Kings Ransoms Review – A Big Scam That You Should Avoid!

Kings Ransoms review

Welcome to my Kings Ransoms review. I’m not associated or affiliated with Kings Ransoms and this I can tell you that this review is going to be honest and unbiased. I’m not gonna try to convince you to sign up for it for my own personal gain.

You know, I’m always looking for a new way to make money online myself, as well as to write about it on my website to help others make money online. But I refuse to make money at other people’s expenses like a scammer.

That’s why I’m giving you my honest opinion on Kings Ransoms today and whether or not I think that it will be good for you to make some money online. There are just too many scams online.

I have to congratulate you on doing your research before joining this website because you may never know what these guys might be after. However, I’ve seen this type of website before and that does not spell good news for Kings Ransoms.

Kings Ransoms At A Glance


Owner: Unknown

Purpose: Earn online by referring others and completing offers

Price: Free to join (but can cost you big!)

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s like the other websites that I have seen and they’ve all been scams and haven’t paid people their due for their hard work. They’re after your personal data to sell to hackers and scammers or to use them themselves.

What is Kings Ransoms?

Kings Ransoms claims to be a website that could make you upwards of $500 starting today. Wow, how amazing, right? That’s 2 – 3 times more what people generally make in a day in the USA.

Yeah, as if I would believe that! It sounds really good to be making that kind of money because that would be life-changing for most people and I must admit that it includes me! LOL!

They say they will pay you basically to refer others and if that’s not your cup of tea, then you can complete surveys and other tasks in order to earn. No Biggie!

But let me tell you that when I’m reviewing a program that I look at other similar websites that I’ve reviewed before to compare. I want to know which one provides more value and which is has the highest rate of success.

And that’s what I want to do with Kings Ransoms too. And the most legitimate websites that I can compare it to is Swagbucks, Points Prizes and Prize Rebel. They are not exactly like Kings Ransoms, but very similar.

However, the truth is that it raises a lot of questions and one that is very important to answer is why Kings Ransoms is paying so much more than Swagbucks and the others. Though it may sound and look good, we need to question it because it may just be a way for a scammer to lure you in.

For example, Swagbucks will pay you $5 when you create a new account and will pay you, I believe, $1 per referral, plus you also receive some percentage of what your referral makes.

But with Kings Ransoms, they’re paying you $30 simply to sign up and $20 for each referral that you get to sign up for free using your referral link. Where are they getting so much money to pay people?

How Kings Ransoms Works

When you want to determine whether a program or a website is a scam or not, you need to take a look at the business model. If the business model makes sense, then perhaps, it may not be a scam after all.

But that does not ring true here because the business model does not make sense.

The truth is that nobody needs to pay to sign up. So Kings Ransoms is not making any money from anybody signing up. How are they paying you?

They even say that you will also receive $2 per click on your referral link. If that led to an ad before bringing your referrals to Kings Ransoms, then it would make sense. It would mean that Kings Ransoms is getting paid each time somebody views the ad.

But that’s not what’s happening. So again, where are they getting the money from to pay you? Additionally, ads only pay a few cents to maybe just over $1 most of the time. How are they able to pay you MORE than what they usually make?

Some other people might come to you and tell you then that they make money when people complete tasks and offers. Fair enough, but how are they paying $30 – $50 per task? Who would pay you so much to complete a 15-minute survey?

Other survey websites pay a few cents for each survey and testing websites pay $10 or less.

If those companies can partner with Swagbucks and the other websites to pay this much less, why would anybody want to partner up with Kings Ransoms? It just does not make any sense!

That’s why my conclusion is that the business model does not work. They won’t make any money to pay you, to pay their employees, to pay the CEO, to pay for other maintenance fees and tools and they won’t be making a profit at all.

That’s a bankrupt business right there! Why would you risk wasting your time with this?

The Reasons I Believe It Won’t Pay You – Red Flags!

1) Unknown Creator

That’s one of the most seen red flags when it comes to scams; there is no information about the creator of the website or program. I’ve come across so many programs that use this as tactic to not be sued or recognized by other people.

The truth is that if there is some remnants of identification, scams would go out of commission very fast, thus limiting the amount of money that the scammer can make. Additionally, it would put the scammer himself in a difficult position.

Not only would people demand their money back but the government bodies, like the FTC, can press charges against that person. He would need to return all the money he took from people and can even be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Therefore, the safest thing for a scammer is to remain anonymous, so as not to have these kinds of programs.

That’s why I would recommend that you actually NOT trust these programs because the creators are anonymous. If this website was legitimate, why would they need to hide their real identities?

2) No testimonials

When you want to know whether a product on Amazon works the way it’s supposed to, you look at the reviews of the product, right? Well, with make-money-online programs, you want to look at testimonials.

Testimonials should always be from real people and from those people who have actually tried the program and earned from it. However, nowhere can I find anybody who said they’ve actually tried the program, were satisfied with the program and who can produce proof of payment all in one.

If there’s no proof or testimonial anywhere from anybody, how can you trust that the website really works as advertised?

3) The address is fake

This red flag was not actually discovered by me. I actually stumbled across a review of Kings Ransoms by Miren from I was looking for testimonials of the program then.

What Miren actually found out was that the address for Kings Ransoms is actually fake. The address can quickly be verified when you search for it on Google. And what this address turns out to be is a rental apartment in New York.

If you want to read Miren’s full review, you can do so HERE.

4) No contact information

Another reason to believe that Kings Ransom is a scam is because of the lack of contact information. There’s no phone number, no email address and no social media accounts.

In this day and age, everybody who’s somebody, even websites that claim to be #1 are on social media. And if not, they at least always leave some kind of contact information, but not Kings Ransoms.

So who do you contact if you have questions or need help?

Oh by the way, did you know that the Skype contact information within the website is actually a fake account? It does not exist!

5) Similar to other scammy websites that I’ve reviewed before

Kings Ransoms is similar to some other websites that I’ve reviewed before like Referral Pay, Tap 2 Earn, Paid Nova and Influencers Earn. There’s also another website called Notion Cash that’s actually been “featured” on the BBB website.

Since none of these websites actually tell us who their creator is, and since all of them have the same website layout, same type of work required and similar payouts, we can conclude that the same person is behind them all.

So when the BBB addresses Notion Cash, it’s really for ALL of the websites that are similar to it. This is what the BBB has to say.

Snippet From The Website

You can also read it HERE.

So basically the only reason for the existence of Kings Ransoms is for the owner(s) to gather your personal data. They can sell your information to other scammers and hackers who will scam you and spam your email.

They could also use that information to try and get into your online accounts, like Paypal and online banking, to steal your money. They could even steal your identity, which in tier one countries is not a good thing at all!

That’s another big red flag to consider.

Is Kings Ransoms A Scam?

You already know what I think of Kings Ransoms and that’s the fact that it is a big scam. I do not advise you try signing up for it and I do think that you should ditch your old email and create a new one. Then use this new email in place of the old one for your Paypal and banking accounts.

Believe me when I tell you that those red flags are the most indicative of a scam or low-quality program.

How can you trust anybody that created this kind of website over and over again and that has never paid people, and that does not have any testimonials? How can you waste your time with a website who’s business model does not work?

Why would you take the risk and sign up with a company that is known by different names and that the BBB is even warning you against?

There’s also so much proof that they won’t pay you and that all they’ve done is lie to you. How can you trust them at this point?

I do think that Kings Ransoms is a big scam. Although I cannot force you not to sign up for it, I really hope that you will take my advice and stay away from this website.

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Thanks for reading my Kings Ransoms review. Don’t hesitate to share your experience on this website because it will help a lot of people avoid this website. The comments section below is all yours!

Lots of Love,


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