Lazy Affiliate Method Review – Is It As Good As It Seems?

Welcome to my Lazy Affiliate Method review. This is going to be a completely honest review, without the bells and whistles that the other affiliates of the program promise you. FYI: I’m not an affiliate of Lazy Affiliate Method.

Yes, those trying to sell this to you and saying that it’s as good as it seems, or better even, are trying to sell you the program only talking about the good things of the program. Have you noticed they don’t say anything negative?

That’s because when you buy through their link, they make money. It’s in their best interest to only focus on the good stuff.

But in my review, there’s going to be a fair comparison between the good and bad of the program. Who’s ready to rock ‘n roll?

Lazy Affiliate Method At A Glance


Owner: Kevin Fahey

Purpose: Make money doing affiliate marketing

Price: $12.95+ upsells

Do I recommend It?: Not really, because there are better programs out there

What Is Lazy Affiliate Method?

Lazy Affiliate Method is a program that is sold on WarriorPlus, that promises to help you make hundreds to thousands of dollars online. Kevin, the creator, says that you only need to invest 30 minutes a day to make it work.

It’s a done-for-you system that is so easy to implement that even newbies without any experiece or knowledge about the online world can make money on autopilot. You just need high-converting funnels and that’s what he will give you.

He insists that you need the following to succeed:

1) unique funnel strategy

2) high-converting capture pages

3) irresistible lead magnet

4) high-converting affiliate offer

5) high-converting follow-up sequence

6) spending hours and hours testing and re-testing the funnel

Well, with Lazy Affiliate method, you apparently get all that. All you need to do is uplaod and profit. Sounds like easy and fast money, right?

And this is actually why I’m skeptical of the program, even if it comes from somebody who is not hiding their identity. This pogram is promoted as a get-rich-quick scheme, which usually only benefit the creator of the program and its affiliates.

Never the members!

I’ve been in the online space close to two years now and I know how money is made on the internet and I can tell you that it does not happen the way that Kevin claims. He just wants to sell his program to you.

But then, that can only be determine at 100% after seeing the inside of the program, right? So let’s take a look.

How Lazy Affiliate Method Works

After you pay for access, you get to the dashboard in the members’ area. And aside from the “Start Here” tab, all the other tabs are “recommendations” or upsells. That’s where I started to notice the lies.

You see, there was never any mention of extra costs or upsells on the sales page or in the sales video, right? On the contrary, he mentioned that there would only be a one-time fee to get access to the whole program.

But anyways, let’s just take a look at what you get for $12.95 and if it is worth it and that’s the following:

1) Thank you pages

2) Squeeze pages

3) done-for-you funne;

4) Lead Magnets

5) Pre-written emails

The good thing is that they can be used no matter what product you’re promoting. The bad thing is that they are geared mainly towards make-money-online products. 

So if helping others make money online is not your forte and you’re not knowledgeable about how the online world works, then you’re out of luck. You woouldn’t really be able to use them to sell/promote other niches/products.

Turning to the training, you get 16 videos, the first being an intro, the next 14 being core training videos and then a bonus video that is almost 1.5 hours long that shows you the process from start to finish.

This main training shows you how to make money online doing affiliate marketing. If you don’t know what it is, then let me explain.

It is a way of making money online where you promote other people’s products and for each sale that you facilitate, you make commissions. At least Kevin is showing you something that is legit and that works.

I know that because I’m an affiliate marketer too and that’s how I’ve been earning.

However, you will not really be learning everything that you need to know about affiliate marketing and exactly how to make money with it with Lazy Affiliate Method because there’s some important training missing.

The way that you’ll be taught by Kevin here is to create squeeze pages and offer a free product in return for your visitors’ email addresses. Then, you’ll steer them to your offer and if they buy, you make commissions.

Even if they do not buy, you still have their email address where you could send the same offer or other offers, for as long as they do not unsubscribe from your email list. All that is good, but where are you gonna get visitors in the first place?

Well, that’s included an an upsell. So basically, what you pay is for the setting up of the business that will be ready to RECEIVE customers but the basic training does not include the one most important thing; how to generate traffic.

Because without traffic, there’s no money to be made no matter how good or high-converting your funnel is. If people aren’t being introduced to it, then you won’t make money.

The Good Stuff

I like to be fair and give credit where credit is due and Lazy Affiliate Method does deserve some credit.

1) Low cost

Getting the kind of information that Lazy Affiliate Method gives you for $12.95 (if the price remains at that), makes this product very low cost. There are very little businesses that will allow you to get started with so little money.

2) Some Good Information

Despite a ton of training bring missing (that was originally promised would be included) there is other good information that is given to the newbie and the intermediate affiliate marketer, that will get you started on the right foot.

3) Full usage rights to the pre-written emails and other resources

You are given the right to use any and all resources within the program as your own, without the risk of being dinged with copyright lawsuits.

4) Money Back guarantee

There is a 30 day money back guarantee from WarriorPlus, so should you not be satisfied with Lazy Affiliate Method, you can always ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

The Not So Good Stuff

Although there are some good aspects to the program, there are some other aspects that just make this program not worth it to me.

1) Lies on the sale page

The fact that this program is created by a real person does not mean that they are going to be honest with you. There are just too many lies and under-handed sales tactics used on the sales page to manipulate your mind and to make you buy.

2) Consider the Costs of Running this business

That fee at $12.95 is just to get you through the door. Kevin never talks about any other fees that will be required in order to run this business. But let me outline them for you.

1) Aweber ($19.99 / month) – Autoresponder to automate sending out emails to your list

2) Monetization Methods (Upsell for $27)

3) 10X the Traffic (Upsell for $37) – Needed to learn about traffic else you won’t make any money. This was supposed to have been included with the basic training, as per the sales video, but it’s not. Kevin lies straight to your face!

4) VIP training (Upsell for $1, then $29.95/month) – This includes around 240 training videos and as per Kevin, he says that this library of videos get updated. However, I do not know how current they are or how accurate.

I also do not know how often it will be updated. Is it worth it to keep this membership if only one new video is added every month? Not really. I also do not know if they are in any special order or properly organized. 

But it does not look like a step-by-step guide to me.

5) Done-For-You Offer (Upsell for $97) – This is an upsell that will have Kevin doing all the work for you, in the form of setting up the landing pages and the offers, as well as connecting your autoresponder and so on.

But Kevin is not going to be driving traffic to your squeeze page. You still need to do that so get ready to purchase the $37 upsell. 

Also know that if you choose this option then you would have learned nothing and won’t be able to reproduce Kevin’s work. Keep that in mind because you may want to learn how to do it yourself to scale your business later on.

3) The funnels can only be used for the make money online niche

All the done-for-you stuff circles around the make money online niche so you cannot really use them for other niches.

Say you really like pets and want to promote pet supplies, the emails and funnels will not work for those kind of products. They would be promoting “hey click here to make some money” and once they click, they’ll get to a poop scooper.

The audience for the emails and your niche will be unrelated and that will hurt your sales.

4) Missing In-Depth Traffic Training

There is some traffic training and the ones included in this training are the following:

– Facebook and Facebook Ads

– Youtube Videos and Youtube Ads

– Solo Ads

– Blogging

– Google Ads

But they are not deep enough for you to really earn big money from them. Some of the training, like on the Facebook Ads, Solo Ads and Google Ads are decent but not the other ones. But taking up those methods of driving traffic will cost!

Those are the methods where you can work 30-45 minutes a day but the others, you will have to really work on it. It takes much more work on Social Media because you need followers and you need to post often so your posts are also shown often.

With blogging, you need to learn about SEO, something that Kevin does not really touch a lot upon. You need a tool for keyword reserach and learn how to make both the search engines and your readers happy. 

There are also some vital information that is missed for Youtube marketing. So as you can see, it is costly to run this business the way that Kevin teaches you to do it.

Is Lazy Affiliate Method A Scam?

I’m not blown away by Lazy Affiliate Method but it’s not a scam either, in my honest opinion. The sales video and sales page are very misleading and what Kevin says he’ll give you isn’t all part of the basic program.

There are also a lot of lies, like Kevin telling you the system is 100% done-for-you and that it is the easiest and fastest way to make money online. There are a lot of hidden facts as well, like the extra costs that he does not discuss.

What do you think about the upsells? Should he have told you about them? What’s the deal with telling you he will show you how to drive traffic and then actually just wants to charge you more for it in order to show that to you?

I think that Kevin is just being unethical and just wants to sell his product and its upsells.

The training is decent, but nothing that deserves an award. It is good for an introduction to affiliate marketing but then, the training where you’re shown how to drive traffic really revolves around paid venues.

The free traffic training isn’t really as good because there is a ton of information missing and tons of tips and tricks that are just not included.

For the price of $12.95, it’s not so bad. I do recommend it for that but if you were expecting to make $200 by the end of today, then this is not the system to do that, unless you have at least $50 recurring every month to pay and over $200 to pay for upsells right now.

Additionally, also take into consideration the amount you need to invest in ads every single month. It gets quite expensive. You would need to buy other programs anyways, so why not look for something that will give you more value for your money?

Here’s A Better – AND FREE – Alternative That Made Me Almost $1000

You see, I’m an affiliate marketer too and the way that I get traffic is through blogging. Seriously, it’s very effective. You don’t have to talk to anybody or try to convince anybody, and no need to sell to anybody either.

I blog about a topic that I know or care a lot about. People get to my blog and offers through Google. They read what I blog about and click the link to purchase what I recommend. It’s all about being helpful.

People don’t like to be sold to, they like value. So if you give them that, then you’re halfway there.

Did you want to learn how I do it? Awesome, because I’ve created a FREE guide that will give you all the details about how it works and what you need to get started. Don’t worry, I’m not Kevin. This is REALLY free.


What you’ll get in my FREE guide is the information that so-called gurus are keeping from you. You’ll also get FREE access to me as your mentor. Ask me questions whenever you need help!

You’ll also get a list of my FREE resources that I used when I first got started and still use now. You also get FREE access to the platform that taught me how to make money online as well! All FREE!

So get my FREE guide now. Don’t delay because you could be missing out on all the good information.

Thanks for reading my Lazy Affiliate Method review. What do you think of the program? Have you tried it? Is it as bad or as good as I described it? Leave a comment below and educate us of your experience. I would love to hear from you.

Lots of Love,


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