Make Money Even Review – Possible Pyramid Scheme?

Make Money Even review

You probably received and email about Make Money Even and were wondering whether the program is legit or a scam, right? You’re looking for more information and probably will consider signing up if things look good.

Well, in this Make Money Even review, I will be telling you everything that I’ve found out about the program. These are things that will really make you question the program so it’s important for you to read until the end.

Even I was interested in the program so that’s why I was looking into it. But research is important because working online since December 2017 has opened my eyes to the scams behind the facade so I’m more careful.

I’m glad you are too! But let’s get started!

Make Money Even At A Glance


Creator: Martin

Purpose: Supposedly to teach you affiliate marketing

Price: $10+

Do I Recommend It?: No! It’s a pyramid!

What Is Make Money Even?

The video on the home page has Martin talking to us and he tells us that Make Money Even will help you make money online even if you are an existing business owner or a newbie. You can get more customers, more sales, more leads and make more money

He also says that they have a great affiliate program, which means that if you do decide to promote it, you will be able to make money when people you refer to the program actually join.

Another thing that he tells us is important if you want to make money online is to know how to do effective advertising and marketing. Without this you cannot succeed and I agree with him. And that’s the skill he will be teaching you.

The training will show you step by step what to do so even if you’re newbie in internet marketing, you can become successful. You in fact start making money the same day you get started! Isn’t that exciting?

Uhh… not to me and that’s because I have been in the online space for so long that I’ve seen the same claims being made by other programs and that actually never really deliver what they promise. Additionally, they are always hiding things from us.

I’ve found that either they don’t offer the training that you really need in order to succeed or that there are extra costs that they never disclose before having you join. And sometimes, it’s even worse because there’s both inside the program.

So what’s it gonna be with Make Money Even? Let’s find out.

How Make Money Even Works – A Pyramid?

After getting Make Money Even at $10, I found out about a few things that you should really know about, as a newbie and as an experienced internet marketer, if you’re thinking of joining the program. This is what stopped me from going any further.

Contrarily to what they tell you about the program giving you step-by-step instructions, there are only a few tutorials and they’re not really in-depth. They teach you how to write/create ads for products you promote.

So that’s not really helpful to a newbie because in my experience, you need to have a GOOD foundation for your online business. Without in-depth related training, you won’t be able to build a good foundation, thus leading to failure.

Because the training is not enough, I would not recommend that you just start your business with PAID ads or any other paid advertising because you can burn a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing. I’ll explain more on that soon.

What I don’t like is that Martin promises to show you EVERYTHING you need to do to get more leads and more sales and you’re under the impression that it will only cost $10. But that’s not what happens.

If you’re not satisfied with the brief tutorials, you’ll need to invest $200 more to become a VIP member and to access the premium training. Apparently, you’ll also get more tools, although at this point, I have strong doubts that they’ll be any good.

How you make money when you’re just a Basic member at $10 is by promoting the program. You get banners and pre-written emails and ads to help you promote it and that’s about it.

Since people aren’t really joining the program for the “marvelous” training/products, this is more like a pyramid scheme. It would have been an MLM if the products could actually benefit members of the general public, but you become a referral here when you pay to join, whether you want it or not.

That’s how a pyramid works!

Costs – Your Pocket Needs To Be DEEP – And Compensation Plan

As you already know, it costs $10 to join the basic membership and that cost is ANNUALLY. If you want to become a VIP member, you’ll need to pay an additional $200.

From a compensation point of you, each time refer somebody into the system and they pay $10, you make $5. But when you’re at the Basic membership, you’ll be passing up every other referral to your sponsor.

So that means that you won’t be earning from every single referral you bring into the system. And it will be the same thing for you. If your referrals remain at the Basic level, they also must pass up every other referral they get to you.

That’s what makes this a pyramid!

On the other hand, if you want to keep all your referrals, then you need to pay another $50. You won’t earn from your referrals paying that but you will earn from every referral that you bring into the system.

You will also earn from referrals upgrading to the VIP membership at $200.

However, these are not the only costs. There are costs of PAID ADS to consider.

It costs a LOT of money because you have to constantly experiment and tweak your ads. It will cost hundreds of dollars only to do this! And once you find out which works the best, you’ll need thousands of dollars to scale.

For example, you may want to create two different ads to promote the same system and run the ads for a week, at a maximum budget of $10 per day. That’s already $140 just to test them out.

You compare the results at the end of that week and scale out the one that worked the best, so now, you would want to maybe invest $20 – $30 per day on that one ad, costing you upto $210 for that week OR $840 in a month!

So as you can see, the $10 you pay is only to LURE you into the system, making you think that there won’t be any other costs when in fact, running such a business will cost you so much more. It’s similar to Easy 1 Up and Email Processing System.

This Is What Happened To Other Similar Programs In The Past

I really don’t think that there’s much value to be had within Make Money Even and as such, I do suspect it to be a pyramid scheme. Even if it’s not, there’s obviously something wrong about the system since another similar program got shut down.

You must have heard about MOBE or DA if you’ve been in the internet space for a bit. MOBE and DA worked almost the same as Make Money Even, in that they lured people in with low costs to almost FORCE them to upgrade.

They claimed that the products were to teach business people essential skills to make money online, when in reality, the tools were all geared towards making others promote the same program they just joined. So you can see the similarity, right?

There were so many complaints that the FTC had somebody join these programs to investigate and all truth came out. MOBE and DA were then shut down, resulting in SO many members, especially those that joined in the later phases, to lose money.

So as you can see, Make Money Even uses a similar business model which makes it scary when you think about other similar programs that were closed. How do you know Make Money Even won’t be closed tomorrow?

Moreover, the people you refer to the system actually become your competitor. So you’re recruiting your competitor because the aim of every single person that joins the system will be to promote the program.

At some point, people will stop joining because all truth will come out and the system will crash. The people that joined latest will lose their money. Don’t let that be you!

Is Make Money Even A Scam?

It really depends on how you define a scam.

A scam is a program that will give you nothing in return for your money. So, from that perspective, you may not consider Make Money Even to be a scam because there is some information about ads that you could learn as a newbie.

However, the business model is what really has alarm bells going off in my head. It looks like it’s an MLM and not even affiliate marketing and even then, because the product is almost useless, it looks like a pyramid.

Most of the material you get is geared towards helping you promote Make Money Even, which you can’t use independently of the program.

Moreover, other programs that worked similarly were actually shut down by the FTC and so many members lost their investment. If that does not tell you that something is seriously wrong with these programs, then I don’t know what will.

If the training or tutorial was informational and was actually worth the $10, then I would have had no problem recommending it if at least for THAT, but given that it’s not, I cannot even do that.

For all programs that I review, I like looking for positive things because I know it takes a lot of time and effort to put a program together, but in this case, I really cannot find anything positive.

That’s why I will say that I DON’T recommend Make Money Even.

Wouldn’t You Rather Earn Recurring Income With A REAL And LEGIT Business Like Me?

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m an affiliate marketer, which means that I look for products to promote so that when people buy the product, I make commissions. It’s a legit online business model that even Amazon and Ebay use.

So rest assured that there won’t be any funny business going on. Make Money Even claims to teach you to make money doing affiliate marketing but obviously, they’re showing it to you the WRONG way.

Besides, their business model isn’t even based on affiliate marketing!

But the way that I do it, usually in just 4 steps, allows me to earn recurring income WITHOUT the need to recruit. I just talk about products in a niche/category that interests me. There’s no selling either! Take a look at my proof!

If you’d like to know how I do it and how you can get started for FREE – yes, FREE – then you’re lucky. I’ve created a FREE guide that will go over all the details and the workings of the business for your benefit. These are things that so-called GURUS will never tell you.


And like I said, it’s completely FREE. There are FREE resources that I direct you to, FREE tools that I recommend for your online business and also get FREE access to the training platform that I myself used to become a success.

Everything is FREE to check out so you’re not losing any money here if you do decide to walk away. However, if not, then I’ll be very happy for you and will mentor you until you become a success yourself.

So GET MY FREE GUIDE NOW to start and I’ll see you on the inside.

Thanks for reading my Make Money Even review. I would love to hear what you think of the program, especially if you’ve yourself been a member. What did you like or dislike about it? Did you learn anything worth while? Leave your comments in the comments section below!

Lots of Love,


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