Make Money Online Scams – See Through Their Lies

Many more people are turning towards the internet nowadays to get an extra piece of the Billion-dollar pie and are falling for make money online scams. I’m talking about educated people, who are smart and who make rational decisions. I’m talking about people like you.

How come you’re getting drawn into these scams and losing money? How do you not recognizing that these are scams and that you should not be investing your money into them? What are you doing wrong?

Well, here’s my personal take on the signs to look for to recognize a scam. By the end of this article, you will be able to recognize a scam when you see these triggers and when you do, I suggest you walk away from the program.

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Most People Have This ONE Misconception

Yes, only ONE misconception is causing so many people to fall for these scams. And as long as this misconception is there, unfortunately, scams will continue to exist.

And this misconception is that you can make A LOT of money instantly without any hard-work. 

Many of you will probably walk away from this page right now, because I’m telling you a truth that you just DON’T want to hear. And it pains me to see you walk away because you will continue to fall for scams and lose money chasing a dream that will just never become a reality.

But for those of you who may be disappointed but willing to listen to the cold, hard truth, once you understand that there is no short-cut to making money online, no push-button software that will run on autopilot and no secret to making millions online, then you’ll be able to see the truth in what I have to say ahead.

If there were a secret to making money online, it’s that it requires work! That’s something that scammers will never tell you because nobody wants to hear it. If they said that to you, then they would not make money. And a system that requires more work for you will require more work for them.

So it’s just easier to lie to you to make quick bucks and move on to creating more scams to con more people. And the tactics below are what they will use over and over again, because people keep falling for them.

Trigger #1 – Availability Based on Your Country

There are so many programs out there that will tell you that because you are within a certain country, that the program was made available to you. Just think about it; this is the internet we are talking about and the internet is WORLDWIDE. How COULD they restrict the program to certain countries?

The simple truth is that they CANNOT restrict a program to a certain country. And why would they do that? They want to make MORE money so they WANT more people to buy into it.

When you see a country’s flag or a message like “Get Ready for Great Commissions Because You’re in Spain”, know that it’s a luring tactic to make you believe that it is available to select few, when it really isn’t.

Trigger #2 – Convincing Video

More often than not, you will be shown a video where the spokesperson will be convincing you to buy into the product. They will talk you through a heart-wrenching story and tell you how they stumbled across a way of making money online that nobody else knows about.

They will talk about the big money they make and that you could also make, by following their system. You would then be able to pay off your credit card, your house and your car and be able to afford the luxuries in life.

This is another scam trigger. Businessmen base their decisions on facts, not on emotions, and the exact opposite is happening here. When a person needs to CONVINCE you with small-talk rather than SHOW you the hard facts, then you have to beware of the product.

Trigger #3 – Fake Owners

Mostly, you will see that it is the owners of the programs that will be addressing you and they will give you their names and tell you that they have helped hundreds of people like you make money online. If they were really that famous, then don’t you think that you would be able to find them online?

Why not perform a search on Google to see if there are other people talking about this “guru”? Surely, if the “guru” had changed their life so much then they would talk about the program and the owner. If you find nothing, then know that the name of the so-called “guru” is fake!

What else other than a scam, could the product be if the owner is hiding themselves?

Trigger #4 – Proof of Income

Many a times, the owners of these programs will tell you that they were able to make $8000 within the span of their first week and even show you proof. However, I want you to know that these proofs can be manipulated, edited and changed!

They hire experts at photoshop and other photo editing software to make up the numbers on the proof and they look so real that you believe it. But now you know that without hard-work, you can’t start earning that much and surely NOT within your first week.

If something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true. Trust your gut instinct! If the product was so popular and people were making so much money with it, why is everybody not using it?

Trigger #5 – Fake Testimonials

Yes, they do exist. Most of the product reviews that I have done in the past, have all had fake testimonials. The scammers had actually hired actors from a freelance website called Fiverr, to act out a script given to them and these actors are so good that you start believing that the program really worked for them.

But it does not matter how good they are at acting the scripts out, what they’re saying is just all false. If the owner of the program has such a good success rate, then why not ask THOSE members to give a testimonial? Why pay actors instead?

This just goes to show you that the program was never meant to work for anybody at all and was not really created to help you make money. All they want is your cash! And the more you can give them, the more they’ll take.

If ever you do come across a video with testimonials, go look for them on Fiverr to see if they were hired from there to talk about the program.

Trigger #6 – Information on the Platform

Again, if all the video or website does is sweet-talk you into the program, without actually showing you the different facets of the program, then I would definitely advise you to stay away.

Giving out information on the workings of the program is what will sell it because you are giving people a sneak-peak. That’s when people will understand the tools, why they are used and also the results that will come thereof.

If no information is given on the platform and they’re asking for money upfront, then know that they are a scam because if they were really a genuine program, why would they hide information that would actually bring people in? It does not make sense, right?

Real Life Examples

If you were looking for some real life examples of some scams and how I exposed them in the past, here’s a small list;

1) 60 Minute Money Plan

2) 30 Day Success Club

3) Tube Profit Sniper

4) Easy Insta Profits

5) 5 Minute Profits Sites

Extra Advice To Recognize Scams

Now, some other scams may NOT have these triggers. That’s why my extra piece of advice for you would be to actually research the program. Don’t base your decision after looing at one review on the internet, look at multiple ones.

Because to be honest with you, some people will only promote the program to be able to make commissions when you buy into it and that’s all they care about. They won’t care about how good or how bad the program is.

And unfortunately, their positive reviews of the programs will be on the first page of Google. So that’s why I want you to understand how important it is to read multiple reviews to really find out the truth about the particular program.

Lesson Learned

These triggers are the main ones that you will find associated with scams and I hope that I have explained them clearly. There is no short-cut to making money online. Although serious money can be made, it does require some effort and the money will NOT be instantaneous. Remember to look at the hard facts and not make decisions based on emotions.

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If you have any questions about recognizing scams or even about my #1 Recommended training platform, please feel free to leave me a comment below. I always reply… 🙂

Cheers to your Success!



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