Is Web Copy Cat a Scam or Will You Make Money on Autopilot?

Web Copy Cat has been on the internet for quite a few years and this has picked my interest; if a system is a scam then it is usually shut down after after its first year or two. Anything that involves COPYING for me, is a no-no, which the name of this program suggests.

Is Web Copy Cat a scam then? Will you be losing your money by partnering with Devon? How does the program work and how will you make money? Is there anything that Devon is NOT telling you?

Well, you made a good decision to read my review because I will be answering all the above questions. It’s also always a good idea to do some research to really find out whether a program is right for you or not, unless you want to lose your money to them.

At A Glance

Name: Web Copy Cat


Owner: Devon Brown

Purpose: Done-for-you system to make money on Autopilot

Price: $1 Trial, then $34.95/month

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Devon’s Promises

First of all, I like going through the video / promises that a program and its owner makes to you, so that we can better analyze it and to find out whether it has any flaws and strong points.

The sales video shows you a few people who claim they have made money with the system within their first few weeks and come to the conclusion that the system works. Then you have Devon himself who shows up so ecstatic and energic to talk to you about the system.

He explains that he does not want to teach anybody to build their own website or to create their own product. What he wants is partner with you, do all the “hard work” for you so that when a sale is made, you both can split the sale 50/50. he will create the website, he will drive traffic to your website, he will take care of all the customer service, while you can relax and see money come in on autopilot.

This is a truly done-for-you affiliate marketing system, designed for newbies only, who don’t want to go through the hassle of website building and all the other hard work that goes into.

What I Like

1) Devon is a real person, a successful affiliate marketer who knows what he is doing.

2) I like that Devon let’s you get access to the system for $1, because this is not a big risk to take to find out what the system is about and how it will work.

3) It is a truly done-for-you system that will make you money. It’s great for those who want to PAY somebody else to do the dirty work, instead of learning to do it all by themselves. It’s great to save time and earn faster instead of taking the time to learn it all by yourself.

What I Don’t Like

This list is going to be a little longer than the list of things that I like about the system and they are based on my opinion of the program and my experiences.

1) Done-For-You System – Yes, the done-for-you system is an advantage but in my opinion, is also a disadvantage. How can it be a bad thing if everything is done for you, you may ask me?

Well, the problem with done-for-you systems is that you don’t have ANY degree of control over the tools, how you want your website to look and what you want to promote. being your own boss means that you can control EVERY aspect of your business, but with this system, that’s just doing to be impossible.

Done-for-you systems make you dependent on the program and should things be going wrong, there is no way for you to fix it, because you know NOTHING about it. Should Devon also one day decide to close up shop, all your tools, the background team and your INCOME, will all disappear overnight.

2) Devon does not want to teach you to create your own website – Real success online has always come from people who learned the online business and who OWN a website of their own. In my opinion, this is the biggest asset that you can have as an online business owner.

Letting Devon create your website, will NEVER make this website yours. You will never be able to take the website with you should you decide to leave because you only paid Devon so he could BUILD it, but you never paid to OWN the website.

It’s like the difference between owning a property or renting it; owning the property makes you the BOSS of the property, while renting a property makes you a TENANT. With this done-for-you business, you are only a TENANT and paying the BOSS to do the work for you.

But remember, the BOSS is the BOSS; he can leave at any time and there is NOTHING you can do about it.

3) Let Devon build your website (EXTRA cost) – It’s funny how you’re not told in the video that you will need to PAY extra to have your website built. If you go down to the FAQ section, you will find out that you will need to pay around $36 (12/hour for 2 to 3 hours), in order for Devon’s team to build your website.

So at the end of the day, it will not cost you $1 to test-drive the system. The $1 is only to get you access to the system and in order to REALLY try out the system you will need to invest into the website AT LEAST.

4) Autoresponder (EXTRA cost) – Letting you test-drive his system for $1 is a very clever trick in my opinion, although it does have its benefits of not posing a big risk for you. But in one way or another, you will still need more money to be able to earn with this system.

Devon talks about an autoresponder to manage your leads. This is not at all free. You have to pay a monthly fee to keep the service active. If you take GetResponse from my Top 10 Tools for an Online Business post, you will come to know that htey are perfectly legit but that they cost money.

GetResponse will be a minimum of $15 monthly and AWeber, another autoresponder that I personally use, is a minimum of $19.99 per month.

5) Traffic (EXTRA cost) – Not only do you need to invest in an autoresponder, but you also need to SPEND money on ADS to generate traffic to your website. There is no offer to show methods of driving FREE traffic to your website, which in my opinion, is not very cost-effective.

Sure, Devon will do all the work of driving traffic, but it costs about $1 per visitor to drive traffic with his team. If you were to learn how to drive traffic to your website on your own, it would cost you WAY less than a dollar, most of the time, between 15 – 50 cents per visitor.

We come to know that he charges WAY more than what is necessary and that’s just a tactic to make money off of you.

Not to mention that if you could create your own full-fledged website, that you would NOT need to invest into paid traffic at all. You could reply on free traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo, as well as from Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

With Devon, you have NO choice but to invest in paid traffic medthods.

My Final Opinion – Is Web Copy Cat A Scam?

To be honest with you, I don’t think that Web Copy Cat is a scam. On the contrary, if you really understand in-depth of how the system works, specially after reading this review, and you still want to go for it because EVERYTHING is done for you and you don’t mind spending the money for that ease, then I would say go for it!

But if you’re like me, then you already know what I don’t like about the system; I would rather have a website of my own instead of RENTING one, I would rather learn how to do things myself and keep the costs low, I would rather have FULL control of my online business and customize it the way that I want to.

In short, I want to be the BOSS of my own online business. As I mentioned, without having your own website and the power to customize it the way that you want to, i just don’t think that it is going to be a viable long-term solution for your own financial freedom.

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In the meantime, if you have any questions, queries, comments to make about Web Copy Cat or my #1 Recommendation, please feel free to drop them in the section below. I always reply… 🙂

If you have had some experience with either of the platforms, I would request that you also drop a comment to let us know of your experience and whether they have been working for you. It will be greatly appreciated.

Whichever way you choose, I wish you success, happiness and financial freedom.



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