because that’s a lot of value for just $19.95.

The method here is to scour garage sales and thrift stores to find items that you can flip and resell for a higher amount. Nothing new. Been there, done that! And I will explain why it did not work further down below.

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What They Hide From You

So as usual, I compared the sales page to what you get inside and unfortunately, I found that there are quite a few things that they hide from you and I think it’s important that you’re aware of these things before getting this program. These are crucial bits of information that will help you make an informed decision about whether to get this program.

So the first thing that I noticed, was they said on their sales page that you could get this method set up in just 30 minutes, as a newbie, when that’s not the case.

When it comes to an eBay business, you need to research products, research suppliers, decide on pricing, spy on your competitors and make sure you’re not infringing any laws (like unauthorized reselling). These things don’t take you 30 minutes as a newbie to figure out.

And not to mention the scouring of thrift stores and garage sales, to find something that you will be able to resell at a higher price. That takes time and energy, and sometimes, even MONEY (in gas, transportation to these places).

Then, they tell you that you will be able to make money starting the same day, which is not false but it is not typical either. You see, when you’re a seller on a marketplace, like eBay or Amazon, you want to be able to list as many products as you can in order to maximize exposure and get your products found, to maximize the chances of landing a sale.

But guess what happens to your account as a new seller on eBay?

You only get to list 10 items and you’ll need to ship them quickly, to then get paid when your customer confirms they receive the item. eBay wants to make sure you’re reliable. That’s all good, but limiting the number of listings you can create will really hamper exposure and thus, you won’t make a sale as fast as they claim.

Another problem is that they make it look like you will only need $19.99 to get this business running, when in fact, you need to invest a LOT of money in supplies, in inventory, and in storage. I would have loved a heads-up before actually buying the program, wouldn’t you?

So there you go; to sum up, it’s a lot of more work that they are claiming, it’s not going to bring you money today and it’s going to cost you a pretty penny to actually launch this business and to maintain it.

The Disadvantages of Listing On eBay

I listed a few things for sale on eBay and let me tell you that it was a pain to get the stuff sold.

The first thing that really made it hard, was that there were so many other vendors selling the same items as me, which made it hard for me to land a sale. Because now, not only does the customer look at the condition of the item (new or used) but they also look at pricing.

When there is a lot of competition on a platform where several vendors are selling the same items, the profit margins are driven into the ground! Some people will even accept a loss initially just to get sales and reviews, which forces you to drive your prices even lower.

But last time I checked, business was all about making a PROFIT, wasn’t it? I mean, you’re already investing in the training, then into your supplies, then your inventory and so on. And unfortunately, the way things are going with eBay, you also have to accept making a bigger loss before you can turn a profit.

And let me tell you, the fact that you don’t have any customer reviews does not help the case at all! Because let’s say your competitor has been selling the same thing for a year and has 5 positive reviews on their listing, while you have none, guess who’s gonna get the sale?

Don’t get frustrated yet because there’s one more thing to take into consideration; eBay’s fees. You actually have to PAY to list your products on eBay and it’s a PER LISTING fee. Additionally, as if you haven’t lost enough, you have to give eBay a cut from each sale you make.

It’s not fair to only talk about the disadvantages but the disadvantages really outweigh the pros. The two pros of using eBay is that you have a trusted brand behind you and the other is that you can leverage the existing client base. There aren’t really any other advantages that I can think of.

Yes, my friend, this is the reality of selling on eBay nowadays. Those that have made a fortune on eBay and on other similar platforms (Amazon and so on), have started in the game much earlier and thus, have the upper hand. If you’re NOT already a big enterprise with a lot of inventory, it does not make sense to sell anything on these marketplaces.

Is Raiken A Scam?

To tell you the truth, I don’t think that Raiken is a scam. On the other hand, the training is well put together and Steve is a wonderful mentor. You really will be learning from one of the best in this arena.

But although it’s not a scam, it has its pitfalls. It’s not fair to hide all of the required expenses from you on the sales page. It’s not fair that you are forced to buy the program, before knowing exactly what you’re buying. Would you walk into a car showroom with all the cars covered, and blindly trust a salesman when he tells you that THIS car is the one for you?

Of course not! So why should this be any different? Why do you think that it’s okay to buy a program that you know NOTHING about?

Now I know why there was a high refund rate; it’s definitely not because of the training, but because people have most probably already tried selling on eBay and have failed because of the hidden costs and the competition. They signed up to this, thinking that it was really going to be different when it’s not.

This is a fine example demonstrating that if people really knew what was inside, they wouldn’t buy it. That’s the reason why they keep the details under wraps on the sales page.

And would you just look at the disadvantages of selling on eBay? I definitely think they outweigh the pros because really, there are only two; one is to make use of the trusted brand and the other, is that you can leverage an existing client base. That’s all!

The bottom line is that I do not recommend Raiken, even if it’s not a scam. It’s not low-quality but the amount of information that is hidden and the number of disadvantages of doing business on a vendor’s platform such as eBay is way too financially risky.

Want A Better Alternative? Here’s What I Recommend…

After reading this blog post, you obviously want a program or system that will be completely transparent. Well, let me tell you that transparency starts with the person presenting it, so I promise, I’m going to be completely transparent with you.

The program that I joined allows me to write an article every day that usually takes me about 2 – 3 hours. All I have to do is make sure to include keywords so that Google can send me visitors and buyers for free, and my affiliate link so that they can buy or take a closer look at what I’m recommending to them within my article.

And that’s it!

I know it seems easier said than done, but that’s really all I do and I make a passive online income from it. The best part is that you can try it for completely FREE! You only invest in it if you’re completely decided to take the business seriously and all that you invest really, is about $1 a day, for the training, the tools and the support.

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And even if you don’t like it, then hey! At least you would have tried and you can walk away without having lost any money after your trial. It has the potential to change your life, just like it has changed mine, so why not take a peak? 🙂

I actually will also be on the inside and will get in touch with you personally. I will be there to help you through the training and you’ll have direct access to me for any questions you might have or if you get stuck. Trust me, it does not get better than this.

You can chase “get-rich-quick” schemes forever, or let me help you! It’s your choice.

In the meantime, should you have any questions or concerns, or any comment at all about this program or making money online in general, please leave them below. I love hearing from you and would love to help you out in this journey of yours.

Your Friend,


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