Is Yoonla a scam? – Complete honest review

Money-making opportunities are everywhere online and there are probably more scams than there are legit programs. One of these programs is called Yoonla and after seeing a few youtube videos where people were flashing big numbers, followed by several zeros at me on there, I decided to really dig deep and to find out more about this program. Is Yoonla a scam then? Here’s my review.

At A Glance

Name: Yoonla


Owner: Reno Van Boven

Training: Yes

Tools: Yes, but it costs around $50

Support: Yes

Pricing: Free membership, some upsells

Recommended: No

My First Impressions

I must say that I was more than just a little confused when I went to research and to find out what Yoonla was about. I watched countless Yoonla videos on Youtube from actual members, and still, I was not able to really find out what kind of product I would be promoting being a member or an affiliate.

All that the members really focused on, was showing you the amount of money that was made and a few tips and tricks here and there but nothing that explained the products and how they work. That seemed a little shady.

Finally, I stumbled across a video that stated the program was a “lead referral program” where you get paid for referring people to sign up on the Yoonla website.

Yoonla advertised signing up could be done for free and they keep their word; no credit card or payment information is asked. As soon as I signed up, I was brought to my dashboard where I was shown an introductory video by the owner, Reno.

Again, there is no mention of what work I will be doing and how I will be making money.

But I already knew; the only way to make money with Yoonla, is to promote the actual system. The problem with it is that it is a pyramid scheme in disguise. There is no real product or substance to the business.

Training Videos

I signed up and dove right into the training. You are able to view the training in the form of video with Reno himself conducting them, or you could also download the PDF version of it. I chose to go through the videos as that would be much faster.

There are only 7 videos to go through and it can be done pretty quickly; as an experienced marketer, I was able to go through them within 1 hour. For a beginner, it will take more time to go through them with understanding, especially if you are following the steps of the training.

GetResponse Account – I must say that I was disappointed when I got to the 2nd video itself; Reno asks that you create an account with an autoresponder called GetResponse, where you will need to pay $15 monthly to be able to make this work.

Where I have no problem at all with GetResponse (it is actually a good tool to use in your online business), it dawned on me that Reno is the one making money over my head by making me sign up for it.

I have no problem helping others make money by clicking and buying through their link but promoting it within the 2nd Video itself shows me that all he wants is the money. I mean, there is ZERO explanation on what I would use it for. The video was 5 minutes long.

Yahoo Small Business Account – Anyways, moving on with the training, I got another pang when I realized that Reno asks you to create a Yahoo Small Business Account. He himself paid about $83 for hosting and the website domain name.

Hosting is the service that a company provides for making your website live and accesible on the internet and a domain name is the directory of the website, such as I am here explaining that to you, but he does not.

Needless to say here, that he is undoubtedly an affiliate with Yahoo Small Business and every time somebody clicks the link in the training, signs up, and pays for any service at that time, Reno makes money.

Other training

The next section of the training, are all in PDF format. You get some training to market on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter.

When I went into those PDFs and started reading, I was disappointed to see that they were not actual step-by-step instructions, but rather the understanding behind the mechanisms of each type of marketing.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am all about teaching how something works so people are better able to understand and use it, but in this instance, my expectation was to be shown, at least in a case study, of how it is done and how effective it can be.

All this can be found for free on Youtube and the internet anyways, but I was expecting Yoonla to be a little bit more in-depth and to actually show you how to be successful with it.


I think the support does not even come close to being good; when I clicked on the support link, I was asked to create another account there. Once done, I can only submit a support ticket. There is no way to contact them via email, chat, nor phone. Now, they don’t even give me a time-frame of how long it will take for them to get back to me. Will it take 24 or 48 hours? Will it take a week? A month?

I noticed they ask for me to join their Facebook Page, so I thought maybe I could expect to get some quick help there. But that’s a dead-end as well. There are questions that have been asked over 3 weeks ago, and nobody ever replied to them.

It’s all nice and bubbly when everything works fine, but there are instances where you really need help immediately. I mean, if you are a beginner and just beginning with your website, even if it takes about 2 – 3 days for you to get an answer, it’s no big deal, because you are not earning revenue yet.

But imagine you were Reno himself, making thousands of dollars a day. Having to wait 2 – 3 days for help via their support ticket would be unacceptable, because you are losing money in the process. I know even he would find that unacceptable.

Pricing / Commissions

As mentioned above within the Training Videos section, you are asked to pay $15 monthly for the autoresponder and about $83 for the Yahoo Small Business account, which brings us to a total upfront investment of about $100, with $15 recurring monthly and $83 yearly.

So much for being able to make money for FREE!!!

Also keep in mind that people on Youtube and other reviews and members will ALL hide these hidden costs.

I would also like you to know that there is NO WAY of making money with the free account. You HAVE to upgrade to the Elite membership. The only way to do this is to sign up with GetResponse and Yahoo Small Business account through their respective links and link them to your Yoonla account.

Yoonla will NOT allow you to move forward and make money without you paying for these services.

However, if you do want to promote the program and sign up for both the accounts, I want to let you know that you earn $2 – $4 per lead, depending on the location they sign up from.

If they sign up from Tier 1 countries, including, Canada, the UK, New Zealand, the USA and so on, you get the $4. If somebody from the other countries sign up, you earn $2. Know that if somebody signs up from Vietnam, India, Pakistan and a few other countries, that you won’t be making any commission as they have been banned due to high rate of fraud.

Reno’s Total Control

Yes, you will make money when somebody signs up through your referral link. There has been numerous proof that he keeps to his side of the bargain. But let me tell you that Reno is actually in full control of YOUR business.

Your source of income comes from him ONLY. Should the FTC or any other online authority force him to close, your income would cease. And that’s because you’re putting all your eggs in one basket with him. Your money is not coming directly from consumers or different sources.

Therefore, keep in mind that you will not be in control of what happens with your income stream with Yoonla. You could invest years into this and come to an abrupt stop because you’re not the one making the decisions.


Yoonla is on the verge of being a scam because the ONLY way to make money, would be to recruit and bring others to the program. This is a pyramid scheme in disguise.

From what I have uncovered, this program pays you miserly per lead you bring to the program, so the owner of the program can make more money through them by having them sign up with GetResponse and Yahoo Small Business account.

Each time $15 comes out of your referral’s pocket, he gets paid a commissions of 33%, which is $4.95 monthly. So he has no problem giving you a one-time reward of $2-4 because he knows he will keep making money from that same person monthly anyways.

As I said, I am not against helping anybody become successful by buying through their link, but if it’s a program as useless and aimless (except making Reno richer) as this program, it’s not worth it.

The training is very lacking and is something you can find all over the internet, where you can use it to promote ANYTHING you want at all! In this case, you are restricted to promoting Yoonla. Such a system at some point, will crumble to the ground and everybody who invested so much money into it, will be left with no income.

The support response time is below industry standard. I don’t want to join a company where I don’t even know when I will get a response, let alone a solution to my issue.

AND I hate the fact that Reno is the one at the top and pulling all the strings; yes, he gives you an opportunity to make money, BUT ultimately, he is the ONLY source of the money and therefore has total control over your business.

I do not recommend this program!

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Cheers to your success,



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