Kash Kow Review – Push-Button Profits on Autopilot?

kash kow review

Welcome to my Kash Kow review. You’re here because you want a genuine and honest review of this product without being pitched to buy it. Because chances are, you’ve already seen affiliates trying to sell it to you.

Well, that’s why it’s more important for you to stick around to the end of this review because I will tell you all the good, bad and the ugly about Kash Kow that other people are not going to reveal to you.

And that’s fairer as a review, right? Because then, you’ll know exactly what the downfalls of this product are and you’ll be able to make an informed decision on whether this downfall is important enough for you to avoid it.

If you won’t be able to make it work anyways, why buy it in the first place, right?

Kash Kow At A Glance

Website: KashKowIncomeSystem.com/kashkow-fe-live1598187725322

Creator: Jason Fulton

Purpose: Page builder that grows your email list and helps you make money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $19+

Do I Recommend It?: No. As a page builder, it’s not that bad but I don’t think that it will be maintained or supported at all as time goes by. Moreover, they don’t show you how to get traffic effectively to promote those DFY pages.

What Is Kash Kow?

Kash Kow was created by both Jason and Seun and it’s not the first that they’ve partnered together to release a product. But they claim that Kash Kow is going to help you set up your business once and continue profiting from it.

Basically from I understand is that it’s going to be almost like pushing a button and making money repeatedly without having to work on it again. This just makes Kash Kow sound like a get-rich-quick scheme and that’s not good!

Get-rich-quick schemes make the creators richer and not the user. You don’t benefit from these kinds of product.

But anyways, they proceed to say that this is only a one-time payment, there won’t be recurring fees or extra expenses (which I highly doubt!) and that you won’t have to worry about traffic since free traffic is built into this software.

It will be very interesting to see whether they really don’t include upsells here (which falls into the category of extra expenses to me) and I’ll be damned if they really include a VALID traffic source or traffic training within the software.

I have my doubts because Jason has never stuck to his promises before. Most of the products that he claimed worked like charm actually never really works as advertised. He is just really good at selling and not good at helping.

They even make it sound like well-known online marketers like Russell Brunson and Neil Patel use the same product in order to earn their 6 or 7 figure monthly incomes, but don’t fall for it!

They might use a similar method, but it’s NOT Kash Kow! That I can tell you with 1000% certainty!

Now, I also happened to come by the number of sales that Kash Kow has and it’s over 2000. So are you telling me that 2000+ people just quit their job? Where are THEIR reviews of Kash Kow to promote it since they say it works?

You won’t see those because obviously Kash Kow doesn’t work as advertised. If it did, then there would be no need for Jason to keep creating products. One product would be enough for him to update and resell over the years.

You understand what I mean? There’s more work to create a new product rather than re-selling or re-promoting an existing one that has already done well.

So let’s take a look at what’s inside to see what “value” they are really offering here.


What You Get Inside – Useful Or Not?

Just beware of the upsells after your purchase! I have to tell you this because Jason and Seun are gonna try to take advantage of your purchase and make you buy more products that you don’t need.

Moreover, those upsells are not included in the money back guarantee. Why buy them and risk it when you don’t even know how good (or bad) the front end is, right?

But basically, Kash Kow is a page builder that allows you to create squeeze pages. These pages will allow you to collect people’s email addresses to grow your list, although I didn’t see anywhere where you could connect your autoresponder.

The training shows you how to use software only and not really how to get traffic. That’s one flaw that I will be talking about soon.

You also get done-for-you affiliate offers and pages of other products created by Jason and Seun, like uProfito and Profitorial, which have recently been released on the WarriorPlus market. You’ll get guaranteed acceptance to promote them.

The idea here is to get people to your squeeze page where they’ll give you their email addresses then to promote to them a product from those 5 done-for-you campaigns. Each sale generated will then earn you commissions

The page builder is actually nice and has all the features of premium page builders like Elementor. It’s great to be able to use this page builder for a while, but the problem is that it might probably not be maintained in the long term.

I’ll tell you about the disadvantages of that very soon too!

The traffic will come from your instagram account and Jason and Seun tell you that you don’t have to worry about having a big following. All you need to do is connect your account account to the software and send people messages.

This software will allow you to send messages to people even if they are not following you nor if you’re following them. You’ll be able to create lists of messages, like what you would do for email marketing.

The idea is to get them to click on your link to the squeeze page, enter their email addresses, see the affiliate offer and make a purchase. Sounds easy enough but let me tell you why it won’t happen this way!

The Flaws In The System – Why It Doesn’t Work As Advertised

The first flaw that I see is that there is no way to integrate the squeeze page with your autoresponder unless you buy the first upsell. So there’s no way for you to store the emails that people provide you.

The second flaw is that the way they incorporate instagram traffic is not a reliable traffic source. That’s because if you’re sending unsolicited messages to people, this is you spamming them!

Instagram hates spamming and if you send mass messages like the software is designed to do to various people not following you, then you’ll be banned! Instagram is good at this and they are strict about it as well.

So if you get banned, there aren’t any other traffic sources they teach you about in order to get traffic to your squeeze page and offers. They make you NEED their upsells where they might let loose a little more but if the front end is this crappy, then I don’t trust their upsells to be high quality.

The third flaw is that they probably won’t be maintaining this page builder, no matter how good it looks. You might be able to use it for a bit, but for how long, who knows?

They are only charging a one-time free for it, which means that they are not paying people/professionals to support the website/software to make sure it is working properly at all times. This is unlike other premium page builders, like Elementor, that charge a monthly/annual fee.

So as you can see, all these flaws contribute to you failing as a beginner. It makes you think that these are what you have to make do with out there. It makes it really hard to figure out what it takes to become successful.



1) Decent page builder

2) Money back guarantee


1) Misleading sales page

2) Page builder most probably won’t be maintained and will go into disrepair

3) Instagram traffic is unreliable and they don’t teach you about other traffic sources

4) Autoresponder cannot be integrated unless you buy upsells

5) Limited or non-existent support because Jason and Seun are product creators that release a few products every month. It would be hard to be able to manage supporting every single person they sell their products too.

Is Kash Kow A Scam?

It really depends on your perspective. If you say that Kash Kow is not a scam because you are getting something in return for your money, and because it has a money back guarantee, then you are right.

You’re not going to be losing money here so it can’t possibly be a scam.

But if a scam to you is a product that has a misleading sales page and does not work exactly as advertised, then Kash Kow may be a scam to you.

Whether or not you think Kash Kow is a scam, this product is not somethng that I would recommend either way. The truth is that you need to use a product that will get you results and the bottom line is that Kash Kow will NOT.

There are too many flaws in the program that will hinder your progress, especially if you are a beginner. There are too many missing pieces. You’ll feel stuck and won’t know what to do.

And when that happens, you won’t even be able to reach out for help because they won’t ever respond to you. They sell thousands of each of their courses so it is impossible for them to support each one of these buyers.

Because of the low-quality of their courses, they probably get a lot of emails from buyers and they are not able to help each one of them. Especailly not when they keep releasing new products every couple of weeks.

That’s why I think that your money is better spent elsewhere. I do not recommend Kash Kow!

The Best Way To Start Affiliate Marketing – With PROOF!

I get it! You want something done-for-you and that is going to make you money fast. We all want to do exactly the same thing but what you need to understand is that those who put in effort into the right methods are the ones that succeed.

You see, if you are a beginner and are looking for done-for-you stuff, you’ll never succeed because you don’t have the knowledge required to make the most of done-for-you programs.

You need to understand how it all works together in order to effectively promote a product to be able to make affiliate sales. You can’t just buy into a program and leave a few links here and there and expect to make thousands of dollars.

But the method that I use is called attraction marketing. I get people to come to me to buy the products, so that I don’t have to pursue them or beg them to buy my offers. And it has been working great!

And here’s another proof!

That’s why I believe that my free guide is going to get you in the right direction. The guide explains the way you need to think about affiliate marketing and the right method to use in order to attract buyers to you.


And with this free guide, you’ll also receive my free 6-day email course that will get you started on the right track, with checklists of what needs to be done within the first week of starting your online business.

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Get my free guide now and say NO to those gurus who chase you to get your credit card number. Put away your credit card and dive into training that will really make a difference.

Thanks for reading my Kash Kow review and as usual, I want you to share with us in the comments below of your experience with Kash Kow. Are you a beginner using it? Have you made consistent money with it? Share with us!

Lots of Love,


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