Is the Amazon Code a Scam? – Red Flags and Hidden Clues

You must have seen the sales video and probably got led to asking yourself, is the Amazon Code a scam? I’m glad you didn’t invest in it and chose to research it instead. If you did buy it and saw that something was not right, then ask for a refund from ClickBank NOW, because you are correct.

In this review of the Amazon Code (AZ Code), I will reveal the lies of the program and show you that it is just IMPOSSIBLE to make over $1,000 on your first day as an Amazon Associate.

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At A Glance

Name: The AZ Code


Owner: “Andrew Peterson”?

Purpose: Training to help you reap $1,000+ a day being an Amazon Associate

Price: $37 + Upsells

Recommended?: Absolutely Not!

Red Flags!!!

I have seen many such scams / low quality products and to the trained eye, it is very easy to spot the red flags. But to the inexperienced person, it’s not as easy because they don’t have the knowledge of what it really takes to make money online.

The first thing I noticed, before even starting the video, was the country indicated at the top, saying that if I was from there, then I would be making $3000 in commissions. This is one very common tactic that scammers use to lure you.

Because let’s say if I was not from Canada and from another country, THAT country would be indicated there instead. It changes according to the location of your IP address.

Another red flag, is the fact that the owner Andrew, is not verifiable at all. The income claims of earning $49K a month are not verifiable either. On the other hand, such exagerated income claims with no work or by putting in only a few hours a day, indicate a scam.

I watched the video for a full 10 minutes, without ever being told what I would actually need to DO to make that kind of money. All it actually tells me is that it will teach me how to leverage Amazon, followed by testimonials and a lot jargon trying to convince me.

“Andrew” also uses “Amazon sales” and “Amazon commissions” interchangeably, which leads me to believe that he might not even know what he is talking about.

For example, he explains that he stumbled across a “secret” forum where he met a lady who said she made $31,000 as an Amazon affiliate, whereas at the start of the video, he showed a statement where he made $49K in “sales” with Amazon. These two concepts of making money from Amazon are COMPLETELY different from each other.

The testimonials are FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!

These are all paid actors from a freelance website called FIVERR, who were hired by the scammer behind this program to follow a made-up script. Here are their profiles.

And here’s another one!

If these people were really making in the roundabouts of $40,000 per month, do you really think that they would be selling their services on Fiverr for a measly $5?

Difference Between Sales and Affiliate Commissions

It may seem like the same thing for many of you, which is why I am breaking it down so you can better understand why it gets confusing.

“Sales” on Amazon are produced when actual products are sold from a vendor’s account. So when you are a vendor on Amazon, you say that you made “sales”, not commissions.

An “Affiliate commission” is related to a sale but is NOT a sale. This is a percentage OF the sale that is paid to an affiliate (known as an associate on Amazon) who referred the buyer to buy the product. Amazon pays a MAXIMUM of 10% (of the sale price) to its affiliates.


Let’s say a Barbie doll is sold for $25 on Amazon. You, as a vendor, would receive $25 (minus any Amazon fees).

Now, if you are an Amazon affiliate who referred the buyer to Amazon to buy the Barbie doll, the most you will get paid would be 10% of $25, which is $2.50.

When the same concept is applied to the $49K “sales” that Andrew claims he made within 1 month, we conclude that the MOST he could have received is $4,900 as an affiliate, thus making about $163 a day on average.

Broken down to these numbers, they aren’t as impressive.

Don’t you agree?

$4,900 in Commisions Within 1 Month – Possible or Impossible?

I am always honest with you. It is DEFINITELY possible to make $4,900 in affiliate commissions with Amazon. This is more than full-time income for many people all around the world, including the USA. But it takes time and it takes a lot of learning and the right training.

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Although Andrew is not lying to you, he is misleading you when he says that you can make it within your first month. He is implying here that you could quit your job today, sit down, do the work for a few hours and you would be making $1000 in sales by the end of the day.

Let me break it down for you because he uses “sales” and “commissions” so interchangeably.

The Sales

If you were a vendor on Amazon, you would need time to set up your account, look for products, add your products within your listing, add descriptions for each one of them, compare prices with your competitors. You would even need to BUY stock in order to be able to sell them yourself.

Now that you have stock to think about, you need to keep track of inventory. Seeing as you’re making the sales, you need to take care of customer questions, complaints, take care of shipping and returns.

These steps simply CANNOT be completed within 24 hours. I have been making money online for over 2 years, and let me tell you that you could be waiting 2 to 3 months before you even see your FIRST sale, let alone hundreds of sales per day.

As a vendor, you could even be looking at having to compete with other vendors who have been on Amazon for years and years and who have accumulated positive ratings. The only way to compete and make sales as a new vendor is to have a list price LESS than your competitors.

And that often means having to accept LOSING MONEY for a few months until you get a few positive ratings yourself. So you COULD be making a lot of money in sales, but where’s the profit?

Please come down from Cloud 9 now. You’ll only end up falling from there and breaking your neck.

Affiliate Commissions

Being an affiliate, you don’t have to deal with stock, keeping inventory, competing with other vendors, nor take care of customer service, complaints, shipping or returns. Which is great!

BUT… it does not mean that you won’t be working as hard. Yes it is possible to make $4,900 in affiliate commissions, but you have to SHOW people why they should buy the product over others.

No, you’re not coercing or forcing people to buy it. If you are, then know that this tactic never works. Nobody likes to be forced.

The most common way that people use to make affiliate commissions, is by creating a website and writing product reviews, where they explain the good and the bad of the product. If the visitor feels the good trumps the bad, they buy it. I have even seen visitors buying a product where the bad CLEARLY trumps good.

A website is easily created nowadays; it can be created in a matter of 30 seconds. The hard part is REACHING people who are interested in the product. You have to learn about SEO and you have to earn the trust of the search engines by writing QUALITY articles AND appearing on the first page of the search engines.

As you can see, it takes a lot of hard-work and effort on your part. It can take anywhere between 3 – 9 months for you to see your first sale, let alone hundreds of sales per day.

Do you see now how misleading this video is?

You Thought He Would Teach You To Be An Affiliate?

Think again, because once you buy The AZ Code, you are brought inside the members area where he teaches you how to be a VENDOR on Amazon, not an affiliate.

So if you were thinking that you were going to sit back, get proper affiliate training and look at the money pouring in, without having to handle customers, shipping and stocks, then you were taken for a (nice) ride.

If you are okay with learning how to make money as a vendor, then the training is okay, but definitely not worth the money. What you are buying here is a 70-page eBook. How much training do you think can be covered within this eBook, for you to be able to make money within 1 day? Or at all?

You be the judge.

Let me tell you about the BIG problem with eBooks; it is hard to get them updated. What do you think will happen in a few months’ time when Amazon makes a major change and what you were taught in the eBook does not work anymore?

The answer is; you will need to SPEND more money to buy yet the most updated training and the cycle will just keep repeating itself.

Conclusion – Serious Consideration

I totally think that The AZ Code is a scam because of how misleading the information is, the fake testimonials and how it does not teach you what it promises; to become a successful affiliate. Instead, it teaches you to be a vendor.

As you can now clearly see, even if you sign up with The Amazon Code and learn how to become a vendor on Amazon, it will only give you more headache. It will not give you the passive income that Andrew talks about, because you will constantly have to check orders, pack and ship products, and deal with customers.

Although making the amount of money that The Amazon Code implies is totally possible being a vendor or an affiliate, the amount of time they say it takes is totally misleading; it takes a lot of hard work and patience because you won’t see sales within your first day.

Here’s me handing the KEY of affiliate marketing to you!

On the other hand, now that you already know the benefits of being an affiliate over a vendor (and the AZ Code does not teach you that), having the proper training and support is KEY.

There is no easy push-button or secret formula. If there were, then I would say that it is getting proper training and working HARD.

Think of affiliate marketing like a cycling marathon where you are cycling uphill. The journey going up is tedious and hard. You have to train yourself and know what to do in what circumstance. But once you reach the top and start going downhill, you need to make less effort and reap all the rewards and good feeling.

People have not only been making $4,900 monthly being an affiliate marketer, I know people who have made over $10K monthly in affiliate COMMISSIONS. I’m not misleading you into thinking that this is easy because any type of business, be it online or offline, takes time.

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I wish you nothing success!



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