Is Wealthy Affiliate The Best Way To Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Is Wealthy Affiliate the best way to learn affiliate marketing

If you’ve come across my website or are one of those that have signed up for my FREE GUIDE, then you’ve heard of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the number 1 platform that produces the highest number of successful affiliates.

Even I have found success with the program and since I’ve reviewed hundreds and hundreds of other programs and saw what was out there, I’m even more convinced that Wealthy Affiliate is the BEST option.

But is Wealthy Affiliate the best way to learn affiliate marketing for YOU?

In honour of Wealthy Affiliate’s 14-year anniversary, I bring you a whole different review of this program that will give you all the UPDATED information. Feel free to email me or drop a comment below if you have any questions at the end.

Wanna See Some Delicious Proof Before We Start?

I know some people are just gonna click away because they’ve heard bad things about Wealthy Affiliate (like a competitor bashing Wealthy Affiliate) and think they’ve seen and heard it all about the program, but that’s just plain untrue!

Wealthy Affiliate has lots and lots of true success stories from real members, including me.

success stories at wealthy affiliate

Let me also clarify these people are real people who followed the training and got the results they wanted. It obviously required hard work and I’m NOT saying the same kind of success is gonna happen to you.

What I’m saying here is that with enough determination, willingness to learn, hard work and patience, that YOU can also be a success just like these guys, whatever success might mean to you.


Wealthy Affiliate – The Foundation

Wealthy Affiliate is an education platform that teaches you everything from A-Z on how to do affiliate marketing effectively, for the long-term.

The number 1 reason I think you should seriously consider Wealthy Affiliate is because of the foundation of the program. It was founded in 2005 by Kyle and Carson. They are real people and back then, they had to learn coding in order to start their first website.

They knew the hardships of starting a business; either it was too expensive and was not accessible to everybody or there were technical barriers that would stop people from starting.

They wanted to make it easier for others to start affiliate marketing businesses, so they created Wealthy Affiliate, a platform that now has over 1.9M members! It’s now been 14 years since Wealthy Affiliate has been in business.

If it was a scam or if it didn’t work, then I assure you. They would have gone out of business a long time ago. But the fact that they continue to dominate the industry, stepping up their game each and every year, makes it a viable program for anybody looking to make money online.

I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for 21 months and I’ve had nothing but good experiences. There are always updates happening, they listen to their members and make changes to suit our needs and they always, ALWAYS, pay on time.

One thing I have to add is that the owners are as ethical and as fair as can be. They go above and beyond and out of their way to help others. I’ve personally asked for help from them and always received a response.

What Is Affiliate Marketing? – Just The Best Way To Start Making Money Online

affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is a way of making money online where you promote other people’s products and receive a commission for each sale that you bring to the vendor. There are lots of advantages to this business model:

1) No need to buy products in bulk

2) No need to keep inventory

3) No costs to store inventory (like rent)

4) No need to pack and ship the product

5) No need to do customer service. Customers address the seller directly

6) Work from home or anywhere in the world

7) No limit to the income potential

8) Work WHEN you want

9) Low-start up and maintenance costs

10) Most affiliate programs are FREE to join

With these advantages, who wouldn’t start an affiliate marketing business, right? But unfortunately, so many people believe that making money online is easy and fast, and that they can get away with working on it 3 hours a week and make it big.

But like any legit business, affiliate marketing is NOT a fast money-maker. It is a BUSINESS so it takes time to build it up, to become trusted and to earn any profit from it. It is even harder when you don’t know anything about it because you have to learn it.

Don’t get discouraged because I was a beginner and still made it. If I can do it, why can’t you?

You just gotta keep an open mind and understand that nothing worth having in life will be easy to get, else nobody would have dreams and goals, right?

All The Tools You Need Are Within Wealthy Affiliate – No Need To Look Elsewhere

I’ve seen a lot of programs say that they’ll teach you how to make money online and they could have some good information to give. However, most of them are incomplete, not only with missing training but they also suggest expensive tools that you need to pay for separately.

But with Wealthy Affiliate, you are taught how to do business in 4 steps;

1) Choose a niche – This can be anything that you’re interested to learn more about, that you’re very knowledgeable about or that you’re very good at. There’s even a list of niches inside that will help you choose.

2) Create a website – Okay, don’t freak out yet. Ask anybody who’s making money online and they own a website. I mean, the biggest companies, like Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress all operate from a website, right?

So doesn’t it make sense to have a website of your own?

You’ll be happy to know that there are step-by-step instructions inside Wealthy Affiliate that will help you create a website. In fact, you can create a website by clicking 4 buttons within 30 seconds.

Wealthy Affiliate takes all security into their own hands and even give you 2 free websites.

3) Attract Visitors – Let’s face it; there is no money to be made if there isn’t anybody interested in the things you’re promoting, right? Well, Wealthy Affiliate shows you a way of attracting visitors.

That’s right! You don’t go chasing after anybody at all. You don’t beg anybody at all. You don’t have to talk to anybody at all either. Just follow the strategy of on your website and you’ll eventually get visitors and then be making some serious money.

4) Get Paid – And that’s the 4th and last step. Also known as the most exciting step. Don’t you think so?

I was just so very happy when I made my first sale, I couldn’t believe it! I had always been in doubt of whether I could do it or not, but I followed all the steps, I took the business seriously, I learned and practiced and I started making money.

So many people are doing it in Wealthy Affiliate so why can’t you?

Wealthy Affiliate has a list of products that you can promote from within, so there’s really no need to go anywhere outside of the platform if you don’t want to.

You’ve probably noticed that as I went through these steps that I actually told you WHAT RESOURCES you would be using. And like I said, they’re all WITHIN Wealthy Affiliate itself.  There won’t be any need to go outside unless you want to.

Sounds Good, But What’s It Cost?

Yeah, good question. Are you expecting the program to cost thousands of dollars? Or hundreds of dollars per month?

Well, it’s not. It’s actually FREE to try out the platform. That’s where you get the 2 free websites, hosting, some free tools to use and support for the first 7 days. That’s usually best to test the waters.


Then, you have the paid membership which gives you MORE than your money’s worth. You get to host upto 50 websites, hosting and security included, 24 hour support, ability to earn TWICE the commissions. You get the FULL training as well.

You’ll also get the privilege of sharing your journey with others and to document your milestones. You get access to me personally and to the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. You get the WHOLE online world that opens up to you to help you make an income online.

And you have three choices of payment;

wealthy affiliate payment plans

1) $49/month ($588/year)

2) $234 every 6 months ($39/month)

3) $359 every year ($29.92/month)

So you could potentially be running a business for less than $1 per day! So no, it won’t cost an arm and a leg and you could have EVERYTHING that you need right at your fingertips, within one platform, to get started on the business and grow it.

My suggestion is try the free version and see for yourself how great the community is. If it’s not as I explained it and you don’t feel like staying, I’ll have no hard feelings. I would be happy that you still gave it a try instead of just letting this opportunity slip through your hands.

It does not cost anything to try it for free anyways, right?

Wanna Know What The Owners Have In Store For The NEXT 14 Years?

Then let me share with you a blog post that Kyle, co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, shared within the platform. This will give you a good idea of what they represent, what visions and dreams and goals they have for the platform and to really get to know him.

I promise, he is not like those other “gurus” who think of their own benefits. Yes, he is running a business but he thinks of the members foremost.


If you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate or have questions, you can always drop me a comment below or email me. You can also get direct access to me via email if you sign up for my FREE GUIDE HERE, that explains everything in more detail.

Thanks for reading this article today. But what do you think? Have you had any experience with Wealthy Affiliate before? Is Wealthy Affiliate the best way to learn affiliate marketing, in your opinion? I would love to hear what you have to share.

Lots of love,


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