Lifestyle Now Review – Is It Really Going To Make You Rich?

There are a ton of systems online that claim to be life-changing and that will earn you hundreds to thousands of dollars a day and Lifestyle Now is one of those systems. But it is hard to know whether they are scams or not, if you’re not familiar with how money is made online.

So in this Lifestyle Now review, I will be revealing some shocking facts about what this system really is about. You’ll come to know by the end of it, whether this system is really going to make you rich, earning you tens of thousands of dollars every single month, or whether it is going to be a complete scam.

Unfortunately, there are many more scams than legit programs on the internet and I’m just very happy that you are going your research before trusting any program that you come across.

At A Glance

Name: Lifestyle Now


Owner: Joel (presented by Tanya)

Purpose: Make money online at the click of a few buttons

Price: $49.95 one-time and $9.97 / month

Do I Recommend It?: No

What is Lifestyle Now?

The sales video starts off with Joel telling members that they have just made between $10K – $30K each. Tanya explains that she has a gift for you and all you have to do is watch the video: you will be given the secrets to making some money at absolutely no cost to you. So if you don’t act within the next 5 – 10 minutes, this opportunity will be gone forever.

She explains that she will be revealing confidential information and therefore you should not share this page with anybody. You will get access to the system that those earlier people, as well as she, have used to make money, absolutely free. You’ll be able to log in and use the system to earn “quick, easy money for as long as you want”.

You don’t need to be a computer genius to use this done-for-you system and thats’s why she is looking for beginners. That’s because beginners are not tainted by the fake training and so-called gurus that are found online. And yet, some beginners will understand that taking action is the most important aspect of becoming successful.

Once you get in, you’ll be able to activate the system with a few clicks that’s only going to take you about 15 minutes of your time and then, you’ll see the money rolling in automatically. Some people in the testimonials go on to say that the system has changed their lives and one even went on to say that she only works 2 hours every week only.

These are a lot of heavy claims and unfortunately, claims that point to a scam or a low-quality system. Let’s dive deeper into the claims that are made and I will tell you exactly what’s inside the program afterwards.

Red Flags

These “claims” that are made within the video, I call them red-flags. That’s because they share similarities to many of the scams that I have exposed on this website.

1) You are extremely lucky to be here right now

That’s what they all say; that their system is the best that is out on the internet right now, the ONLY one that is going to make you rich and the only one that is going to work.

That’s just not true! There are tons of ways to make money online, just like there are different ways to earn a living doing the traditional job. The problem online is that it is difficult to verify the legitimacy of an online company compared to when you go to a job interview.

2) It won’t cost you anything to make money

That’s COMPLETELY false. When you sign up with your name and email address, you’ll find out that they ask for full information, including billing information. That’s when they disclose that the amount that you’re going to pay would be a one-time fee of $49.95, to then have a $9.97 per month follow.

This is very similar to the other scams that I have uncovered, namely 700 Profit Club and Explode My Profits, where you are told that the system is going to be completely free but then are asked to pay when you get to the next page.

3) Log in and make money quickly and easily

Unfortunately, there isn’t a system that will make you money quickly and easily. There is always work involved. If it were as easy as Tanya says it is, then don’t you think that many more people would be doing it? Don’t you think that people would have a better time finding work online rather than grinding away at their 9 – 5?

Also, think about it: in order for anybody to make money, some else needs to spend money. Do you spend as easily on the internet or are you mostly skeptical?

Most people are skeptical, thus meaning that they are more reluctant to give away their money online, specially to somebody that they don’t know and don’t trust yet. This is enough to understand that making money online needs just as much work and time to grow, as an offline business.

As such, there is no way to make tens of thousands of dollars online only by working 20 minutes per day.

4) Interchangeably calling the system Lifestyle Now and My Lifestyle Now Mentor

Another red flag that I have noticed, is that the website is called Lifestyle Now and the video talks about something similar, called My Lifestyle Now Mentor. However, we have to note that these names are nonetheless different.

Many scams and low-quality products online use different names to lead you to the same opportunity or else, they use old products and rehash them into new scams, in order to disguise their real intention.

That’s why we have to be very careful when there are two names are interchangeably used, as is the case with this program.

5) Free and 100% Automated online commissions

Tied in with some of the points above, this opportunity is not free as we have seen. The other point is the fact that commissions will be automated.

I agree that at some point in time, that the commissions would come in automatically, but to come to that point, you need to be working and working and working! Additionally, it depends on the kind of work that you’re doing online as not all of the opportunities would allow you to make automated commissions.

However, if systems advertise automated online commissions as is done in this case, it mostly points to a scam or low-quality product, that is only looking to steal your money by having you sign up.

6) No Info about how the program works

Last but not least, we are not given any information about what the work entails, what the system is about and whether this is anything legal at all. We are just told that the money would come in automatically.

This smells scam to me!

If this system worked so well and was legit, then you should expect that there would be some information given out so you can rest assured that you are joining something that is not going to land you into trouble, or that is looking to get rich by scamming you.

My personal opinion on this, is that full discolure of details should be given to give you a chance to make an informed decision. But you’re not given that chance within this video.

7) Income Proof matches another system’s income proof

That’s another problem that I have found: the income proof shown within the video here, is identical to another system that I have recently exposed as a scam, called 700 Profit Club. This means that either this is a re-hashed product or that the creator of this program is the same as the one that created 700 Profit Club.

These type of people never care about the people who are signing up under them; all they care about is the mone that is coming into their bank accounts just by recruiting and promoting these products to other people, whether they work or not.

What Lifesyle Now Really Is About

With some research, I was able to find out that what Lifestyle Now points to, is a legitimate program called Now Lifestyle. Now Lifestyle is a MLM (multi-level marketing) company that sells products that help people live a better life, both in using more natural products in their everyday lives, as well as by promoting them with a business opportunity.

With this MLM, you make money both by selling products and by recruiting people into the company. The commission is pretty hefty too, a good 50% from each sale as well as from each recruit.

Although MLM systems are completely legitimate, I have to say that I am not a fan of the model. I used to sell Avon and was also once in an insurance company called Primerica, both using the MLM system. The problem that I have with this system is that you always have to go out to find leads and customers.

In other words, you always have to chase after the money. This model is definitely not going to bring you money on autopilot and it is definitely going to need more work than what Tanya claims.

It’s not going to be as easy as just loging into the system, clicking a few times and watching the money roll in. You’ll have to spend money in the products before you can resell them, you’re gonna have to pay ad fees, you’re gonna have to constantly be talking to people about it.

So although this program is not a scam, the way that it is advertized in the video is completely misleading! The business does not work the same way as Tanya claims it does.

Wrapping Up This Lifestyle Now Review

At the end of the day, although Lifestyle Now points to a legitimate program, it does not change the fact that the sales video is completely misleading. Now we can see that the person who is promoting this system, if her name is even Tanya, only wants to recruit and make money off by signing you up.

She does not really want to help you make money, seeing as we also find out that the exact same income proof are shown within another similarly misleading video promoting 700 Profit Club.

MLM systems don’t have a good reputation as they are compared to pyramid schemes, but pyramid schemes make money off recruiting ONLY, whereas MLM systems have legitimate products that can benefit the general public, without having to sign up to promote the program.

I guess that if you are okay with network marketing, that Now Lifestyle could be a great way for you to make money. But keep in mind that most people who start out in the business don’t really make that much money or they leave because the model needs constant work.

Because of personal experience with MLMs and because I would not fell comfortable to recommend that you sign up under Tanya, I do not recommend this program.

How About A Business Model Where People Come To You?

Yes, such a business model exists and it is called, Affiliate Marketing. This is the exact way that I make money online. The way that you get people to come to you, is by making your website available on the search engines, just like I have done; I have made this article available online, to help you out and by you looking for this info, you were led to my website.

I did not have to chase you to read my post and I did not have to pay ANYTHING to get you to read this post either. I am living proof that this is one of the best ways to make money online not because it gets people to come to you, but you can also make money by doing the work only ONCE.

Once I published this post, it became live on the Internet and accessible to the Billions of people that are online on a daily basis. Day after day, my post has the potential to reach more and more people, and when they buy something that I recommend, I make money.

I choose to do so with the utmost honesty and I only promote products that I have personally used and approved. Not everybody online is out to get your money… 🙂

That’s why I will introduce you to the platform that has helped me make money online. It’s a platform that is FREE to join and that does not ask for any payment info. I will be honest with you (as I always am) to say that there is a paid side to the membership, but you NEVER have to upgrade if you don’t want to.


When you do join, I will become your coach and mentor from day one, meaning that any questions you have, anything that you are stuck on, or any help you need, even if it is as small as just a quick mental push and reassurance, I will be there to help you out, until you’ve started making money online.

At the end of the day, it’s your choice but I would hate to see you keep falling for scams when there is a legit opportunity that you can try FOR FREE right under your nose.

Wishing you the best always,

Your Friend,


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