Manifestation Code Review – Attract Wealth And Good Luck?

Manifestation code review

Are you looking for an honest Manifestation Code review? Well, this is it!

The reason why I say that this is going to be an honest review is because I will tell you the good, the bad and the ugly of the program. Most others will not do this because they are most probably affiliates of the program.

I do not promote this program so you can rest assured that I will not be trying to convince you to get this program for my financial gain. On the other hand, my mission is to help you make an informed buying decision.

I only promote programs and websites that I’ve personally tried and that I know works. If something does not work, then I will say so! If you’re considering getting the Manifestation Code system, then read until the end.

You might find some pretty shocking things about the program.

Manifestation Code At A Glance


Owner: “Jake Mayers”

Purpose: Attract positive vibrations and good luck in health, wealth and love

Price: $9+

Do I Recommend It?: It really depends. I do recommend it if you are thinking of bettering your view in life but if you want to get rich, it’s not gonna happen simply using this method.

What Is The Manifestation Code?

The video starts off with Jake being all spiritual about trying to improve quality of life. He says that what you’re about to discover is GUARANTEED to work and does not involve a lot of time and effort.

You could be tapping into wealth and abundance with his spiritual guidance easily and effortlessly. There are no special skills or experiences needed.

Jake actually tells us his sob story of how he got laid off work as an IT engineer. But unfortunately for him, this is a typical story of rags to riches. I’ve heard this before.

He goes on to explain how he met Jim, an old man who gave him a disk from which he listened to spiritual humming/soundtracks.

Jake was able to find a job, get promoted, make a ton of money and even take care of his two daughters when his wife left him. He says that the higher levels of vibrations meant that you will attract the good things you desire in life.

You need to get out of the “mind prison”, the negativity that encloses your mind, in order to be set free from your low vibrations.

I’m not saying that meditation and certain humming or soundtracks have no effect whatsoever on us, but the truth is that it all comes down to the strength of the mind. If your mind is strong, then you can deal with whatever comes your way.

But if you think that just by listening to these soundtracks, you’re gonna start making a butt-load of money without any work, then you’re mistaken. There’s a reason why you need to study to pass a test. Listening to this humming and NOT studying, thinking that you’ll past the test tomorrow is NOT realistic.

Similarly, there’s definitely hard work that is involved in making wealth or making money in any way. It’s just that the humming and the spiritual music that he created within Manifestation Code will help you get into a better mindset, which will help you succeed.

The Red Flags – These Almost Always Indicate a Scam Or Low-Quality Program

Most people looking at this program, including you, will want this program because of the money and the good luck that could come to you if you start listening to Jake’s spiritual music. But like I said, you cannot expect this to happen so easily.

If things happened as easily as this, then don’t you think you would hear about more people would be quitting their jobs? On the other hand, the unemployment rate is going up, isn’t it?

And with the number of programs that I’ve reviewed on this website, it is so easy for me to uncover some of the red flags on this program as well. They indicate that whether a scam or low-quality program, that Manifestation Code just won’t work as advertised.

1) Make money without time and effort

The truth is that you could have good luck or bad luck at any time and it’s true that some people look like they have better luck than others. But making a lot of money is not as a result of good luck.

There’s usually a lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes in order to bring in that kind of money.

You think that a doctor makes a ton of money because he was lucky? That’s not the case because he spent years and years studying to become a doctor. And in 95% of cases, a lot of money was spent too.

So isn’t it fair that the doctor makes more money than the general populace?

Likewise, you need to have a positive mindset to get through hardships but don’t get the misunderstanding that if you just listen to Jake’s spiritual music that you’ll start making more money without any hard work.

2) Who is Jake Mayers?

If I were to ask you that question, then what would you say? That he is the creator of Manifestation Code? True enough but what do you know about him? Can you confirm anything that he says at all?

The truth is that without him showing us what he looks like or how we can reach him, there is no way to confirm who he really is.

That in itself is not so alarming. What sets off the bells ringing in my head is the fact that there are so many programs and websites that give us a name, supposedly the name of the creator, when it really isn’t.

And what these creators do is create program after program, each time changing their name with each new website. And there has been a trail; that these programs don’t work as advertised. They are either scams or so low-quality that they’re not worth the prices put on them.

And the reason why the creators keep changing their names is because they know that! So obviously, they wouldn’t want to be sued and lose money.

So is Jake Mayers really who he says he is? If he is and his program really works, then there is no need to keep his identity a secret right?

It reminds me of some other programs that I exposed:

1) The Job Quitter

2) Easy Cash Job

3) Tap 2 Earn

What’s Inside The Members Area?

It’s only when I got to the inside of the members area that I found out what the motive was behind the program, but let’s discuss what you actually get first..

You’ll be welcomed with an introductory video of about 2 minutes, that will give you the instructions you need in order to access your purchase. Then, you can just either listen to the soundtracks on the internet or you can download them.

You’ll get access to three levels of different soundtracks; the first is the beginner level, then the advanced and you also have the meditation series.

1) Cosmic Zero Wealth Tracks (Beginner Level)

– Higher Power Meditation Track

– Solfeggio Prosperity Track

– Wealth Alignment Track

– Law of Attraction Subliminal Track

– Unending Prosperity Manifestation Track

2) Cosmic Zero Wealth Tracks (Advanced Level)

– Pure Cosmic Waves Track

– Cosmic Wealth Vibration Track

3) Guided Prosperity Medication Series

– Guided Meditation; 5-min Morning Energy Starter

– Guided Meditation; 10-min Wealth and Abundance

– Guided Meditation; 15-min Money and Abundance

I’ve listened to them and they offer quite the experience. It’s true that you do feel different kinds of energy well up inside of you, depending on what you listen to.

However, it’s not enough to convince me that just by listening to these soundtracks that big changes are gonna happen.

These soundtracks will definitely help you take the first steps towards changing your vibe, energy and mindset towards a problem or issue, but at the end of the day, it will be up to you to effectuate change in your life.

And that’s when we come to the REAL reason as to why Jake created the system; he wants to promote John Crestani’s IM Jetset to you.

Now, I’m not saying that it does not work. On the contrary, the program does legitimately teach people to make money online but that’s how you’ll be able to take care of the money part of the problem. There will be work required!

Jake is smart! By making you believe with his soundtracks that everything positive will start to happen, you’ll be convinced to tackle IM Jetset to make money. And you’ll spend your money there so that JAKE can make commissions.

But be warned; IM Jetset starts at $47, but there are upsells within the program that could cost you a lot more. IM Jetset is legitimate but you don’t have to go through Manifestation Code to sign up for it.

If you want to simply sign up for IM Jetset, sign up for it for FREE by CLICKING HERE.

Is Manifestation Code A Scam?

When deciding whether a program is a scam or not, it really depends on your perspective.

Some people might not call it a scam because you’re actually getting something in return for your money. It’s not like you’re paying for it and getting nothing at all in return. That would definitely be a complete scam.

However, some other people might consider programs that don’t work as advertised, to be scams. In that case, Manifestation Code might be a scam to them.

It’s true that there are some red flags here with the program and the sales video definitely was also hypey. I’m sure you agree with me here that you cannot make a ton of money and acquire wealth simply by listening to these soundtracks.

But on the other hand, it is true that you CAN change your vibe, your thinking and your mindset with these soundtracks. If you are somebody who has trouble believing in yourself, or somebody who might be going through a lot, Manifestation Code would be for you.

It is definitely something that you can use as a starting point to change your life around, but it won’t be the solution to your money problems. Being in the online business for over 2 years, I can definitely say that making money online or making a lot of money takes a lot of work!

So, my recommendation is based on what you expect to accomplish with this program; if it is to spiritually cleanse yourself and to change your thinking to the positive side to better manage your problems, then go for it!

Sign up for it HERE.

But if you expect to make a ton of money using the Manifestation Code, then unless you actually sign up and pay for IM Jetset, and work HARD, then let me tell you that your expectations are  not realistic. It’s not gonna happen.

Don’t Waste Any More Time! Let Me Share My Money-Making Secret With You!

I won’t lie to you and tell you making money online is as easy as 1-2-3, but with strong determination and an unrelenting resolve, you can definitely make it happen. In other words, you need to want it bad enough, no matter what!

And that’s exactly what happened with me. I wanted it bad enough and things are unfolding for me. I made $175+ within a week recently, without much work.

The way that I have accomplished this is through affiliate marketing. This method of making money online only requires that you help others find solutions to their problems. Each time that the solution is purchased, you make commissions.

Think you’ve got the mental strength to succeed? Wanna know how to get such a business off the ground?


That’s the guide I put together to help others who want to really understand what it takes to make money online and improve their financial situations. It’s the guide to a REAL online business that will earn you money for the long-term.

I’ve been scammed before so I understand. That’s why my guide and the tools I recommend are either free or have a free trial. It’s so that you can try them without any financial commitments.

Sign up for my free guide now and I look forward to helping you make your first dollars online.

Thanks for reading my Manifestation Code review. If you did purchase the program, let us know what your experience was and what you thought about the product. I would love to hear from you.

Lots of Love,


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