LiteBucks Review – Will They Pay You Or Is It A Scam?

LiteBucks Review

Welcome to my honest LiteBucks review.

The truth is that there are so many scams online and that makes it hard to find real programs that actually pay or work as advertised. Is LiteBucks a scam or is it one of those rare programs that will actually work like it claims to?

We can never be 100% sure and that’s why we always need to do our research. Congratulations on doing your research before signing up with a seemingly good program because it could turn out not to be one.

I’m going to expose this program to you today, because LiteBucks looks like bad news to me.

LiteBucks At A Glance


Creator: Unknown

Purpose: Refer others to make money

Price: Free to join

Do I Recommend It?: NO! It’s A Mass Data-Harvesting Scam!

What Is LiteBucks?

LiteBucks claims to be the “Only Legit Influencer Network” that will pay you $10 per person that you refer to the website. It claims that you’ll be able to make $300/day instantly using social media and that you’ll make $25 simply by signing up.

But unfortunately, there are some red flags that I see already and one of them is the fact that they seem to be overpaying for these tasks, when it compares to other legit websites, like SwagBucks and Survey Junkie.

You see, I’ve really only seen as high as $5 sign up bonus with SwagBucks, being a free website where you can make some money. $25 is really fishy!

Then, there’s the fac that they claim you can make $300 per day with LiteBucks, when you would only be able to make a maximum of maybe $20 per day with a website like SwagBucks. Something is not right here!

Additionally, there’s also the fact that I’ve seen similar websites before, like Referral Pay and Notion Cash, that claim to pay you for referring others as well. However, they are both scams.

Is LiteBucks also a scam? I really do think so and I’m going to prove it to you in this review.

The truth about making money online is that you need to learn it and apply it. Nobody is actually going to pay you $300 per day for such a simple task as referring others, especially if it’s a free service.

Because think about it: if it was so easy to make money online, like LiteBucks and those other websites claim, then who would still be working a traditional job today? NOBODY, right? But you still find people there. Why is that?

Additionally, so many people are struggling to make ends meet. If it was so easy to make that kind of money online, nobody would be struggling. Gives you some food for thought, eh?

How LiteBucks Works

One of the ways to determine whether a program is a scam, is by looking at the business model. If it makes sense, then it’s all good. But LiteBucks’ business model is confusing.

You see, when somebody creates a website such as LiteBucks, they want to be in profit from the services that they are offering, and LiteBucks claims that the way they make money is through ad-spent revenue.

They claim that the more people you refer to the platform, the more ads people are going to click on and/or view and the more money LiteBucks will make. A portion of that revenue goes to you.

However, LiteBucks only mentions REFERRING as the way to make money online here, not viewing or clicking ads. And what’s more, is that there are NO ADS whatsoever on the entire website. So what revenue are they really making?

The other way that they claim they make money is through sponsorships. That also raises a red flag seeing as sponsorships for PRODUCTS mean paying to support a product (investing into the product) to make more money from sales.

So who are they selling to here? The members?

From what I see, there is something very fishy going on. First, they tell you the way to make money is referring others for ad viewership but there are no ads, then they talk about sponsorships.

So do you have to refer others to make money? Do you have to view or click on ads to make money, or do you have to buy sponsored products or sponsor those products yourself to make money?

Well, it looks like you have to do it all and you can’t cash out unless you got 100% on everything. But don’t waste your time, since they won’t pay you!

Don’t Waste Your Time Though… LiteBucks Won’t Pay You!

Even if you do manage to complete all the tasks, get all the clicks and referrals needed to cash out, and meet the minimum $200 threshold, LiteBucks just won’t give you the money. And I’ve got some proof here for you.

1) Fake Payment Proofs

Yes, the payment proofs on the LiteBucks websites are completely fake and let me show you how I found out.

You see, LiteBucks said that they’ve been in business since 2015 and that’s actually a big, fat lie! I went to the website to find out when the website was registered and the date that comes up is Sept 16, 2019.

Now, let’s go back to the payment proofs and look at those dates. ALL of them are prior to the creation/registration date of the website.

How can anybody have made money from a website that didn’t even exist on those dates? The only conclusion is that those payment proofs are completely fake and made up.

Nobody has actually gotten paid from LiteBucks.

2) BBB complaints

Remember how I told you earlier that the layout of the LiteBucks website is exactly the same as some other websites I exposed as scams before, like Referral Pay and Notion Cash? Well, the kind of work required is the same and so is the kind of money they promise to pay out.

So what we can conclude here is that the person who was behind those websites is also the creator of LiteBucks. And unfortunately, that’s not good news!

You see, the BBB website has actually tried to get in touch with Notion Cash and the mail they sent got returned, undeliverable. It means that the location of the business is completely fake! How can you trust this kind of website?

Additionally, there are so many complaints on the BBB website in relation to Notion Cash and most of them have got to do with non-payment.

And you can take a look at all the complaints HERE.

And if the same person who is behind Notion Cash is also behind LiteBucks, then what tells you that the creator will have a change of heart and start paying people? The truth is that nobody has ever gotten paid and nobody will!

What Is LiteBucks After?

That’s a good question. I mean, LiteBucks is free to join after all, so some people might not think that they’re here to scam anyone. But let me tell you that not all scammers are after your money.

LiteBucks and other similar websites are after your personal information; your name, your date of birth, your address, your phone number and so on, in order to sell that information to others.

The person behind LiteBucks is smart, because he is getting the members to REFER others to the platform and to gather that information for him. He just needs to relax and create some more similar websites.

Apart from selling that information, he could use the information himself to try and hack into people’s online accounts, like email accounts, banking accounts, Paypal accounts and so on.

Another reason he could be gathering all this information is for identity theft, which is especially dangerous when you live in a Tier 1 country. That could affect your credit store/rating.

So as you can see, there is plenty of risk, even signing up for a website that is advertised as free to join. You just need to do your research before giving out ANY information at all.

Is LiteBucks A Scam?

From my perspective, LiteBucks is definitely a scam. There are too many red flags and some pretty strong evidence that shows that LiteBucks does not work as advertised and actually won’t pay you for your heard work.

As we’ve discussed above, the pay is really high and I think it’s one of the best to con you into thinking that you’re gonna be able to make easy money with the website. It’s also free to sign up because they have a hidden motive.

And that’s to gather as much personal data from as many people as possible in order to sell it, or to simply try to hack into as many people’s online accounts as possible. Identity theft is also a possibility.

Then you have the business model that does not really make sense. They advertise having to refer others to make money when they will make you jump through hoops and never actually end up paying you.

You also have the fake payment proofs and the lies on the website. We don’t even know who created these website and that’s one of the reasons that I think the creators of Notion Cash is also behind LiteBucks.

And because that’s almost certainly the case, the evidence with the number of complaints from people, saying that they never got paid with Notion Cash, is enough proof that nobody will get paid with LiteBucks.

I’m staying away from this website and I also recommend that you do the same. LiteBucks is a scam!

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Thanks for reading this LiteBucks review. Do you think LiteBucks is a scam? Have you gotten paid like they promised? Or is my review accurate? Let me know in the comments below… 🙂

Lots of Love,


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