Is YT Crusher A Scam? – Will You Make $2K Every Single Day?

There’s much money to be made online and many people have made their dream of a laptop lifestyle a reality. YT Crusher is one of those systems that promises to change your life around, and will help you make $2K every single day, from Day 1.

Is YT Crusher a scam that will steal your money or will you really be signing up for a life-changing course that will allow you to become financially free? It the program really as good as Ciaran claims, or will he break his promises?

In this review, I will be going over what I think of the system and by the end of it, you will be able to make an informed decision of whether you should go for this system or not.

At A Glance

Name: YT Crusher


Owner: Ciaran??

Purpose: Make Money on Youtube doing affiliate marketing

Price: $37

Do I Recommend It?: No… This is an absolute SCAM!

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What Is YT Crusher?

Ciaran claims YT Crusher to be a system that will help you make over $2K per day, with little to know work. You don’t need any experience, skills or digital expertise to make money online. Even he was able to make over $90K within the last month alone.

He says that as long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection, you’ll be good to go. This method will involve you making money from Youtube. There are also a few video testimonials that are added to show you that the system works.

One girl even said that it only took her 15 minutes to get set up and the money came rolling in automatically. All you have to do is trust Ciaran expertise, skills and experience as vlogger because he will make all the tools available to you. On your own, you won’t be able to make money instantly, just like so many others that try Youtube.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to make that kind of money without much work, to be able to pay all the debt that we have, pay off the mortgage, buy any car that we want in cash, and travel the world?

Is YT Crusher going to help you make that kind of money and will it give you that kind of freedom? Let’s find out…

The Reasons Why YT Crusher Is A Scam

1) Ciaran Who?

Who is this guy, Ciaran? I mean, there is no picture of him. He says that he won’t tell you who he really is for privacy reasons and to protect his own identity. How does that make sense?

He is already such a big Youtuber and he is not shy on his videos there, so why would he be shy here? Hiding is what scammers do, because they know that their systems are scams and will steal people’s money. As soon as their systems are labelled as scams, they will create a new system, slap a new name on it and change their names, so you won’t recognize them.

In my opinion, If he really were a great Youtuber and he had disclosed that, my trust in him would have multiplied ten-fold actually seeing results of his videos on Youtube. Him remaining anonymous is not helping his case. It’s not developing any trust.

2) Fake Testimonials

Yes, the testimonials are completely fake. These people are actually actors that have been hired from a freelance website known as Fiverr, where they are paid $5 to read you a script written by the scammer. It disgusts me what these people will do for $5, knowing that they are taking part in the scam and helping the scammer steal money from unsuspecting people.

Here are their Fiverr profiles. Their words should not be trusted!

3)Scammy Tactics

The sales page is very hyped up and also scammy. They use methods such as showing you that you are qualified just because you are in a certain country. However, don’t be fooled by this because this is a very common tactic used by scammers to make you believe that this program is available in only a few select countries.

The flag and the name of the country changes depending on what your IP address reads. So if you are in the USA, it will be an American flag there, and if you are in Spain, you’ll see a Spanish flag.

4) The Sales Page

What’s more, is that the sales page, and even the sales video, of this system is EXACTLY the same as another scam product that I have reviewed some time ago, called Tube Crusher. YT Crusher is just another rehashed product of that system.

The scammer did not even bother to change the sales page, the sales video and not even the fake testimonials. They’re all the sale.

This is an example of what scammers do right HERE, about scammers rehashing older products and slapping a new name to it, just to fool people. Please don’t fall for it!

5) No Information On The System

There’s a whole video on this sales page and Ciaran just went on and on about the amount of money that you could make. He wasted your time showing you FAKE testimonials, he told you his story and he kept on going about how the system could change your life around.

Not once did he go over the system and how it works. To me, that’s just a bad business deal on Ciaran’s part. With a system as powerful as he claims YT Crusher is, why not use the powerful features, lessons or even show us a sneak-peak of what’s waiting for us on the inside?

That’s because Ciaran knows that his system is either a low-quality product or an outright scam. If he showed it to us, we would see through his lies. So he does not tell you what’s on the inside because he wants to get to your money. He wants to heighten your emotions to push you to buy his system.

6) Opportunity Arose for Ciaran to Make Money On Youtube in 2008

Ciaran explains that he started making video on Youtube from 2006 and was only able to start monetizing it in 2008. That’s a big fat lie, because affiliate marketing existed from before that. Youtube probably enabled ads to be featured on videos so vloggers could make money from them in 2008.

This leads me to believe that Ciaran’s story is completely fake too! I mean, he does not want to tell us about his real name, does not want to tell us his Youtube Channel and he does not want to tell us how his system works. So to me, this absolutely points to this system being a scam.

How Does PewDiePie Make So Much Money?

Sure, PewDiePie as Ciaran mentions, makes a ton of money on Youtube and so do a lot of other vloggers. They could definitely be either using the ads that appear before their videos to make money, or they could also be linking to products where if visitors buy, he gets a cut of the commissions.

The most important aspect of online business is constantly putting out new content. PewDiePie didn’t become rich by setting up a system and waiting for the money to roll in. He kept on putting out new videos everyday, sometimes maybe even 2 or 3 videos a day, to maximize the number of people that watch his videos.

The more videos you have out on Youtube, the more chances you have of reaching more people, and thus, more people will be clicking on your link and buying the products that you recommend.

That’s how you can make money on Youtube. It takes time and it takes dedication to put out all these videos. Making money online is not as easy as Ciaran claims and there is no secret ingredient. The only secret ingredient if you consider there to be one, is hard-work.

Is YT Crusher A Scam? – My Final Thoughts

I will come out and say that YT Crusher absolutely is a scam. There are just too many red flags for comfort. Making money on Youtube definitely is possible but you won’t start out making money immediately. Most newbies need to work very hard to see their very first cheque.

Ciaran wants to hide who he is, he does not tell you anything about the system, he pays people for the testimonials and the system sales page is EXACTLY the same as Tube Crusher, only with a different slapped on it. If Tube Crusher was so good in the first place, why even come out with YT Crusher?

YT Crusher is just another “Shiny” program that is after your money and will not help you make a dime on the internet. You can probably Google or search on Youtube and there will be plenty of FREE information about how to start a Youtube channel. Plenty of people will guide you and give you advice. You don’t need to pay $37 for this garbage!

Again, this is a SCAM and I do not recommend that you buy it.

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