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Everybody is good at something and most people like what they are good at. How would you like me to tell you that you can TEACH others what you know and make good money with it? Even possibly PASSIVE income? Exciting, right? This article will deal with making money on Udemy, teaching what a topic you are good at and that you love! Udemy is the place where you can teach ANYTHING that you want to share with others.

At A Glance

Name: Udemy


Owner: ??

Training / Tutorials: Yes

Tools: No

Support: Yes

Success Stories: Yes

Recommended: Yes

My First Impressions

This platform is one where instructors create courses that are in demand. It also allows people who are looking to learn about a certain topic, broad or specific, to buy them through Udemy, at very affordable prices, sometimes even for free.

The lessons are conveyed in terms of videos, where the instructor is part of the video. Audio is also included. Therefore, you have to be comfortable speaking on camera.

Udemy’s homepage is very easy to navigate and the search bar makes it easy to look for courses. Everything is accessible and neatly displayed. This is a positive aspect because as an instructor, time is money. You want to be able to find things easily and quickly.

The categories, I was not so impressed with, because I was expecting a broader set but whatever it is that I would want to teach, I will have to figure out a way to make it fall within one of them.

So jumping to the “signing up as an instructor” part, there is literally almost NO information that you need to provide, except your name and your email address. As soon as you sign up, you will be walked through some tutorials and brought right to your instructor dashboard.

Training / Tutorials

There are some video tutorials that will help you get the hang of the creation process and how to get better at creating your courses.

For example, if you are total newbie, Udemy will teach you how to;

1) improve video quality – this is important because the better the quality, the more pleasant the video and the more people will want to buy your course.

2) set your course goals – this is important because you want to know exactly what you will teaching in your lessons. You want to have a clear idea of what you want your student to have learned by the end.

3) position yourself for the best video training – for example, where you have to be within the video and what equipments you need and their setups

4) write an outline – you want to follow a relevant and well thought out outline, where the the topics flow into one other.

5) add practice activities – this is like homework. It’s great to include them and know how to effectively do so, so the student knows exactly whether they have understood the concepts you talked about.


As an instructor, creating your lessons will not be as easy as you think they will be. Yes, everything to incorporate your lessons are made easy but you CANNOT create any courses if you do not have the following:

1) A decent camera

2) A decent microphone

So if you have a desktop where these are not already built-in, then it will be impossible for you to create lessons unless you invest in them.

Nowadays, having a laptop, means that all these are included, but may not necessarily be the best. However, it is better than nothing, especially if they are decent.

Not only do you need these equipments, but you also need to have video-recording software and other equipment, such as, a black/white board to write on so it can be more visual for your students, or another software that will allow you to record your screen as you go through a presentation (like Powerpoint Presentation).


From what I have seen online, the support has been mixed, though more tend to be on the negative side, especially support to instructors.

However, you also have a Facebook page for instructors on Udemy to connect with other instructors to reach out for help.

One of the features that I also really like on Udemy, is that fact that you can upload a piece of your video to get feedback from the Udemy team.

Feedback will be for video quality, the way you speak and explain, the way you conduct your lessons, your presentation, your background and all that good stuff.

Pricing / Payment

With Udemy, you can sign up as an instructor for FREE.

In terms of payments, you are required to set up your Paypal or Payoneer account to your Udemy account and your earnings will be deposited at the end of every month.

Now, because Udemy is providing you with the platform and al the facilities that come with it, you will not be getting 100% of what students will pay for your course. Udemy will take a portion of those payments.

There are different ways to get paid, based on WHO promotes the course. If you yourself promote your course, then you can keep 97% of the revenue.

If an affiliate promotes your course, then you will only receive 25%.

If the course gets sold without ANY promotion intervention, then the amount you keep will vary between 50 – 70%, depending on the channel through which it gets sold. You get to keep 50% if it is through a desktop/laptop or 70% if the course gets sold on the Udemy App (iOS and Android).

Success Stories / Feedback

A lot of people have reported GREAT passive income while working for Udemy. As much as $7000 per month is reported to have been earned, being an instructor there.

However, it is not so easy to acquire so many sales. It depends on how much promotion is happening, specially on your end, and how good you are at teaching your topic / subject.

Promotion needs to be top-notch and the lessons need to be mind-blowing in order to have that kind of success.

I am not deterring you at this point. All I am trying to say is that success will not come as easily. Many people have reported that their lessons were untouched for MONTHS, without anybody buying into them.

Therefore, you really need to know how you plan to market your lessons. You can learn to do that using social media, like Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

You want to do all the promoting yourself as well, because that’s where most of your money is earned at 97% commission.


I am SURELY recommending Udemy, because it does not matter how much money you want to make, either supplentary income or full-time income, you can make it happen on this platform.

As with every business, there is a learning curve but if this is really your passion, then you will work hard at it and you will success.

To be honest with you, I have not seen many platforms that offer ways for you to make passive income. Here, you only need to create the lessons, promote them aggressively and effectively, and you can make a decent income from it in the future, without ever having to lift another finger.

I would highly recommend that you give it a try, especially if you have the hardware needed. The software can be downloaded online, sometimes even for free. Others have free trials that last upto 30 days. So that’s a very good opportunity to try Udemy to see if it is really for you.

There is no financial loss here! So I say, if you really want to, you should give it a try!

Before I let you go…

… if anybody has had experience making money on Udemy, I want to request for you to leave a short comment about your experience. How easy was it for you to make sales? How did you market your course and where? How was support when you needed help? How much experience did you have in your field before creating your lessons?

If you could take some time, then it would really help out others make a well-informed decision on whether they want to pursue this avenue.

Thank you for dropping by and for reading my article.



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