Lead Lightning Review – Is It Really A “Commission-Spitting” Machine?

Welcome to this Lead Lighting Review!

I received an email inviting me to join Lead Lightning and thus, seeing as there are a lot of people that are worndering whether this is a legit system or not, I decided to take an in-depth look at the program to tell you, my loyal readers, about whether it’s a scam or the real deal.

It sure looks amazing and easy to make money with the program, but like many other programs on the internet, what if it does not live up to the expectations or promises set?

Well, read this review until the end as I bring all the details of this program into the light. What I can say is that it won’t be pretty!

Lead Lighting At A Glance

Website: FreeLeads.myprofitfunnels.com/site/index.asp

Owner: Michael Price

Purpose: Make money getting leads

Price: $7 + Upsells

Do I Recommend It?: It’s a pyramid scheme, so I suggest that you stay away from it!!!

What is Lead Lightning?

I knew that the name of the creator of this program, Michael Price, sounded familiar. After digging into my website review archives, I found out that I had already written a review of another program of Michael’s, called Power Lead System.

Power Lead System didn’t really impress me last time, so I didn’t have high expectations of Lead Lightning either, as the name of the program said it all; there might not be that big of a difference between Power Lead System and Lead Lighting.

But anyways, I will still go over what this program is about for your convenience here.

Lead Lighting is said to be a “commission-spitting” machine that will help you build your email list, at a one -time fee of $7. It’s supposedly so easy to use that even beginners can start making money using the program. It even refers itself as a “business in a box”.

But believe me, if it was as easy as they say to make money online, then nobody would have been working the traditional job anymore. And the fact that the sales page makes reference to a list, means that you will have to get people to give their email addresses, which isn’t so easy when people don’t trust you.

And of course, as with many other “make-money-online” programs, they don’t actually tell you what the “primary business” is within the sales page. Usually, if the program isn’t transparent about what the “primary business” is or what the products that you will be promoting are, then it’s a red flag.

A completely legitimate program would NEVER have to hide the details of its products or how it works behind a price tag, and thus, I can say that I’m getting negative vibes from this program already.

How Does Lead Lightning Work?

My research has finally led me to learn what is inside the program, how it works and what the product actually is. There’s a VERY good reason that there was no details about the program and the products within the sales page because people would actually catch on and nobody would join the program.

Sure, there’s ton of training and tools to use and the training can be of some benefit to a newbie, but the fact that the program teaches you to promote ITSELF is a big no-no in my book. That’s because a program that has ITSELF as a product is called a PYRAMID SCHEME!

This is Power Lead System all over again!

Some people promoting the program may come at me, saying that they are making money, and tons of it, so it should be legit, but I counter that! Not EVERYTHING that brings in money is legitimate. I could tell you to join a DRUG-DEALER and you could make big amounts of cash, but does that make it legal?


Consider The ACTUAL Costs – Pay-To-Play Scheme!

Going through the sales page as a newbie, the low cost to get into the program may seem very insignificant for the value that you are getting in return, right? If I were a newbie, even I would get drawn in by it, but I now know better!

The initial $7, advertised as the ONLY One-Time FEE that you need to pay to get access to the whole system, is actually just to get you through the door. And the fact they pay their affiliates $6 for every $7-referral you bring to the program, means that they only keep $1 for themselves.

Do you think these money-hungry *** will be satisfied with $1 per sale? Not a chance!

That’s why there are over a total of $850 in upsells that you need to consider before joining this program.

1) Regular Membership – $7 One-time (Commission – $6)

2) Silver Membership – $29.97 / month (Monthly Commission – $15)

3) Gold Membership – $53.97 / month (Monthly Commission – $20)

4) Diamond Membership – $147 One-Time (Commission – $100)

5) Platinum Membership – $497 One-Time (Commission – $400)

I have to admit that the compensation plan does not look too bad, and it is possible to make money with the program, but this is a pay-to-play system, which means that you have to actually BUY into the membership levels in order to make any money from that membership level.

For example, if you were to join the Silver Membership and you referred somebody and they bought the Gold Membership, you wouldn’t make ANY commission from that sale. Your commission would get passed up to the person in your upline that has bought into that same level.

That’s because you’re not in the same level (or a higher level) than your referral.

Why would you work so HARD to get a referral when all the money would get passed up? This is a way to push you to buy ALL levels of the system, so that the higher ups can make more money.

Additionally, seeing as this has to do with list building and email marketing, you will be OBLIGATED to sign up for another service, called an autoresponder, that will cost you upwards of $20 every month!

And to be honest, EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM that has to do with email marketing, will have you invest in Solo Ads, which is honestly a good marketing strategy, but can be quite costly! It can be described as RENTING somebody else’s email list to grow your own email list and to promote to them.

Solo Ads will cost you upwards of $300 if you want to make a sizeable profit.

Lead Lightning Review – My Final Thoughts

As good as Lead Lightning sounds, and how good the compensation program looks, I have to say that I do not recommend this program. It is a pyramid in disguise and is bound to fall apart, just like another high-ticket program called MOBE (My Online Business Empire).

If the FTC catches on to Lead Lightning, then things could get really bad for your business if you are caught. You would have to give back money to EVERYBODY who you ever referred and it would be a huge loss to you. There’s nothing good that can come from joining such a business.

If Power Lead System were so good, then why did Michael need to create another similar program in the first place? My hunch is that people have now caught on to what Power Lead System is about and have stopped joining it, such that Michael and his members are making less and less money from it.

Thus, duplicating the EXACT same business model and slapping a new name onto it was a way for Michael to disguise the program and make it look like a whole new program. People are going to get conned into it all over again, but there will be a time when people will catch on, yet again…

What will Michael do then?

Well, the same thing as he did this time… So keep his name engraved in your memory if you don’t want to keep falling for the same thing over and over again.

For Those Serious To Start A REAL Online Business

I’m not here to crush your dreams by writing a negative review about the program. I want to educate you about how to navigate through the traps and pitfalls of the make-money-online world. I was once a victim of these scams when I didn’t know any better, but now that I do, I want to share my knowledge with you.

The way that I make money online is completely different than the way that others make money online. I don’t lie, con or manipulate you so you can give me your money. I am upfront about what I have to say and most importantly, I make money simply by “educating” people online.

What I do, is write about my passion for a few hours a day and I now make a passive income from home. All you have to do is choose a topic to write about, write it out, add your keywords and your affiliate link and you’re done! Rinse and repeat that and with time, Google will trust you and will send people to your website for FREE!

That’s how you most probably got to my website, right? So you can trust that it works because I am proof of it!

Frankly speaking, you can’t just set up a website and start writing. There is a technical aspect that you have to learn about and you can learn it for FREE! No payment information required at sign up. Only pay if you are satisfied with the service and ONLY if you want to!


Additionally, you get personal access to me, where I will help you and guide you through out your journey. I will share with you a few tips and tricks that have worked for me and what I do every single day that will boost your progress and kick-start your journey.

I hope you give it a chance! As soon as you join, I’ll get in touch with you on the inside!

Your Friend,



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